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Win 4 ticekts to the see Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday, August 18th. Also the top three winners from each week qualify for the Finals on Dec. It has a new paint job with blue and yellow stripes. So come fill your October with some teenage archetypes and murder mystery!! Archived from the original on September 10, Retrieved April 27,

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The main landing gear of the An has seven pairs of wheels on each side. Twenty of its thirty-two wheels are steerable; the two pairs of nose gear and the rear four pairs of main gear on each side. The only An to fly to date debuted at Kiev in November It is the largest airplane ever flown more than once. It was intended to support the Soviet Buran Space Shuttle program. After the collapse of the Soviet Space Shuttle program, the primary function of the An was to attend airshows in the role of the largest airplane in the world.

The Ukrainian word Mriya translates roughly as Dream in English. It is now available for commercial operations. If enough demand develops for its unique oversize cargo carrying abilities, it is likely that the second prototype of the An will be completed. It is possible that Antonov will undertake series production of the type. Link to a BBC article with photos of the return to flight of the An He reports that it is transporting materiel to Kabul, Afghanistan.

The nose visor of the An Mriya is essentially the same as that of the An Ruslan. The nose gear is in the fully extended position and the ramp is retracted. Twin vertical stabilizers were mounted on the ends of the horizontal stabilizer to get them out of the turbulence behind the externally mounted Buran. The An dwarfs the MilM Nato: Hip-H below its wing. The nose gear has been folded up to the kneeling position and the ramp is extended.. Offered for sale is a unique model, Buran , the only one from the Russian program, Buran, which made it's take off and landing as a conventional aircraft.

Created for development of automatic landing, Buran is a full size analoque of orbital ship built of the same materials and under the same technology as space models. Link to Encyclopedia Astronautica page describing the Buran program. The An Mriya sits on static display at Zhukovsky on September 1, It now carries the Ukrainian flag on its tail and is registered UR An AnP protivopozharny modified for fire fighting is used to provide scale for the An The main landing gear of the An is composed of seven two-wheel bogies on each side of the fuselage.

The four bogies at the rear to the left in this picture are steerable. The rear loading doors have been deleted from the design of the An Mriya.

The twin nose gear bogies of the An Mriya rise from the runway very early in the take-off roll. On a humid day, the low pressure over the wing of the An Mriya creates a cloud that rides the top of the wing. This photo appeared in the May issue of Aviation History Magazine.

You can buy framed prints or greeting cards of this photograph. The fuselage of the An Mriya has been stretched fifty feet compared to the An An taxis along the runway after landing. The cascade thrust reversers are still deployed. The thrust reversers have been retracted. Born and raised in Peterborough, ON and have proudly called Lethbridge home since My wife Jennifer and I have two children.

The variety and quality of people that I come in contact with every day. Doing What is Right Favorite Quote: Movie - Dazed and Confused and being a hockey guy how could you not include Slap Shot. Usually at a rink, field or some other recreational endeavor with one or both of my kids.

No one singular event stands out more than another as I have a passion for all things historical and find myself wondering what it would have been like to experience life in the different era's. How would life have been in New York in the 's?? Miled out Avalanche My Number One goal to the customer: To make sure every customer has an enjoyable and stress free sales experience with me.

And to make sure each customer is completely satisfied with both the product and with me. Why Buy from Me? I believe in giving the customer a easy sales process from start to finish, and staying away from the stereotypical "pushy car salesman" If I could witness any event - past, present or future - it would be: Would like to see the Calgary Flames move back to Atlanta.

If I could be any fictional character I would be: Homer Simpson Most played song on my iPod: Creepin by Eric Church Favorite Quote: I was born and raised in Brooks,AB.

I received my post secondary education in Lethbridge. I have worked in Sales and Management for the last 16 years. To create a happy customer and facilitate a stress free vehicle purchasing experience.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. I grew up south of Lethbridge in a small farming community. Why I love my job: Getting to interact with others is a big reason that I enjoy my job. Its fun to get to meet new people and hear about them and interesting facts that set everyone apart.

And it doesn't hurt that I get to talk about vehicles and drive the new vehicles all the time. If I had a Time Machine: I would go ahead one week and find out the lottery numbers. To make your buying experience smooth and painless. I know that looking for a vehicle can be one of the most stressful experiences out there but I am determined to make sure I make things easy to understand and informative so you can drive away in the best vehicle for you.

Favorite TV Show or Movie: Black Hawk Down I Love: And watching hockey, baseball and football. I can spin almost anything flat on my finger ie. But I can't spin a ball. Interesting Fact about Me: I was almost ran over and arrested by George W. When he was being escorted to the airport in Austin Texas by 60 cops on motorcycles and 10 black SUV's. Any character played by Patrick Dempsey, he is the guy my girl friend dreams about every night. Might as well try to take that role. Spending time with my girl friend and our dog.

I try to get to every Hurricanes hockey game as much as possible and anything just to be active. Or I'll just sit around and play PS3 and watch Netflix. If almost being hit by George Bush's convoy counts then him.

If not then it probably is going to be myself. Everyone I know knows me. Down home Southern Alberta boy who likes to work and play hard. We work for one of the best companies in Canada and my work family rocks! Why Buy From Me: I would rather stick needles in my eyes versus having an unsatisfied customer. Hitting a nice little draw over yet able to keep smiling as it drifts OB Interesting Fact about Me: I had more grey hair 10 years ago than I have now. Underdog, older but built for speed. It was easier at the time for my folks to come to Lethbridge to the hospital.

Then grew up in Pincher Creek. Moved to Lethbridge in and been here ever since. My favorite thing about my job: The great people I work with throughout the Davis Auto Group and being able to interact with all types of customers.

Get in the arena! Bucket seats, factory air and 4spd. My favorite TV Shows or Movies: Tombstone, 8 Seconds, Secretariat and Days of Thunder.

Thoroughly enjoy spending time on my horse. Must achieve 1, points for entry for a maximum of five entries per gaming day. Click Here for reservations. Call Guest Services at Visit Guest Services for more details. Must have an Encore Rewards card to participate. Must be present to win. Only in the Phoenix Room. For more information, visit Guest Services.

Draws every Second Friday. For every Buffet Loyalty card that is fully stamped with all 12 stamps, receive one entry to the draw. See Guest services for more details. For more details, visit Guest Services. Join us for a limited time Thanksgiving themed buffet. This buffet is only available on Sunday October 8th and Monday October 9th from 5pm to 9pm.

Every Saturday from October 7 to December 23 in the Racebook there will be draws at 11am, 3pm and 7pm. If winner is not present the amount is carried over to the next draw! Guests must earn points between October 5th, to October 9th, where they can qualify for up to five 5 chances.

Traditionally it is conisdered auspicious to gamble during Diwali so why not try your luck for a goof cause? This year the charity will be building a school in Delhi. For reservations please call Earn points from Sunday to Thursday to qualify. Up to 5 entries per person per week!

Tournament to take place every Thursday from 6pm-8pm. Join us in the Racebook every Friday during live racing to enter our free Handicapping Contest! Also the top three winners from each week qualify for the Finals on Dec. For more details, visit the Racebook.

Be sure to reserve your spot today as they are going fast. Fee Hot Dog One free hot dog per guest. See Guest services for further information. Earn points daily to get ballots and receive 1 ballot for every buffet purchased. Earn ballots on all your favourite games. Win cash and prizes on our plinko board. Earn Encore points before 2pm to qualify. Free Play is matched to the nearest dollar based on your dining receipt. Join us nightly at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm for a chance to win Visa gift cards and more.

Swipe daily for a chance to win instant prizes. To earn a ballot visit 3 days per week and earn points each visit. Every points receives 1 entry. Enter 5 times and receive a free buffet valid Friday to Tuesday. Must be a Double Diamond Guest to enter. Asian-themed buffet from 5pm-9pm. On your 10th visit you will be entered to win the Total Bliss Spa Package. Draws every Friday in March from 8: Free Play Draws Earn points to receive a ballot. Max 5 ballots per day.

Free Hot Dogs from 12pm — 4pm. Free Play Slots Tournament from 10am — 7pm. Earn up to 5 ballots per hour in the Phoenix Room. The draw will take place on March 18th at 8pm. We will draw 4 names per draw and the closest guest will win a pair of tickets to The Price is Right and the item displayed. Earn ballots from March 11th — March 17th.

The draw will take place on April 1st at 8pm. Earn ballots by playing your favourite table games. Earn up to 5 ballots per hour playing your favourite table games. In the Dragon Lounge at Elements Casino. Must be an Encore member to participate. Collect 10 stamps to enter and receive a free buffet. Increasing late night Free Play draws. Draws take place every Sunday at 7pm. Receive 1 ballot for every Encore points earned. Earn ballots in the Phoenix Room by playing your favourite table games.

Qualifying rounds are Sunday to Thursday 1pm — 5pm and 7pm — 11pm. Semi-final and grand finale on June 23 at 12pm at Elements Casino Surrey. Earn 2 ballots for every Encore points. Earn 2 bonus ballots for every points. Draw takes place on Tuesday, July 31 at 7pm. Visit daily starting June 1 for your chance to win cash and candy with four Hot Seat draws at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.

Win 4 ticekts to the see Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday, August 18th. Draw takes place August 3 at 8PM. Weekly draws every Wednesday at 8pm. Must be here to win. Prize amount rolls over if not won. Draws take place at Earn ballots by playing your favorite table games. Draw takes place October 26 8pm. Must be an Encore member to win.


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