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Since Barry first entered the Cameo Club, the number of ring games and tournaments on the West Coast has grown exponentially - and Barry's cashes along with them. Jan 28th, Greece 17,th 0 Jun 9th, Despite the chip difference, the ten hours of poker battle wore down our final competitors and they decided it was best to assure themselves a six figure score this evening. April 6th, , 1: A few hands after jordyporr left to watch Sportscenter highlights, Patokaka went on a tear winning eight out of nine hands including five hands in a row culuminating in a huge But, jordyporr feeling the squeeze of the big stacks and escalating blinds took a shot by shoving for 5.

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So, Barry gave up school and full-time poker and moved with his family to the Silicon Valley where he joined four others in a start-up company now known as Symantec. Barry quickly located a good cardroom and settled in to design pioneering software programs. He and Donna subsequently gained custody of the kids and had two more in and Despite negotiating a clause in his contract allowing him to complete his Ph.

The games boosted his paycheck and helped support his family and their lifestyle. But in the late '80s they began to serve a more serious purpose when Donna was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and their daughter Melissa began suffering from liver problems so severe they eventually necessitated a liver transplant.

It lasted until , when Barry quit Symantec. Unable to justify spending so much time away from the poker table when the money was so good, and in need of a job that allowed him the freedom to spend time with his family, the year-old put away his software and took to the tables in earnest. Bellying-up to the games at the Cameo Club 12 hours a day, most days of the week, Barry's bankroll grew fast, and so did his skills.

Though side games were his bread-and-butter, in he decided to enter his first tournament: It was around this time he and Donna decided to get a divorce, and after a three-year battle Barry was awarded full custody of their children. During this difficult period Barry met Vietnamese player Mimi Tran and they cut their infamous deal: Barry offered to teach her poker in exchange for Vietnamese lessons, which he hoped would help him communicate with the many Vietnamese players he anted up against.

In the following years Barry kept up his No-Limit Hold'em game and began to play Limit Hold'em as well, ripping up the felt at ring games across California and Las Vegas and building a reputation as one of the top players in the world. It was after this tournament that he made his first major donation to his charity of choice, Children, Incorporated.

He had been involved in the charity for some time, sponsoring several children in the United States through the organization and taking his kids to meet them. But with his Hustler win he decided it was time to make to take his philanthropy to the next level: Since then he has cashed in dozens of tournaments and donated millions of dollars to a myriad of charities, including Children, Incorporated and Guyana Watch, the favored charity of fellow pro Victor Ramdin.

But as the years passed and poker grew, Barry realized a change was needed if he was to keep himself afloat financially and continue to donate his winnings. So, he devised a more sustainable solution. I didn't anticipate the growth and expense of tournament poker.

And grown it has. Since Barry first entered the Cameo Club, the number of ring games and tournaments on the West Coast has grown exponentially - and Barry's cashes along with them. He has also made a name for himself as a poker author. Barry found the experience so enjoyable he ended up writing his own poker tome, Ace on the River , which is more about the lifestyle of a poker professional than poker strategy.

Barry Greenstein born December 30, in Chicago, Illinois is an American professional poker player. Greenstein donates his profit from tournament winnings to charities, primarily Children, Incorporated , earning him the nickname "the Robin Hood of poker". After graduating from Bogan High School , [3] he earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

He studied for a PhD in mathematics, but never defended his completed dissertation. He left the company in at age Greenstein has two children and four stepchildren, and he resides in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. His stepson, Joe Sebok , with whom he started PokerRoad, which is a poker strategy and entertainment website, is also a professional poker player.

He has also won two other WPT titles in special events: July 16th, , 4: Bump cause i'm drunk. July 16th, , 5: July 16th, , I almost fell for it LOL. July 16th, , 1: If someone just sees 4 A's then they need check their eyes.

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