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Awake each day and fall asleep each night in the privilege of this one bedroom Presidential suite designed for those with a taste for extra style and comfort. Bilini Bar, Open air bar. For all activities outside the hotel, Colonial Tour and Travel offers you our wonderful Tours and Adventure Program, with With pick-up and drop-off this your hotel. I lost 5Ibs in two weeks, so if you know someone who's struggling to drop the pounds, you could always recommend this place. So, Room of Building 6, the last room on the top floor, three flights up AND NO lift brings us to our room for the next two weeks which was nice enough. I'll be in touch with Thomson in the next few days as well to discuss much deeper concerns so no won't be going back. Never miss an important game again!

Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino in Punta Cana - Dominican Republic

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Night club was not bad; however, it is not catered to Americans or Europeans. There was a lot of local music, Reggie, etc. The good thing is you can speak to a DJ and he could spin a few world popular tunes for you not for long though. There is one more thing I must mention and that is music. Royalton has its own radio: It is really good. Go online and you will thank me later. They are really hard workers and it shows every step of the way.

I want to go back for the New Year and I know my guys will be welcoming me by hanging me and members of my family, as they did when we were leaving. I hope all of you that will stay at Royalton say hello from us to the guys at the Diamond Club Bar. Just tell them Irina and Boris from New York said hello, they will know it. I recommend this hotel and cannot wait to go back there again……. Dear irinka22, On behalf of myself and all the staff of the Royalton Punta Cana, I would like to thank you for having chosen us for your stay in Punta Cana.

Your honest opinion can be an invaluable reference for other customers who are thinking of staying with us, for this reason we really appreciate the time that you have taken for sharing your experience on TripAdvisor It is truly a pleasure for us to learn that you enjoyed your vacation here in our Hotel, your comment is very important to us to improve and better ourselves.

We hope to see you again. I'm here at the Royalton now for 2 weeks. We were so excited to come to this hotel but feel very disappointed. Don't get me wrong the place is beautiful and clean but We are a party of 5 and have all had upset tummys the week we have been here.

Quite a few people I've spoken to today have all had upset tummys aswell. The tiles on the floor when wet are absolutely lethal. Whoever designed the flooring need a good talking to. I've seen so many children and adults slip and fall over around the pool area. Also the tiles into the shallow end of the pool give your children blisters all over there feet. My little boy hasto wear his flip flops in the pool because his toes and feet were so sore. The staff are so miserable.

Apart from our cleaner Carlos. And the place lacks atmosphere. We stayed at the ocean blue and sands in October and the place and atmosphere was amazing.

And we payed a lot lot less! I picked this hotel for the water park which my little boy loves but the tiles there are also lethal! My boy fell over every time he walked out the pool to go and have another go on the little slides. I have another week here which I know I will have a nice time but I won't be coming back. Dear milliepops2, Firstly, the entire team of Royalton Punta Cana wants to thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of the Trip advisor community.

So as always, I will try to hit all the important things that might affect your vacation, and if I miss anything or you have any specific questions please feel free to contact me as some things that are small to me might be a deal breaker for you, or vice versa. I will also try to inject my impression of Memories as well, from the perspective of a Royalton guest. I booked this hotel while it was still new to guests and the reviews were beginning to improve but there was not a lot of info out there.

I made a friend in a member of their management team and passed along any info that they gave me. I really wanted to love this place. So we went to eat until the room was ready as we got there about When we returned the room was ready but when I asked if it was first floor, they had to find me another, all of the communication with them had been forgotten I would learn.

They did have a first floor room available and it was at the end of bld 3, right by the pool, and close to the beach, I was happy with that. What I was not happy with was the fact that she pointed out the lobby in the direction we needed to go.

Our bags were already en route to the room, so there was no one to show us the way. We went to the room. The room was cold really cold and modern, but the smallest I have seen yet in an AI.

There is not a lot of room for 2 suitcases but we made due. Also very nice is the bedding, we slept wonderfully on the crisp sheets, soft pillows, and a comfy bed advertised exclusive to Royalton. I found a few dead mosquitoes hanging from the bathroom wall and a streak of blood where it looked like one was killed that was never cleaned off.

I never did touch it, and all week it stayed there, never cleaned. There were ants in the shower, not sure what they would do to get rid of them.

I sprayed before showering and kept mu flip flops on. There was never hot water in the shower, no matter the time of day. Thanks to lightning and thunder one night and a power failure, we learned that you have to reset the air conditioning controls or it will stay on low. The free resort wide Wi-Fi is spotty at best, I could connect from Memories and the Royalton lobby but rarely from our room and never on the beach.

Seems that the farther away from the lobby you go, the weaker the signal. So my real issues were that while working with the management since March, while discussing a la cartes I was told to send an email with my requests for reservations. I did, and was even later advised to forward that email to another address where I was later told that they forwarded it to the guest services manager as well as the room reservations manager.

We found out upon arrival that these emails were never read and disregarded. It was later still, after meeting the rest of the management team, when they finally met and realized it was me, that they went back and located my email and then made it up to us.

Another issue, and a big one, is the buffet system. When you enter you give your name, room , and of people. Then you sit and wait to be called and seated. They had plenty of seating available, we never got an answer why they do this in the buffet, we speculated that it might be due to staffing during low season, some thought that it was due to a lack of food as the buffet was small and limited to begin with.

Every morning by 10am the line was people deep, this was a nuscence. The a la cartes were much better is regards to the quality of food, but there are few choices on the menus.

While this is a no reservation resort, they do accept reservations for Zen the Japanese Hibachi. The sushi table is no reservation, and like all of the other a la cartes, you have to be there at 6 pm or wait up to 2 hrs, this was a common occurrence. I was amazed at the size difference between the 2 resorts. Memories has much larger pools and there is activity all day long.

There are only 7 umbrellas and few Bali beds unless you are adult only. On the beach there are more palapas for shade than you could need. The beach is somewhat eroded and narrow but plenty of property and the golden sand is powdery soft.

The waves are not overwhelming at all. Both properties are clean and tropical, only one morning did I notice the mosquitoes got me. There is a tram waiting outside of the Royalton lobby to take you back and forth to Memories. The Royalton is small inside and there is no need as you can walk lobby to beach in under 5 minutes. Once at Memories you have use of all facilities, including the water park which was very busy from open to close 9am to 5pm. There is no food allowed inside, but there is a juice bar.

I was amazed at how much there was do at Memories, and nothing to do at Royalton. Three of the 8 days were there we found aerobics and music at the pool from 12N to 1pm, then they packed up the speaker and equipment and left. We think they went to the Memories side. Many were disappointed in the lack of entertainment, music, and animation staff.

Yet we often had more kids on the boring Royalton side than anywhere. This is a great resort, I would really recommend Diamond Club and a swim out room - not sure how we can ever go back to another resort and not have a swim out!!

Just to mention, I never saw a single bug in our room the entire time we were there I saw another review mentioning bugs in the room. The only thing I will say is beware of the guys trying to sell the time shares. We got caught coming back from dinner one night When he invited us to a "VIP Breakfast" I immediately became suspicious and then remembered someone else's review warning of these guys. We did not attend the breakfast I found all of the staff at this resort friendly and helpful.

It is amazing what a tip few dollars will do too - most of the staff are very deserving of it. We had a great time and would go back in a heartbeat!! Until we meet again Royalton Punta Cana!! We are really glad to hear your positive comments about your last experience at Royalton Punta Cana. We hope you visit us again; we will be very pleased to welcome you. Had a great time with very few niggles. The staff at the lobby bar, Dips bar and the games staff were so professional and excellent which made our stay so memorable.

Rate the staff 5 star however for the hotel to be 5 star in my book need to carry out a few suggestions. Menus should be displayed outside the a la carte restaurants as there are people who have various allergies, vegetarians, don't eat certain meat etc can decide before hand to go or not.

Need to have a coffee available with disposable cups for early morning sunrise walks 3. Sound quality at the theatre needs a lot of improvement. Time share reps are too persistent. Need to have more towels as they run out quickly. On the whole a great place, fantastic staff and I have to name them as they felt part of our family.

I am sure there are others who I can't remember of hand but thanks to them also. Last but not least our Yoga instructor Michelle who has given us a new buzz to carry on Yoga with her brilliant classes which will be very sadly missed. Definitely return to Royalton again to see the loving Royalton family. Dea sunilspgp; Receive a warmest regards from Royalton Punta Cana, It is our pleasure to give you the thanks for your preference in our Royalton Punta Cana as your destination for your last vacation.

We are so glad to know that our Team Work exceed your expectations with the services provided during your stay; we will share your comment with them.

We do hope to have a new opportunity to serve you here at Royalton Punta Cana. Just back from a week away with family another couple ,we had what can only be described as a first class all round holiday.

Most of all topics appear well covered in previous reviews. All I can tell you of our exploits,we were checked in on the coach on the way to the hotel so that saved precious drinking time!. After having a quick beer,off to the room, the room was clean and functional, spacious with a walk in shower. Food was excellent in the main buffet, plenty of choice including a separate pasta and pizza station cooked to order.

We tried all restaurants except tapas and they were excellent, if they are full they give you a pager and you go for a drink. We ventured over to Memories to eat in the sea food restaurant again same drill first class.

There was never a wait for a drink even around the pool they come around all day and get your order so it is really chill time.

At lunch time there is an outside burger bar, this is great as you just go and get your food without having to get dressed. Weather was great hot and bright everyday,there are enough sunbeds both on the beach and around the pool,however there are the sad sacks that insist on keeping their towels overnight and rushing down from about 6: Both the pool and the sea are hot and great to swim in.

All in all we enjoyed every aspect of the holiday, the question is would we go back - well we have just booked the Royalton Jamaica as we were impressed with the Dom Rep, however we will return to this hotel as it ticked all the box's. To finish off all I will say is book,go and you will not be disappointed as long as you wish to enjoy yourselves.

Dear Paddy; Receive a cordially regards from Punta Cana, On behalf of myself and all the staff of the Royalton Punta Cana, I would like to thank you for having chosen us for your stay in Punta Cana. Your honest opinion can be an invaluable reference for other customers who are thinking of staying with us, for this reason we really appreciate the time that you have taken for sharing your experience on TripAdvisor We hope to see you again at Royalton Punta Cana.

We stayed at the Royalton Jan , weather was glorious It was gorgeous, and being able to roll over in bed and look at the ocean was heavenly!!

It met my every hopeful expectation and then some!! I have to say that the people at the Royalton are the friendliest, most gracious and kind people I could have imagined, and each and every one of them went well out of their way, every day, to do everything they could to make our stay enjoyable!! The activities team led by Pepe that hung near the center of the 2 pools were awesome!! They were friendly, fun, lively, engaging and personable!!

They intermingled with all, and I was happy to join in the many activities they offered! Totally enjoyed Yoga led by Michelle and Nemo in the mornings Water aerobics at noon with Frances Happy Face and Francel were a blast!!

Marco, Francel and Michelle rocked the Zumba in the evenings! The main lobby bar was by far our favorite I have to say that the people of the Dominican Republic are absolute treasures, and are part of what made this vacation so fantastic! The resort was immaculate The food was plentiful, was of a huge variety, and was presented beautifully and promptly!

We did not have to wait even once to be seated at any of the restaurants, and they always made sure we were well fed and happy!

While we could tell we were eating a differently prepared cuisine to be expected in a different country , it was all tasty and top quality.. We ended up not doing any special excursions, because we were so taken with the resort that we didn't feel the need to go elsewhere!

We got room service a few times also, for evening snacks as well as a lunch, and they paid just as much attention to detail, presentation and service in our room as they did in the restaurants! We were quite impressed!! We did not miss the robes in the rooms, the private butler following you around, nor did we miss access to the adult only pool that was tucked away in the corner. In all honesty, it was not crowded at all There is a golf course within m of the property, while Punta Cana International Airport can be reached within a minute drive.

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