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Combined house edge on pass and buying odds in crapless craps 1X odds 2. In my ten commandments of gambling I advise that you avoid gimmicks and this is an illustrated example. The Gathering playmats are made out of for good reason. Estimated delivery Feb The edges on the prototype table are just a little pointier than our arms would like. Assembly is straight forward and easy. Once you narrow the casinos edge and put the odds in your favor, even by a slight margin, you have a chance—a chance to crush the casinos consistently and for the rest of your life.

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High quality table poker, casino craps table , casino roulette table. Deluxe Wood Craps Table ,gambling craps table. Custom design pool table mat craps felt.

Sic bo casino big small electronic gamble table craps table. Wholesale oval poker game casino craps tables. Wholesale oval Texas poker game casino craps tables. But you can get the house edge under 1 percent while risking only twice the table miniumum. Many players find this method boring. The remaining methods are for such players. Nowhere near as much money is at risk as when you add free odds to the equation. The house edge on this method is 1.

The most frequently rolled number in craps is 7. Six of the 36 possible two-dice combinaions total 7 Rolled next most often are 6 and 8. There are five ways to make each of those numbers, making them numbers players love to have working. It works the same way when you place 8 — you want that 8 to come up before a 7. The house edge on either 6 or 8 is 1.

You get a reasonably low house edge without putting too much of your bankroll at once. For those who love to have multiple bets working, this assures you of having the two most frequent winners. You face a 1. If you can afford free odds, great. You can get the best of what craps has to offer. But if your bankroll is limited — and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose -- you still can play with house edges of less than 2 percent.

So, I decided to just unlock all of the stretch goals. I guess they aren't really stretch goals any more. I'm laying it all on the table. I'm not holding anything back for later. I'm giving you the best that I can right now. I hope that you appreciate this directness and honesty, and back the table today, knowing that you are going to get the best possible table we can make.

This Kickstarter isn't a glorified pre-order. Making this table, at this price, is only possible if we build them in bulk. If this campaign doesn't fund, the tables won't get made. We need you to be part of this. Secondly, I'm not sure what will happen after Kickstarter. We hope to be able to offer the tables for sale after the Kickstarter is fulfilled. However, it is far from being guaranteed.

The economics of bulk production runs may very well mean that this Kickstarter is the only way to get one of these tables. The Duchess table has a 3 foot by 5 foot playing surface with a 3 inch rail all around it. That makes it 3. I did the hard work: It's standard table height at With the topper on, it will add about an inch to the height and two inches to the length and width.

With four players, I recommend sitting two players on each of the long sides. Even with five or six players, the ends are close enough to the action that those players can read cards and reach the middle. This table isn't something I invented out of thin air. It comes from selling tables to gamers for a year and a half.

Traveling to conventions to talk to gamers. And, of course, gaming myself, for years and years. All that feedback was used to build the prototype table you see in the video. Then I took that table to conventions and game nights to get fine tuned feedback. The edges on the prototype table are just a little pointier than our arms would like. So they will be more rounded in the final version. The prototype table was finished with a super glossy finished. The final table will use a satin less glossy finish.

This will better hide fingerprints and any minor scratches that might occur over time. Seams on the final table will also be smoother than what you see in the prototype table because revisions during the prototyping process led to some oversanding. I've added extra padding in each of these steps so that this can be one of the rare Kickstarter projects that delivers on time. The Duchess Table is made from Rubberwood. Rubberwood is really cool. It is planted so that the sap can be harvested to make latex.

After 25 - 30 years the tree stops producing sap. Instead of burning down the field at this point to replant, furniture is made from the rubber tree. This isn't my first rodeo. This has let me see how different gamers use the tables and it has let me talk to many of you. Over email, at conventions, or while playing a game, I've learned how different game groups and families play games and what they need in a table not just in a gaming table, but also in a table for their dining room or kitchen.

That is why I am confident that The Duchess has the most popular features that every gamer and home needs. The custom tables that we sell now are built to order. In this way, they are very much like Kickstarters. Customers pay for their table and trust us with their money. Then they get their table about 60 days later. We have a history of:. Please note that it is very hard to show accurate colors on a computer monitor.

These images show the color as close as possible. However there will be some variance based on your monitors configuration, natural variation in wood, and the lighting in your home.

Tables will be shipped from inside the the US, Canada, or the EU depending on where you live, so you will not be responsible for any import duties or taxes.

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