Final Fantasy XIII: Character Setup Guide

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final fantasy 13 4 accessory slots

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Thanks for the help. Your welcome, you will have to play post game to beat most missions anyways, some are really strong and some only unlock post game.

And you take care too. Terms of Use Violations: Notes optional; required for "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting. An elegant headpiece studded with many valuable gems. Fociaugh Hollow, Pitioss Ruins Shop: A mystical card said to place fate in one's own hands. A hypnotist's tool that unlocks the subconscious mind. Foclaugh Hollow maze, Ch.

Daurell Caverns maze Enemy drop: Steyliff Grove maze Lv12 Trade: Grains believed to ward off evil thoughts and influence. A mystical card said to reveal the fate of its beholder. Justice Monsters V Altissia: A mechanized suit that assists movement. Enhances strength, vitality, and maximum HP considerably.

O Partner, My Partner quest Enemy drop: A prototype assist suit powered by magitek. Enhances strength, vitality, and maximum HP remarkably. First model of a production assist suit powered by magitek. Enhances strength, vitality, and maximum HP phenomenally.

Glacial Grotto maze Reward: Glacial Grotto maze, Pitioss Ruins Reward: Fociaugh Hollow maze Reward: Crestholm Channels Map , Ch.

Daurell Caverns maze Reward: Zegnautus Keep, Pitioss Ruins, Ch. A protective charm made by worshipers of a particular king of yore. Protects the wearer from sudden death. Prevents all despite the menu description saying 'almost all' status ailments including Instant Death.

A surprisingly cute and charming red ribbon. Protects the wearer from almost all status ailments. A Nilfheim-made vest that can resist bullets. Reduces ballistic damage mildly.

Lestallum, Altissia Enemy drop: A Niflheim-made suit that can resist bullets. Reduces ballistic damage moderately. South from Lestallum behind an imperial base Map Enemy drop: A reinforced Niflheim-made suit that can resist bullets. Reduces ballistic damage significantly. Map , near entrance to the Pitioss Ruins Map Reward: A crest carved with an enchantment to ward off flames.

Reduces fire damage significantly. A crest carved with an enchantment to ward off the cold. Reduces ice damage significantly. Causcherry Plains outside Perpetouss Keep on a storage container need chocobo with boosted jump or warp up the curved part of the pipe to the north, then warp over; Map , Pitioss Ruins Reward: Undergarment made of a material that serves as an electrical insulator.

A crest carved with an enchantment to ward off lightning. Reduces lightning damage significantly. Ungarment sewn from a blessed fabric that wards off evil. A crest with three gemstones inlaid. Reduces fire, ice, and lightning damage significantly. A crest bearing the effigies of the six Astrals. Reduces fire, ice, lightning, and darkness damage significantly.

A crest enchanted with the unyielding might of the earth. Reduces fire, ice, and ballistic damage significantly. Armor from a faraway land. Reduces lightning, darkness, and ballistic damage significantly. Zegnautus Keep Map , Citadel one of the receptionists' desks Enemy drop: A personal barrier made using imperial military technology. Enhances utility and increases maximum HP moderately. A personal barrier that employs magitek armor technology.

Enhances vitality and increases maximum HP phenomenally. Rulers of the Banks Old Lestallum hunt Shop: Wiz Chocobo Post arms dealer. An irrisistibly soft towel.

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