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Did the organization, directly or through a related organization, hold assets in temporarily restricted endowments, permanent endowments, or quasi-endowments? Each year, more than 19, horse races are staged in different parts of the Australian continent. Tennis Betting Tips - Tennis predictions and picks from pro gamblers. Then Cliff asks point-blank: There have been over 40 species of trees identified, and 27 species of birds.

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There was an incident with a BB gun and a trip to the doctor, his parents said. It might have been his left eye, maybe his right eye. Maybe it was both. Lewis, a pastor of 50 years, saw promise in the young man with the golden hair. But one day, without explanation, Johnson vanished. He never returned to the church and Lewis, his mentor, has no idea why. He knows Johnson dreamed of a life beyond Bastrop. Danny Johnson spent his 25th birthday, his first in Louisville, at police headquarters.

Just after midnight on Oct. Two people ran away as police pulled up. The car had been stripped of its tires and rims. It had been doused, inside and out, with gasoline.

Someone had intended to set the Cadillac ablaze. Investigators picked up the pair who ran away. Under questioning, they told police they planned to torch the vehicle. He had moved to the city earlier that year and started working at a church just south of downtown. He wanted the deed done that night. He had plans to go out and party with other church ministers. They were celebrating his birthday.

Johnson arrived at police headquarters that morning in a police cruiser, fresh from the party. The detectives pressed him about the car. He said he last saw the Cadillac in the church parking lot. It must have been stolen. Johnson had no clue. He signed off on a stolen vehicle report.

The detectives were skeptical and asked him to hang around. They had more questions. A short time later, things got serious. Police read Johnson his rights and told him a couple of co-conspirators had confessed. He admitted to handing over the keys and paying to get rid of the car.

He wanted it destroyed. He wanted to collect insurance money. The young preacher told police he was about to go broke. Money woes had set Johnson back before. He had fathered a child, gotten divorced and filed for bankruptcy in Louisiana just a few years earlier. Less than two months after his arrest, a grand jury indicted Johnson for complicity to commit arson, a felony, and making a false police report, a misdemeanor. He pleaded not guilty and completed a six-month pretrial diversion program.

The criminal charges were dismissed in February Years later, while under oath in another case, his story about the gas-soaked Cadillac and insurance scheme would change again. And again, he lied. This time, Johnson claimed the car disappeared. These days, Sharon Stubbins, 63, spends most of her time in a small Southern Indiana apartment watching television with a home health aide.

Her memory is slightly faded. Thirty-two years ago, she agreed to help torch that Cadillac. He paid her to do it. Johnson needed insurance money. Stubbins recalls she had a complicated relationship with Johnson. And Stubbins, who is black, has heard about his racist Facebook posts. This was the first time investigators linked Danny Ray Johnson to a mysterious arson plot.

On June 12, , the Heart of Fire Church was ablaze. Flames lit the sky. The building burned to the ground. Investigators found a rear door of the church unlocked. They discovered a flammable liquid had been poured down a hallway and intentionally set on fire. As part of the church fire probe, investigators talked to a man who had driven by around the time of the blaze.

He told them he saw a white, late-model Cadillac pulling out from behind the church with no lights on, according to police records. And the Cadillac had sped off down Bardstown Road. At the time of the fire, he and his wife Rebecca had two cars, records show. One of them was a white Cadillac. With his church in ashes, Johnson denied playing any role in the fire. Instead, he blamed the Ku Klux Klan and claimed that numerous threats had been made against the church.

At the time it burned down, the Heart of Fire Church was essentially bankrupt, according to the insurance company Brotherhood Mutual, which filed a lawsuit after the blaze. The company claimed that the church owed far more on outstanding loans than it could ever pay, more than the property was worth, more than it would sell for.

The company also said that in light of the alleged threats, it seemed odd that no one kept watch at the church at night, that there was no alarm system in the building, no tracking of who had keys to it and no person responsible for making sure that the building was locked. Court records also detail dozens of bounced checks and credit card debts leading up to the fire. The checks surfaced in bank accounts tied to the church, Johnson and his wife. In a sworn statement given as part of the lawsuit, Johnson acknowledged financial problems.

Jennifer Charles, a former church member and employee, told police that Johnson often bragged about beating the system and about having a good attorney.

Cook said Johnson would take insurance checks, cut a better deal with contractors and make a little money for himself. The new church remained steadfast in its mission: Seven of them sit in the front row, staring straight at the camera. Another nine stand behind them. They look ready for a school picture. With a nod, they begin to sing. How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found; I was blind, but now I see. Some have handguns over their hearts.

One woman is tightly clutching a Bible. This is the Heart of Fire gun choir. The camera pans to the center, to Johnson, right in the middle of it all. His black leather vest carries an American flag patch, a gold cross and a medallion. In his right hand is a Kalashnikov-style assault rifle with a large, curved magazine. The rifle is pointed toward the heavens. On the other side of the Pope, a stern-looking man with a salt-and-pepper goatee. Two fingers jut out from his clench on his gun.

It almost looks like a peace sign. Through the years, as American politics grew more divisive, the Pope used his church as an outlet for his political agenda. A tax-exempt church such as Heart of Fire is barred by the U. There were many other political endorsements, former church members say. But Hill and others said the IRS lacks the political flexibility and the resources to enforce this law.

More recently, President Trump and Kentucky governor Bevin have sought to eliminate the politicking prohibition altogether.

Jennifer Stepp, who was bounced from the ballot last year and replaced by Johnson, attended Heart of Fire for several months, a few years ago. She also recalled sermons laced with racist and anti-Islam comments. And congregants smoked in church. Stepp grew troubled by another component of the church: Bikers, booze and, occasionally, bare breasts. A part-time tattoo parlor with a costume party featuring zombie nuns in short skirts. Law enforcement saw some of this, too.

State and local Alcoholic Beverage Control officers cited Johnson and the church three times between and for unlicensed alcohol sales. In one case, ABC agents arrived to see Johnson and others whisking away cases of beer from behind the bar. Patrons told officers they had been directed to say they had brought their own alcohol in, rather than buying it there.

His defense to the charge: The three criminal charges resulted in minor penalties, diversion or dismissal. And since February , ABC officials have conducted no additional inspections at the church. No follow-ups, no check-ins, since.

Meanwhile, the booze has continued to flow. Underage drinking was common, according to several people who partook. Danielle Elmore, now in her mids, was underage when she attended some of these parties. She recalls feeling uncomfortable when a boozy Johnson would sometimes kiss her and other young women on the lips.

The year-old shifts her weight in the chair and says she is ready. She has waited years for this day. The story of how she ended up here in front of a microphone began seven weeks earlier, with our public records request to the Louisville Metro Police Department for all complaints related to Danny Ray Johnson, the self-proclaimed Pope and now state lawmaker.

The request yielded just nine pages of documents. Most of the documents were pretty routine: But there also was this report:. Sexual abuse of a year-old girl at the church. Danny Ray Johnson listed as the suspect. But a few phone calls led to Maranda Richmond. She was willing to sit down and share her story. She wanted others to know more about the man she knew as Pope.

Cliff Richmond rides and works on bikes, and a friend said he should check out this unusual church on Bardstown Road. The church seemed welcoming, fun and unconventional. But they also provided a sense of community. They grew up together, saw each other on Sundays and spent time together outside the church. As a young teen, Richmond would sleep over at the church, get into teenage hijinks and drink booze. Other times just booze and camaraderie.

Johnson, Richmond remembers, was drunk. Midnight came, people celebrated and then partiers started to head home. Johnson disappeared for a bit to a favorite local bar, T. Richmond had planned to stay the night with her friend Sarah at the apartment below the fellowship hall. There was no school the next day.

Hours after midnight, she remembers Johnson returning to the hall, drunk. He was stumbling and fumbling around, and she helped him down the stairs into the apartment and told him to go to bed. Here, in the studio, Richmond speaks quickly without pausing. She says she's been dealing with this for so long that telling her story barely makes her emotional anymore.

She plunges ahead with the details. That night, she woke after settling in on the sofa. She was groggy, unfocused. But she saw Johnson kneeling above her. He gave her a kiss on the head. Then he started to stroke her arm. He slid his hands up, under her shirt and bra, and groped her. He stuck his tongue in her mouth. Then, he forced his hands down her pants, underneath her underwear, and penetrated her with his finger.

She begged her pastor to stop and tried to force him off, quietly. She remembers not wanting to awaken Sarah. But Johnson was a big man, roughly twice her weight. She pleaded with him: She lay on the sofa for hours, those moments running through her head, over and over. No No Did the organization have a controlled entity within the meaning of section b 13? No No Did the organization make any transfers to an exempt non-charitable related organization? Statements Regarding Other IRS Filings and Tax Compliance The number reported in Box 3 of Form 0 0 The number of Forms W-2G 0 0 Did the organization comply with backup withholding rules for reportable payments to vendors and reportable gaming gambling winnings to prize winners?

Yes Yes The number of employees reported on Form W-3, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements, filed for the calendar year ending with or within the year covered by this return 0 0 Did the organization file all required federal employment tax returns? No No At any time during the calendar year, did the organization have an interest in, or a signature or other authority over, a financial account in a foreign country such as a bank account, securities account, or other financial account?

No No Was the organization a party to a prohibited tax shelter transaction at any time during the tax year? No No Did any taxable party notify the organization that it was or is a party to a prohibited tax shelter transaction?

No No Did the organization file Form T? No No Did the organization include with every solicitation an express statement that such contributions or gifts were not tax deductible? No No Did the organization notify the donor of the value of the goods or services provided?

No No Did the organization sell, exchange, or otherwise dispose of tangible personal property for which it was required to file Form ? No No Did the organization receive any funds, directly or indirectly, to pay premiums on a personal benefit contract?

No No Did the organization, during the year, pay premiums, directly or indirectly, on a personal benefit contract? No No If the organization received a contribution of qualified intellectual property, did the organization file Form as required?

No No If the organization received a contribution of cars, boats, airplanes, or other vehicles, did the organization file a Form C? No No Did a donor advised fund maintained by the sponsoring organization have excess business holdings at any time during the year? No No Did the sponsoring organization make any taxable distributions under section ? No No Did the sponsoring organization make a distribution to a donor, donor advisor, or related person? No No Has it filed a Form to report these payments?

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Use at your own risk. Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public. Is the organization described in section c 3 or a 1 other than a private foundation?

Did the organization engage in direct or indirect political campaign activities on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for public office?

Did the organization engage in lobbying activities, or have a section h election in effect during the tax year? Is the organization a section c 4 , c 5 , or c 6 organization that receives membership dues, assessments, or similar amounts as defined in Revenue Procedure ? Did the organization maintain any donor advised funds or any similar funds or accounts for which donors have the right to provide advice on the distribution or investment of amounts in such funds or accounts?

Did the organization receive or hold a conservation easement, including easements to preserve open space, the environment, historic land areas, or historic structures? Did the organization maintain collections of works of art, historical treasures, or other similar assets? Did the organization report an amount for escrow or custodial account liability; serve as a custodian or provide credit counseling, debt management, credit repair, or debt negotiation services?

Did the organization, directly or through a related organization, hold assets in temporarily restricted endowments, permanent endowments, or quasi-endowments? Call Garrard County Animal Shelter to make appointment or for more information: The Garrard Co Animal Shelter is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to the protection of all animals from cruelty and exploitation and to the elimination of pet overpopulation.

Working to insure the well-being of all animals, the shelter is committed to educating the public about responsible pet ownership, advocating the humane treatment of all animals, and inspiring compassion toward every living creature. Always looking for fosters. Tommy is the manager. They need a photographer. Please stop by and and adopt an animal. Offsite adoptions they hope to pick up soon.

They will have a table set up during KY Week to become involved. We choose to support and work with our elected officials.

We consider them friends who can help us achieve a better life for all vulnerable humans and their pets. We do not support any legislation that would deny hunters their legal rights or traditions and will not support restrictive legislation regarding animal agriculture or regulatory restrictions on good farmers and breeders.

We promote human and animal welfare and we promote them together because research has proven interpersonal violence and domestic pet cruelty are connected. We welcome all individual Kentucky voting pet owners who want a safer life for domestic pets and themselves through better legislation that will protect them from those who would bring them harm by neglect, abuse or torture.

Ten inmates, working together with a professional trainer, prison staff and volunteers, provide the dogs with basic obedience training, socialization, behavior modification, and one-on-one companionship. In the end the dogs participating in the program graduate with a wealth of valuable skills that help give them an increased chance or a paw's up!

For more information about our Mutts with Manners call or or write to dbchs bellsouth. Kentucky Humane Society Adoptions. Pls come out and adopt one of our loving pets. Or you can sign up, become a volunteer. All pets at the Kentucky Humane Society are spayed or neutered and micro-chipped and are up-to-date on vaccinations.

If you are thinking about adding a pet to your family, please make adoption your first option. If we don't have the perfect pet for you now, keep checking our website. We take in hundreds of homeless pets a month and have a wide selection of adoptable cats and dogs. History of Old Friends Book: Like many before him in the Bluegrass State, Michael Blowen, a former Boston Globe entertainment writer, fell in love with horses, specifically Thoroughbreds.

The reality beyond the racetracks, he knew, was that each day a Thoroughbred was in the spotlight, for some of these distinguished athletes, their days were numbered. For that reason, he dreamed of finding a way to give them a dignified retirement after they completed their rigorous racing careers.

When he opened the Thoroughbred retirement farm Old Friends in Kentucky in , he never dreamed his idea would grow so big, so fast. Today, Old Friends is home to more than horses, many of them stallions, as well as geldings, mares and one loveable miniature horse named Little Silver Charm. Join journalist and horse lover Rick Capone for the story of Old Friends and the horses that call the arm home. The Kentucky Humane Society's S.

Since it opened in , more than 55, cats and dogs have been spayed or neutered--leading to a reduction in the number of pets turned in to local animal shelters. More about the S. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Monday - Friday 12pm The clinic offers low-cost wellness exams and vaccinations on Saturdays. Perhaps you're an adopter or volunteer who hasn't visited us in a while?

Maybe you're a donor who wants to see how your money is being used to help the animals? Or, maybe you're a pet lover who just wants to know more about the animal issues in our community and what KHS is doing to address those issues? Starting Monday April 23rd - April 29th.

Kentucky Week for the Animals! Name That Dog Contest! You must stop by the shelter to enter and name the dog that will be pictured on display. If you bring in a donation with you, you will get an additional chance to enter another name. The winner will receive a spring gift basket full of fun outdoor activity items.

The basket will be on display also at the shelter for all to see. Logan County Humane Society. See loving dogs waiting for a good home! See loving cats waiting for a good home! We are closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

If you acquired your pet from someplace other than the Logan County shelter, our veterinary services will perform a spay or neuter surgery when your pet is 12 weeks of age or older for a fee. This is done through our low-cost spay and neuter program.

Please contact us about low cost options for spay and neuter! Come out and adopt one of our loving adoptables. We have some beauties! The Humane Society is an independent, non-profit agency contracted by Warren County to operate the animal shelter, which we moved into in The Humane Society is not a department of city or county government. The city and county own the shelter building.

The Humane Society receives funds from city and county governments to operate the shelter. The Way Home Rescue Alliance. To visit with one, please email the contact person noted in the animal's description on their Petfinder listing. There are 4 cities 15 miles to Midway. We have been blessed here at the Eastern Kentucky Veterans Center with a facility dog provided to us from Canine Companions for Independence.

Graham definitely brightens the day of everyone he meets and is loved by residents and staff. Louisville Metro Animal Services: Animal House Adoption Center. LMAS is committed to caring for the over 10, animals that enter the facility every year and giving them a second chance through adoption, rescue, reunification with owners and much more. The department is dedicated to educating and reaching out to all members of the community to make sure responsible pet ownership and compassion are at the forefront.

LMAS has a fundamental mission to protect public health and safety, ensure the humane treatment of animals and provide quality customer service to the public. Hardin County Animal Shelter Adoptions. What do some dogs have in common? They all need homes! Each dog has a different personality but they will all happily give you unconditional love if you adopt them as your new family member. You can't ask for a better deal on unconditional love! Hardin County regulations require bully breeds to have a fenced yard or fenced kennel even if you are going to keep them as an inside dog, which we encourage to begin with.

Adoption hours are , Monday-Saturday - please come in and meet one of these amazing dogs to see if they will be a fit for your family! If you have other dogs, please schedule a meet and greet with the shelter by calling Volunteers can give a few hours or several hundred hours, providing support to Bernheim and our visitors. Have fun in the great outdoors by participating in a variety of activities. Take the first step in becoming a Bernheim volunteer by attending this general orientation.

Pawsibilities Unleashed Obedience Class. If you need a service dog, contact us. We please need fosters! Pawsome Bingo for No Kill Louisville. We are an all-volunteer organization comprised of a "working" Board of Directors, several committees, and many hard-working, compassionate volunteers who see our vision closer to fruition with every passing day!!

McCracken Humane Society Humane. That is why MCHS believes that just as animals of all ages and abilities should have loving companions, so should people. To help make this a reality, we have Senior Days every Wednesday. Our animal control team consists of 1 field services supervisor and 5 animal control officers ACO.

Our ACOs investigate or respond to over calls each year and pick up or rescue over animals. They cover square miles and provide emergency response 24 hours a day, days a year. Owensboro Humane Society Low Cost. This includes their pain medicine. Animals must be 6 months of age. For more information please call To sign your pet up please come down to the humane society during normal hours. Owensboro Humane Society is open 7 days a week from My Dog Eats First..

Doors Open at 7: What You Need To Bring: We don't require identification, proof of income, etc. If you need pet food we are here for you. Our pet food and supplies are distributed on a first-come first-served basis and there is no cost involved but we do appreciate donations since we are completely run on donations and volunteer efforts.

Our doors open at 7: There is often a line outside the door so please dress for appropriate weather conditions. No shopping carts will be allowed in the facility. We do not give out supplies to children under the age of All children must be accompanied by an adult. All pets must be secured on a leash or in a pet carrier.

In most cases the pets are the only companionship that the homeless have. Our mission is to help feed and provide care for the indigent and homeless' pets. My Dog Eats First, Inc.

Check for regular events on our link below. Founded in , LVI are a social group of vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores interested in a vegan diet, living in and around the Louisville area. Our purpose is to promote a peaceful, sustainable vegan lifestyle, with a focus on animal rights, human health, and the environment. In the past and hopefully to continue in the future are such events we have held: April is Adopt a Greyhound Month! Greyhounds of Shamrock website.

In , ASPCA founder Henry Bergh stopped a cart driver from beating his horse, resulting in the first successful arrest for horse mistreatment on April 26 of that year.

Evaluations are scheduled every 3 months. You must have met the prerequisites and submit the proper paperwork to the evaluation scheduler who will make your appointment for the evaluation. We provide animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted activities.

We are excited to announce a partnership with the Kentucky Derby Museum to celebrate our 40th Anniversary! Limited spots available for these special tours, which include transportation from Louisville to Lexington and back, lunch, admissions to both attractions and an exclusive guided experience! The field includes dozens of riders from countries all over the world. It is a part of the FEI Classics Series, which unites the top four-star international Eventing competitions from around the world.

Visitors also receive general admission to the Kentucky Horse Park, America's only theme park dedicated to horses. Call to order tickets. Dog Obedience Rally and Training Classes. Hosted by Sugarfoot Farm Rescue. Dog obedience and training classes.

Educational topics, literature and speakers throughout the classes. Contact Connie Leach to register at Kentucky Wildlife Center Wildlife Center. Kentucky Wildlife Center, Inc. The programs can be tailored to fit specific age groups and core requirements. Generally, we focus on Kentucky native mammals, and we can bring education animals to enhance the learning experience. However, no actual contact is allowed with the animals. We also have wonderful pictures and handouts.

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