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They did botch the rollout, I'd say. Wine may be sold in grocery stores. Pretty sure Mueller is smart enough to have backups. Naturally, since bad cases make for unwise practices, the US began by trying to target Osama bin Laden, who was seen as responsible for the outrages in New York and Washington. Very rustic and great food.

Whole Notes

Then Montreal's famous beer festival is ideal for you. You will be able to taste more than brews and out of which there are 15 exclusive brews created just for this event. Around cheeses from the best of America's dairies represent this festival. The best quality mangoes from all over the country can be seen and tasted in the International Mango Festival in Uttar Pradesh. One will surely love the variety of taste provided by the same fruit.

Sonoma County Harvest Fair, California This annual harvest festival consists of seafood fisheries and artisan producers. Other events are scarecrow-making contest, pig races and a cow-milking contest. In addition, another point of attraction is the front display hall with the pick of local wines. Iceland Food and Fun Festival This unique festival takes place during the frost.

The cuisine by world class chefs are served at Reykjavik's top restaurants. The special and exclusive menus are made exclusively from the ingredients from Iceland. For the special event on the last day of the festival the acclaimed chefs visiting from other countries and who have never previously worked with Icelandic ingredients, are given one hour to shop for them at a supermarket and three hours to whip them into haute cuisine.

The results are presented at the Reykjavik Art Museum. You will experience the taste of South Florida's culinary culture here. Holland offers cultural heritage gems such as beautiful historic towns, special regions, outdoor spaces, fortresses and waterlines. Half the country is below sea level and this has given Holland exceptional, but less well-known landscapes: Holland boasts a growing list of restaurants with Michelin stars, and these and others can be found inside factories, towers and small castles.

Sleeping in a castle, boat, lighthouse or haystack, these unexpected delights are only a short distance away from Amsterdam. Travelers can get tips on unusual accommodations, restaurants, as well as original sites of interest and activities.

All gems have been selected based on exclusivity, quality and originality. A few Holland gems: Ideas throughout the year, whether solo or with friends and family! Discover a colorful village, nestled among the towering trees, flowing waterways and elaborate stone structures.

Explore the layers of the lush landscape from the jungle floor to the leafy canopy with three levels of exploration tunnels, climbing nets and mazes, soar above the treetops on a zip line adventure or launch into the sky from inside a foot waterfall.

Then, connect up close with exotic jungle animals. Come face-to-face with orangutans from treetop viewing platforms and test your strength in a tug of war with a Bengal tiger. Celebrate a jungle village where the inhabitants, both human and animal, live in complete harmony with nature. Swing by for an unforgettable adventure and an extraordinary mix of discovery and fun in the only jungle in the world that plays with you. The new splash ground features unique water sources resembling some local favorites and residents of the Zoo!

The splash ground was designed for those hot and humid days in Florida when you just want to cool off. The area includes a gator, frog, hippo, raining trees, water tunnel and a bucket dump is just waiting for children-of-all-ages to enjoy. Each year the Zoo hosts several exciting events including: New events to the Zoo include Brews around the Zoo on March 15, There is always something to do at the Zoo! Augustine The Colonial Spanish Quarter Museum consists of two separate interpretive exhibits, each with its own entrance.

There, visitors entering the Colonial Spanish Quarter Museum will be drawn into the living history village which features costumed interpreters practicing various crafts such as blacksmithing, carpentry, leatherworking, and calligraphy, reflecting the colonial city in the late part of the First Spanish Period, about The de Mesa Sanchez House, a rose colored, ashlar-scored building at 43 St.

George Street, will provide a second interpretive exhibit. Visitors may purchase a combined ticket to the two museum exhibits or a single ticket to either one. They later sold the operation to Wometco Enterprises, current owners of the Miami Seaquarium. Be sure to visit their new website at www. Ticket prices vary for each event. Interactive features like text and voice messages can be obtained from cell phones and downloadable Podcasts will enhance interpretive messages and allow guests to immerse themselves in the action.

They are found in the wild off the coast of South Africa and Namibia. Jungle Island is a multi-faceted entertainment destination, see three spectacular shows: Winged Wonders, our world famous bird show; Reptiles of the Jungle, which includes cold-blooded reptiles that will send chills down your spine; and Tale of the tiger with awesome tigers.

Dolphin Harbor offers guests two different dolphin interaction programs. Dolphin Odyssey is a two-hour experience, which includes feeding, touching and learning about these magnificent animals plus the opportunity for a deep-water interaction with a dolphin.

Guests at least 52 inches tall may participate in the Dolphin Odyssey program. Dolphin Encounter is a new program that allows guests to wade out into the pool and have a shallow water experience meeting the dolphins.

The two-hour program features an educational seminar and the chance to feed and touch a dolphin as well as learn about dolphin training techniques.

Mommy and Me at Mote, popular play programs for children ages and their mommies or caregivers. Now offered on select Thursdays and Saturdays, these hour-long programs begin at There is also a 3: Participants can sign-up for individual programs or discounted session packages.

Pre-registration is required for all education programs. Mote members receive a discount for all educational offerings. Recently installed in a beautiful and tranquil viewing garden, this stunning work of art is freely accessible to the viewing public. Inside the museum it may chill your nerves to see our recently-acquired macabre memento of less civil times: After dark, thrill to our newest, Walking Ghost Adventure.

Elegantly-dressed and knowledgeable guides lead guests through some of St. Augustine is where you can truly Experience the Unexpected in ! Where one river floats you through an undersea world of colorful fish and another races you into rolling rapids. Delight in the serene-to-extreme waters in the gigantic double wave pools and soak in the sun or the cooling shade on the white sand beach.

Aquatica is where the fun is as endless as the sea itself. In addition to building greater depth in the animal collection and expanding conservation programs, the zoo is pleased to announce the addition of a water flume ride and albino alligator exhibit.

Watch out for falling waters as the ride plunges almost 30 feet at the splash down. Check out these four, for starters. Trains are a safe, comfy way for solo women to travel.

Here's a listing of "The World's Top 25 Trains," as determined by The Society of International Railway Travelers, an organization of travelers who love the comfort, romance and fun of great trains.

Others offer the most stylish and comfortable way to see less-developed regions, such as the world's newest private train, the Danube Express, which offers week-long, rail-based "cruises" through Central Europe. Following, in geographical order, are the winning trains and principal countries or areas of operation: I remember a seven-country, day speed tour through Europe, whizzing along with 40 assorted tourists including bawling kids and folks on walkers who inevitably held up the bus going to the rest rooms.

These quickie tours offered a tantalizing, frustrating taste of places that seemed impossibly foreign, even if Paris was just an elevator ride up the Eiffel Tower, a glance at Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa, and an evening cruise on the Seine.

Rome included driving by the Coliseum and the Forum, pasta at trattorias with other tourists, and tossing a coin into Trevi fountain just like the movie Three Coins in the Fountain , which I had loved. My wish as I tossed my coin, was to return, and experience more than just a blur.

Guidebooks were few, our culinary sophistication was pizza-level. We hardly heard anything but English, and rarely met a local, except at prearranged shopping sites.

But it still seemed exciting, because this type of travel was all we knew. And with fewer moves and transport problems, safety improves and costs go down. I can plan to travel deeply in France at another time. Interested in the in-depth approach? Some specific slow-travel suggestions: Read up, work on language basics, learn geography, history, culture, politics, foods.

The more you know about a place, the better the slow-go, and the more chance for enlightening surprises. Your available time will dictate your pace. A week or so in Tuscany? Maybe best to choose a hub and unpack only once, with day-trips from there. For example, stay in Florence and visit the countryside on daytrips. With a couple of weeks or more, you could easily move around a region, by train, bus or car, taking time to get a feel for each area.

Just pack light as possible. You can luxuriate in your villa terrace overlooking grapevine-covered hills with a glass of chianti, or tool around on a Vespa, tasting vintages, dining gloriously as you go, and staying in charming pensiones along the way --or do both.

Budget The better you know the bucks you can spend, the better you can decide where and when you go. And one benefit of slow travel is that you can get discounts for staying put, and finding out where locals eat, shop and play.

Be Flexible With slow travel you could just book your arrival and departure dates ahead and play around with the middle, leaving room for discovery. Buying The ultimate is to purchase a lodging: Like Frances Mayes in Cortona, Italy and Peter Mayle in Provence, you could buy a grand fixer-upper, and maybe even turn the experience into a bestseller, and fame and fortune.

You and your abode can indeed become a site for other slow travelers to visit! If buying is a possibility, be extra careful: What are your preferences? How about culture, climate? Economic and legal ramifications? Commuting costs and convenience?

How important is language? What are nearby towns like? Is the political climate friendly? Is the economy stabile? Write questions down, and then, if still interested, travel several times before you invest. Do not go by second-hand opinions, photos on the Web, real estate promotions, whims or dreams alone. Long-Stay Hotels Nowadays many chains such as Executive. Suites and Hampton Inns offer long-stay suites and efficiency apartments for minimum cost and with adequate comfort.

Big cities now often offer glam apartment hotels in city center for stays of a month or more. Offer, as a last resort, to take a room or suite that would remains empty otherwise. When I stayed for six weeks in the Philippines, I got a great deal at a hotel near the airport. You can find lists of rentals on websites like craigslist.

And if you wait till you arrive, at airports and railroad stations. At ferry stations, renters will often meet the boats. Clean and simple are fine. And you should be near restaurants and in a safe neighborhood. Are you able to do some cooking yourself? Are you near public transport, shops, entertainment? Is the setting attractive? When I lived in London for a year I rented a house near a tube station, 20 minutes north of the city. Got a better deal and more space, but I was still close-in.

Time Shares When buying a timeshare, you can choose to return for a week or a month to your own place, or choose to swap for another place around the world.

Home Stays When other lodgings are few, you can often be part of a real home scene. He wore a kilt and had a blonde wife who gave cooking classes. But home stays vary from low-down to high-end.

Be especially careful to check out the surroundings, but these may be the only options if you go far afield.. Then you may be able to swap lodgings. Your South Florida condo may seem a great deal to someone out there. Just consider working through an agency, to be sure. Consider a freighter, which may stay at offbeat ports for days, loading and unloading cargo. But if you have months rather than weeks to travel, you can enjoy this slow travel on the high seas, and make some new friends on the adventure.

Or try a barge, where you float along rivers and canals more slowly than with other water travel; you can often go slowly enough to bike along paths and stay with the barge. Ferries are fab for slow travel. Greece and Alaska ferry systems, and Norwegian coastal mailboats and fjord ferries are just a few good options. Railpass The Oriental express and Scottish Highlander are two luxury options.

But Britrail and Eurail offer passes which allow you to get on and off, and take it slow, at a discount. Car Stay or go, slow or slower. A car is freedom to do as you wish. And if you really want maximum freedom, skip the driver and do it yourself.

Today, groups do the lugging and you can enjoy the exercise, with luxury meals and top-notch inns,. Walk No slower way to travel, and no better to get to know a place.

For more info on slow travel, google any of the above categories for numerous websites, or check out www. Depending on the time period, I sometimes stayed in one place; other times, traveled around. Add your own favorites; slow-go—but in any case, do go! Bruges, Ghent, Waterloo Cape Cod: Etruscan tombs, Appian Way, ancient port of Citte Shanghai: Naples, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast Paris: Long Island beaches, Hudson Valley Florence: Tuscan villages, wine country Vienna: Marin County, Carmel LA: Death Valley, northern Nevada, mining towns Hawaiian Islands: Toledo, and other regional towns Perugia: Orvieto, Assissi and other Umbrian towns Provence: Cannes, Nice, wine and art villages above the coast Italian Coast: Lake District Any small country.

The concept of couples seems seared into our genetic coding. Asia Transpacific Journeys http: She suggests considering the following:. A Sampling of Western Sicily. The history and traditions of Western Sicily date back years. A visit to the magnificent ruins of the Greek temples at Segesta and Selinunte is like diving into the past, while Erice offers the charm of the Medieval period and is, at the same time, a meeting point for scientists from all over the world.

The magic island of Mozia and the salinas salt pans of Infersa complete the panorama of hidden treasures in Western Sicily. Mozia, a magical island The small island is the site of a very ancient Punic settlement.

The ancient historians tell of the siege and destruction of the settlement by Dionysius of Syracuse, in B. Following the ruthless military operation, the surviving inhabitants fled to the main island of Sicily, where they founded Lilibeo, the present-day Marsala. The island of Mozia covers 45 hectares about , acres , facing the salinas salt pans , and is completely flat, with fertile soil and an excellent climate.

The oldest remains were discovered during the excavations carried out by the English owner, Joseph Whitaker, in the early years of the twentieth century , and consist of warehouses used for commercial trade, necropolises and votive sanctuaries.

In addition to remains from the old and new excavations, the Whitaker museum is home to the beautiful statue of the Charioteer being crowned with laurel , which was discovered in a kiln a short distance away.

The island, which is situated about a kilometre from the coast, can be reached by means of a pleasant boat trip lasting about half an hour.

The remains of four Greek temples can be seen in the Acropolis area and another three temples are situated on the western hill. A fifth temple was built on the Acropolis by the Carthaginians. A strong terraced wall beneath the Acropolis is all that now remains of the important defence system, which is striking for its geometric regularity.

Apart from this unusual Greek and Punic mix that is a feature of the ancient settlement at Selinunte, there is the extraordinary scenic setting of the nearby Cusa Caves , the site where the Selinuntines used ingenious technology to extract enormous blocks of stone, still visible today, to construct the temples.

From the past to the future: During the Hellenistic period it was allied with Athens, and was later subject to Carthage for a short period; after the Punic wars it acquired great importance and prosperity as a civitas libera romana Roman free city through its control of the nearby port, the present-day Castellammare del Golfo. The Temple in Doric style dates from A. Archaeological excavations are still underway to bring to light even more of the long history of this fascinating place.

Erice , situated at metres above sea level, is now a charming medieval town with an inviting romantic walk to the Castello di Venere castle of Venus , which houses the Altar to Venus Erycina from the 13th century B.

Here there is an amazing view over almost the entire province of Trapani. This small town, which once extended as far as Monreale, is the home of the Ettore Majorana Centre of Scientific Culture , a place for meetings and encounters between scientists from all over the world.

The Kempinski Hotel Giardino di Costanza is in the province of Trapani, not far from Mazara del Vallo and easily reached from Palermo airport in less than one hour by motorway. Prices for the entire package for two people start from 1, euros and are valid for the whole of The Solo Lady was quoted as a solo travel expert in an article appearing on cnn. Instant glamour "Sunglasses are a great prop. When you wear them indoors, people see you in a different light because you look mysterious.

Sunglasses are also great for people-watching discreetly and avoiding eye contact with folks you don't want to engage. Tales and Tips for Great Trips. Think it's too expensive? Well, maybe if you train all the way from London to Istanbul it would be out of your price range. But if you want the experience the ultimate in train travel without shelling out the big bucks you can do what I did.

The luxury train offers many daytrips in Great Britain. I left from Victoria Station in London, late morning, heading to the Orient Express' first stop, a few hours eastward: Most of the passengers were continuing on to France, through the Chunnel, but I was happy enjoying my delicious daytrip. The Orient Express luncheon car recreates the elegance of the s, with rich woods, plush fabric and carved detailing. At each seat is a fully set reserved table, with linens, crystal and silverware.

A fine, gourmet lunch with champagne and wines is served by gloved waiters on the way to the coast. And a high English tea with sandwiches, scones and pastries is set before you on your return to London.

While in Folkestone I strolled around the seaside a couple of hours, enjoying the fresh air, bright flowers and turn-of-the-century architecture, then reboarded the train, returning to London in the late afternoon. A bus shuttles you to and from the train, if you want. What a marvelous way to enjoy the English countryside-- eatmg well, relaxing, and experiencing the magic of the Orient Express.

I can only imagine how fabulous it would be to take the train all the way through Europe! What's Doing Down Under? Her International Cooking School, a gorgeous two-hour drive from downtown Sydney, is set in the sea-side town of Kiama, high on the north side of Saddleback Mountain with breathtaking views of lush dairy country and virgin rain forest.

The kilometer mile hike wends through many of the 13 gorges along the Jatbula Trail and requires both an adventurous spirit and strong muscles as well. Water and simple camping sites are available en route. From October to May they escort small groups 12 max. Amenities include soft beds, hot showers, good food and wine, and an authentic oilskin coat.

And for bragging rights alone: Study The Undersea Explorer takes small groups of divers, snorkelers and researchers out to the remote Great Ribbon Reef with professional guides for six-day trips to swim with!! Deliver mail Desert Diversity Tours delivers mail through the vast, odd territory known as the Outback in South Australia. The one-day run by 4-wheel jeep starts in the opal mining town of Coober Pedy and bumps along through the historic towns of Oodnadatta to William Creek, passing cattle stations and farms.

This is the chance of a lifetime to also see ancient marine-fossils in the inland sea bed, today called the Moon Plains -- a gold mine to all paleontologists, budding and professional. How about a dig-it-yourself spa? For two hours before and after low tide, you can create your own personal spa pool by digging in the sand for hot spring water.

As the tide comes in, cooler waves trickle over the hot pools. Hot Water Beach is also popular with surfers. Travel with Your Pet? Want to roam the world with Fido? The Travel Industry Association TIA reports that about 15 percent of us travel with pets — around 40 million households. And solo travelers, especially, enjoy the company of four-legged companions. Size matters On the road a small pet can be more fun, with less effort. I place my cat Sweetie in front of my seat on a plane in a special soft carrier bag, twice a year.

Many lodgings only allow pets less than 20 pounds. You could go the RV or camping route with a big dog—but hey, this is your vacation. Is that what you really want to do? And having to deal with eight-legs and two black noses can be a bit much even for seasoned travelers. Retrievers are gentle but rambunctious; chihuhuas are tiny but trembly. If your dog tends to act out, run away, shiver or bark a lot, think twice before booking a ticket.

Seems they overlooked him de-planing, and Apricot flew on to Hawaii! He was returned a day later, dazed, and seemed to have had enough of tropical paradises, thank you very much. To avoid my predicament, check the pet travel guidelines posted online by the Air Transport Association, www. As for cars, use the same sorts of caution as you would with a child—lots of breaks, no leaving the pet in a closed car, water available.

Even if you find accommodations on a pet-friendly list, be sure to double check. And be prepared to stay on a pet floor or in a pet-designated room. Nowadays many places go all out to provide VIP doggy delights. Many offer bowls, treats and walking areas. Regis hotel in LA offers Fido a customized mahogany bed with down pillows, and special poolside lounges. Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos Mexico offer special patios and doggy massages, a dog cabana and full-time chef for custom meals.

Dine with doggy At cafes and restaurants with open-air dining areas, Fido may be a welcome guest, under the table. So if you want to dine with your pet, sit al fresco and enjoy. Room service and picnicking are other options. Overseas, dining rules are sometimes more lax.

Doggie tummies can get turista too. And on that note, prepare for pooper-scooping at all times, and think ahead for doggy relief areas. Then again, so do two-legged companions. You do have to walk them, get someone to do it, or cross your fingers with newspaper spread on the floor. You may have to pay a lodging deposit for damages -- and you may lose it.

Download info on pet quarantine, and health requirements: All offer info about traveling with pets, when requested. Less people means less stress on you and your pet. She also noted that owners should have a travel label on the pet carrier and travel ID tags on the pet with the details of your final destination.

So be sure to consult the airline; most have special staff to facilitate pet arrangements. In addition, organizations like the International Air Transportation Association www.

Although car trips require less paperwork, owners still need to prepare their pets for a long journey. Then the next step is to drive around the block and gradually increase the duration of travel. Once you arrive at your vacation home, take the same time and care to acclimate the pet to its surroundings. Bringing a few comfort items, like its bed or favorite toys, will ease the transition. Then simply give your furry friends time to adjust. I think most animals appreciate being around their people.

I've been around a bit over countries and I know what I like. The range is wide. I will be adding here ongoing, as I think of them many of the special big and small experiences, places, things and destinations that have especially appealed to me over the years.

And as a solo traveler these treats are really special. River Cruises -- I've taken many of them. In Russia from St. I find river cruises an exceptional way to relax, get a feel for the countries, enjoy good food and meet interesting people. Plus, you avoid the hassles of the road, and only unpack once. Most river cruises stay in ports at least a day and you can take guided tours or go off on your own. You are usually near the heart of a city.

My favorite line is Peter Deillmann , but check out all. Stepping out on your own space on a moonlit night in the nude or whatever and listening in peace to the slap of the waves and feeling the breezes is simply divine.

Views -- I like to open a window and see something special. You don't have to have a fancy room. Just be sure you specify when you book.

Otherwise, you might as well be home. A view punctuates your experience, whether it's while you are dining, standing at a scenic point or sitting in your guestroom. Talking to Locals -- Chatting people up, you'll find out the real deal.

How they feel about America eek , what they really eat for breakfast, how old women typically are when they marry--whatever you're curious about, and the things you won't find in guidebooks. I prefer talking to locals rather than tourist-oriented staffs and shopkeepers.

I sometimes just stand around by a bus stop daytime, in a safe area and choose my prey. And waiters make great talking companions. Eating Typical Cuisine in Typical Surroundings -- I try to have at least one meal at a local place, preferably one with charm and decent food. I'll try almost anything, if I see others eating it, and it looks and smells ok.

Cooling Off in Cathedrals. Amazing how they have natural air con. Plus lots of seating, gorgeous artsworks, and great people-watching. Perfect for a break, especially if there's a choir or organ concert. You don't have to stay to enjoy. Sit in the lobby or garden. Have a drink or tea or meal.

One of my faves is the Sofitel Grand in Amsterdam , the former city hall. The "Front of the Plane. On a recent Qantas flight to Australia I managed to sleep nine hours in a comfy bed, flying over the ocean. Try for this experience -- at least once.

Whether I solo or go with others, I feel safe and secure with assistance to cover my trip and my health. It's not expensive, considering you get complete security, including evacuation.

I use On Call International. You'll be doted upon by most of the gay guys and feel ageless and safe. I just did it and loved it even though I'm straight. Increasing numbers of Americans travel abroad - especially women traveling alone either for business or pleasure. Each country and culture has their own views of appropriate behavior for women.

Although you may not agree with these views, it is wise to abide by the local laws and customs to avoid problems. Please become familiar with the laws and customs of the places where you wish to go. It is illegal in Laos to invite Lao nationals of the opposite sex to one's hotel room.

Foreigners in Saudi Arabia have been arrested in the past for "improper dress. Women traveling alone can be more vulnerable to problems in certain cultures. A brochure has been prepared by the U. State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs to provide general information for women traveling alone. Keeping in mind the following information can help make your trip as safe and rewarding as possible. Make sure your passport is still valid or apply for a new one long before you plan to travel.

Make sure you have the right travel documents and visas for your destinations. For information on individual countries' entry and exit requirements, refer to our publication Foreign Entry Requirements. Make an effort to learn about the locations you plan to visit, their culture, and any problems that might be occurring there.

The Bureau of Consular Affairs constantly updates its published and on-line information to reflect developing situations in each country.

Many exciting and exotic destinations may have very conservative views about women. Being a foreigner makes you stand out; a woman traveling alone can be even more of an oddity in some places.

What to Leave Behind: Leave a detailed itinerary and a copy of your passport's identification page with a friend or relative at home. Include names, addresses and telephone numbers where you will be staying. Leave a copy of your flight and ticket information with them as well. You may wish to establish certain check in dates when you will either call, e-mail, fax, etc. But remember that if you happen to miss a check-in, your loved ones may assume that you are having a problem or are in trouble.

Leave any valuables, extra credit cards and jewelry - even fake jewelry - at home. Thieves often won't know the real from the fake until after they take it, so why risk your personal safety? Make sure you have adequate health insurance coverage while abroad and that your coverage includes medical evacuations. Your policy might not cover you overseas and you may need to purchase traveler's insurance.

If you have any condition that might develop complications- especially if you are pregnant, check with your doctor before you go abroad. If you experience complications, a medical evacuation might still take several precious hours to arrange.

If you take prescription medication, make sure you have enough to last the duration of the trip, including extra medication in case you are delayed. Always carry your prescriptions in their labeled containers as many countries have strict narco-trafficking laws and might be suspicious of pills in unlabeled bottles. Choose a gambler like. Do not go to the casino to waste time. Can play well every day. Betting on a lot of money. You can gamble as you choose every day.

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Thank you tampilan depan poker online media meliput berita judi online suara para pemain poker jaringan cepat main bandarq jonru main bandarq online partai domino99 online. Alot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that I'm interested in, but I'm most definately interested in this one. I love squeezing in every inch of summer weather, as it turns into fall, by dining outdoors.

Theres something so refreshing about sitting in the fresh air as it turns a bit chilly at night. We eventually need to get an outdoor sofa and chairs because this deck is huge, 1, square feet.

We picked this one because of just that. It was affordable, and stylish all at the same time. It seats 6, so like I said, we will be adding onto it next spring, but for now, it's perfect for our little family.

I was also drawn to it because it came fully assembled: Once we put it on the deck I decided to do a fun fall tables cape that isn't your typical one. We have a plethora of apples off my sisters tree, so I thought it would be fun to do a apple theme, and I ran with it. In lieu of a typical floral centerpiece, I used this beverage tub and filled it with water and simply added apples.

Kind of a fun spin off of "bobbing for apples". I flanked it with these topiaries, which will also be great indoors around the holidays! I used the same ribbon to wrap around the apple cider jug to cover the label. This platter has a fall feel to it and will come in handy this season. Two beautiful hotels in the heart of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati to choose from. Meeting space for 50 and Banquet Space for Close to Riverboats, Museums, the aquarium, casinos, Reds baseball, Zoos and more!

We offer an array of venues conducive for your reunions. From a breathtaking convention center to a rustic forest retreat, we can accommodate a reunion for 30 or 3, Our convenient location to Fort Campbell and easy accessibility make us an ideal choice for your reunion. Your reunion guests deserve special service and recognition, and that's why Lexington is the perfect choice. Easy accessibility, first-class facilities, and unique attractions make it the ideal destination for your special reunion event.

Our staff is ready to assist with site visits, bid presentations, lead distribution and proposal collection. Hilton Suites Lexington Green. Experience the first and legendary Hilton Suites. Stay with the people you know and get more for your money: Spacious 4-Diamond rated 2-room suites, locally and uniquely designed, and next door to shopping, dining, movies and a comedy club.

Consider us for your next Lexington visit! Call for group rates. Freedom Military Reunion Planners. We can help with the smallest to the largest group; get the best value for your dollar from the hotels to the attractions. Louisiana's capital city is the perfect location for your next reunion. Jefferson, next door to New Orleans. Home to Barksdale Air Force Base, headquarters for the 2nd Bomb Wing and Air Force Global Strike Command, the area is known for its strong military support and its festivals, dining, river cruise, museums, and shopping.

Maine Office of Tourism. While much of the state remains an unspoiled paradise for outdoor recreation enthusiasts, its small cities, towns and villages offer a glimpse of contemporary New England life.

Inn at Brunswick Station. Experienced reunion hotel and staff that will work closely with you to create a memorable reunion. Hospitality and banquet rooms available. Past reunion planners happily request to be contacted for referrals. DoubleTree by Hilton Annapolis. Conveniently located near the Historic Downtown area and the Naval Academy, our Reunion Specialist will assist you every step of the way!

Specials and packages are available for your group! Contact Marie today for additional information. The Best Western is conveniently located off I in Baltimore with ample free parking. Your rate includes complimentary buffet breakfast and scheduled shuttle to Baltimore's beautiful Inner Harbor.

All Military reuions receive a complimentary hospitality suite with 15 or more paid rooms. Two ballrooms are available for your reunion banquet. Free 24 hour shuttle service. Enjoy your Full Complimentary Breakfast.

Holiday Inn College Park. Complimentary parking, wi-fi, and shuttle service within five miles including the Greenbelt Metro. Enjoy such amenities as indoor pool, fitness center, on-site restaurant, and over 10, square feet of event space. Contact our Reunion Expert today for special Reunion pricing. TownePlace Suites by Marriott. They're flexible to travel, so contact them to perform at your Military Reunion! Holiday Inn Conference Center and Marina. Boston Duck Tours is a must do attraction for any military reunion groups coming to the Boston area.

We offer the best hotel value in downtown Boston, with great military discounts and a great location. We are a room hotel with meeting space, attached to a YMCA fitness facility. We are located in the historic Navy Yard area of Boston. Embassy Suites Boston - Logan Airport. Hilton Boston Back Bay. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Let our Reunion Specialist make your next reunion truly memorable and affordable.

Conveniently located off I and across from Legacy Place, and centrally located between Route 3 and the Mass Turnpike. We provide complimentary WIFI, parking, and shuttle. Onsite amenities include an indoor pool and sqft of function space. Plenty of restaurants and shopping in walking distance. Our "Outer Cape" location is perfect for all reunions.

We offer special rates for Military Reunions and would enjoy working with you to develop a package. The world's largest collection of historic naval ships. We offer complete menu package with banquet seating for You could say we're the only "armored" banquet facility in the Northeast. Just off I at Exit We have rooms and 10, sq ft of meeting space.

Poolside and balcony rooms open into the indoor pool area with a glass domed solarium. We are a great hotel for conferences, reunions, weddings and casual meetings. As a planner, you have lots to do. At Wolfe Tours, we take pride in creating your customized day or overnight tours from New England to Florida and Alaska cruisetours. Tell us what you want to experience. Let us do the rest-meals, activities, transportation, guides.

Thank you for your service! Experience the warm hospitality of Flint, Michigan. Our mission is to provide excellent accommodations and customer service!

For all your reunion needs we look forward to serving you! You stood united, protecting freedom when it mattered most. Choose a community that understands the importance of coming together.

Hold your reunion in Greater Lansing and focus on what matters most-staying connected to those with whom you served. Bloomington, MN has a proven track record of hosting military reunions. Call us today for your event! SpringHill Suites offers both king and double queen suites, each with a pullout sofa sleeper and wet bar with mini fridge and microwave.

We provide transportation and tours for groups of all sizes. Our fleet includes school buses, vans, mini-coaches, motorcoaches and trolleys!

We also provide customized sightseeing tours or day trips through our Gray Line Tours brand! Minneapolis would be honored to host your next military reunion. We represent the entire Minneapolis-St.

Paul region, which is comprised of more than 17, hotel rooms. The Kahler Grand Hotel http: The Mississippi Gulf Coast offers a variety of meeting facilities, casino resorts, scenic beaches, charter fishing, and championship golf for your delegates to enjoy.

For a successful reunion and a great experience, relax on the Mississippi Gulf Coast! Branson salutes Veterans year-round, making the ideal destination for Military Reunions! Recognition through patriotic numbers and audience appreciation is the specialty of many shows, and is evident at attractions, restaurants, and variety of lodging surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, pristine lakes, championship golf courses, Silver Dollar City, and Historic Downtown.

Groups can bring in any food, beverage or alcohol they would like. Stroll through our "Hall of Heroes" and Congressional Medal of Honor room displaying photographs and stories about our veterans. Enjoy our newly renovated rooms. Call Sarah for specials. Stone Castle considers it an honor to host military reunions; thank you for your service to our country.

We provide a hospitality room free of charge and offer very reasonable dinner prices. Your stay comes with a full hot breakfast buffet, free Wi-Fi, and two indoor pools and hot tubs. Always Branson Tours is your "one stop" contact for military reunion planning in Branson, Missouri and over 25 other destinaton cities throughout the United States. Owner Mike Zirbel has over 30 years experience in planning reunions and motorcoach tours.

We take care of everything from start to finish for a perfect carefree reunion! One Call and we do all the work so you can just enjoy. Let us give you a free proposal and show you how easy Reunion planning can be. Your successful gatherings start with "Gatherings Plus. Let us get your reunion off to a great start and have a guaranteed successful ending!

Flash Photo Group Photography. We Specialize in Group Photography. Reunion Group photos taken at your chosen location and delivered in Flag folder the same day before your group leaves. E-mail or call for a free sample. No Service Charges, No Minimum order. Our 28th year in Branson. Clay Cooper Theatre is proud to present 4 incredible shows for Jim creates hilarious antics from everyday life. All new for Call us for magnificent rates!

Regis Philbin says "a Really magnificently talented family. When you come to Branson you've got to see their show. Centrally located, it's the perfect place to reconnect with friends! Casino Queen Hotel and Casino.

Located across the river from the St. Louis Arch, our hotel presents a fabulous view including St. Our dining offers value and quality. Let us plan your memorable event!

Employee Owned, Locally Owned Casino. Crowne Plaza St Louis Airport. See the Gateway Arch, St. Major features include an eight-story atrium, an indoor pool, T. Dedicated Reunion Planner working with you to make your event special.

Take pleasure in a classic St. Louis hotel that has mastered the art of military reunions. Bureau offers complimentary assistance with room, dining, and tours. Situated in the Ozarks, 35 miles north of Branson; national airport; full service CVB that will tailor packages to meet the needs of your event. Headquarters of Bass Pro Shops, birthplace of Route 66, home to other unique and fun attractions.

Best Western Plus Heritage Inn. Create a reunion that attendees will talk about for years! Enjoy unique shopping, historical museums or championship golf courses. Accessible by two international airports and a variety of lodging options. Located in the heart of the Midwest, the city of Lincoln is honored to have the opportunity to welcome your group! We invite your military reunion groups to experience Sarpy County Nebraska.

We offer quality hotels, unique attractions and free planning service to make your reunion memorable. Located in the center of the country, Omaha has a rich military history making it an appealing reunion destination. The Strategic Air and Space Museum showcases the most prized and rarely displayed military aircraft.

The Gold Coast is a room resort destination resort, conveniently located near the Strip and Chinatown. Stay in one of our comfortable and affordable standard rooms, or treat yourself to a newly remodeled, square-foot suite, complete with marble bath countertops and a wet bar. With six unique dining experiences, a lively casino and a wide variety of stage shows every night.

Inside our beautiful resort you will find rooms, an seat theater, a lane Bowling Center, 9 restaurants, an screen movie theater, and over , sq. Sands Regency Casino Hotel.

The Sands Regency Casino Hotel offers affordable accommodations in a fun, casual and comfortable atmosphere. We are conveniently located in the heart of the popular downtown district and our guests will find many major activities and events just a short distance from our front door.

Radisson Hotel Manchester Downtown. America's Best Inn Portsmouth. Rich in history and on the water, Portsmouth, NH, offers visitors fabulous restaurants, tours, museums, and sunset cruises. America's Best Inn is a small, cleam, comfortable, and efficient hotel conveniently located right off of I Our many amenities and affordable rates make us an attractive option for groups. Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial. Recently renovated, minutes from the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Embassy Suites Hotel Parsippany. The Embassy Suites Parsippany is located off all major highways. We offer you and your guests a two room suite with a living room and bedroom area. Enjoy our complimentary cooked to order breakfast daily,as well as our evening managers reception. Albuquerque combines a unique blend of culture and heritage attractions, museums, stunning landscape, galleries, shopping and cuisine to create a distinct experience for every group.

Albuquerque is the perfect high desert destination for intimate and large meetings. Come experience a revitalized city with over years of history. Heritage Hotels and Resorts. Heritage Hotels and Resorts is a collection of seven, award-winning hotels located in New Mexico and Southern Arizona, distinct in style, drawing from the unique blend of Native American, Mexican, Spanish and American Western cultural and historical influences.

The hotel is located in the Northeast Heights area - only minutes away from all of Albuquerque's top destinations. We have assisted more than military reunions and always get rave reviews. Best Western Sovereign Hotel. Buffalo features the newly-renovated Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, which is surrounded by more than new or renovated hotel rooms, along with world-class nightlife, dining, entertainment, art and architecture.

With incredible rates, wonderful hospitality space, great meeting rooms and a fantastic and affordable dinner banquet, your next reunion will be a huge success! Holiday Inn Grand Island. Buffalo Niagara's only Island Resort Hotel. Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises. Come check out the sights, sounds and skyline of the city with Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises. We have three new vessels that can hold from guests, all with indoor heating, air conditioning and handicap access at affordable rates!

With attractions for your attendees that include viewing Niagara Falls from above and below, exploring a French Castle, "locking thru" on the Erie Canal and riding a Carousel while listening to a Wurlitzer band organ, what could be more fun?

Syracuse is a convenient central meeting point with a focus on customer service. With 3, committable hotel rooms, Syracuse is a perfect location for groups of all sizes. Our award winning CVB staff can offer services from welcome signage to hospitality centers that will ensure the success of your reunion!

Hidden Valley Animal Adventure. Experience a guided Trolley ride through our acre park that features over animals and 30 exotic species including zebra, camel, elk, ostrich, emu and more! Our facility also features two full service restaurants and has banquet space that can accommodate up to guests. Join your family and friends at the best mini-resort in the Triangle. From the two-room suites, restaurant, lounge, extensive recreational facilities and banquet space for on the Lakeside Terrace.

Fairfield Inn and Suites. Located just minutes away from the USCG base and historical downtown Elizabeth City, we offer meeting room space, continental breakfast, free wireless and wired Internet, indoor heated pool and jacuzzi, business center and fitness center to meet all your needs! Plan your next military reunion with us! Mooresville would be the perfect place to host your military reunion! See the many displays of artifacts donated by patrons and their families.

We have unique meeting places, southern hospitality and great hotels. We market our communities' affordable lodging, over restaurants, shopping and theatre. We've got all your reunion needs covered.

We offer complimentary a welcome reception, hospitality room, valet parking and complimentary airport transportation.

It would be our pleasure to serve you. Our hotels are reunion friendly and are minutes from those free attractions. Let me help personalize your visit. Dublin is located in Central Ohio.

Crowne Plaza Oklahoma City.

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