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I have been in the cruise industry for 36 years, working for cruise lines and owning my agency. Soundtrack from Twin Peaks Twin Peaks: Beijing China - August 7, 7 p. House of Representatives from Nevada's 1st congressional district — Here I am celebrating my third year in the travel business, all of which with one Host Agency -Avoyatravel. With over forty years of experience, the T.

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Although the young man had medical clearance to fly and has made other flights without incident, Emirates staff in Dubai made him leave the plane. Teigen is traveling with 2-year-old Luna and 2-month-old Miles, and it's pretty stressful. Hoteliers rate the five-star London hotel, too. The woman at the center of the viral "plane bae" saga earlier this month is.

Alongside the usual barbecues and fireworks, all eyes were on Twitter user Rosey Blair, an actress and photographer from Dallas with a passion for plus-size fashion. Blair also had a passion for constructing a good story, which she demonstrated by documenting the supposedly budding romance of two strangers who ended up next to each other on a plane after Blair and her boyfriend asked one of them to switch seats.

For an important reason. Las Vegas shooting survivor one year later: Here's what you need to know about food allergies Yahoo Lifestyle Videos. Why this photo of 4 teenagers standing in the street is going viral Yahoo Lifestyle Videos. The instructions are always at the bottom of the notice. Meanwhile, your input is very important, and I would encourage you to submit your testimony to TCItestimon Capitol.

Fax a copy to or email it to jwkc yahoo. This allows the chair and committee members enough time to thoroughly review the testimonies. It will still be considered. The order of testifiers is based on the order the committee receives written testimonies. Discounted parking is available at Alii Place on Alakea or at any downtown municipal parking lots. If possible, please e-mail me a copy to jwkc yahoo. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at Thank you for your time and support.

Together we can make a difference. Honolulu Hawaii Nov 13, http: Ten years ago the matter was thoroughly examined and rejected because it would not serve the needs of the university and the state. The reasons still hold. More than 50 students met with Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw last month to strongly oppose the merger.

They value the relevant TIM curriculum, knowledgeable faculty, personalized student services, internships and the competitive advantage of the TIM Bachelor of Science degree.

They believe that a merger will diminish the relevance of their education and the value of their degree. Shidler students also are concerned, since many classes were cut and the rest are full. TIM students collected more than a dozen letters and signatures against the merger.

The students wanted to know why this merger is being proposed when the TIM School is the most efficient unit on campus. It has the smallest budget and lowest instructional costs and the third-highest tuition revenues per student after medicine and law.

It is the only unit on campus that earns more net tuition than is spent on its operational costs. Two decades ago TIM lost half of its students when it was part of the College of Business, which switched to a two-year program.

After separating in , TIM restored its four-year program and recruited students through the smooth transfer from the community colleges and feeder Academies of Hospitality and Tourism in six high schools on three islands. Thus, TIM enrollments have more than doubled to students with graduates in — a 60 percent increase from Graduates in TIM normally enjoy percent job placement. The TIM faculty streamlined the curriculum by eliminating duplication in the basic business core, using its own specialized textbooks and faculty.

A merger with Shidler would mean adopting the same core subjects at the expense of courses in service-based industries and other pertinent courses critical for tourism management. Rather than saving money, merging TIM would be costly since more resources would be needed to comply with additional accreditation and administration.

The TIM School enjoys a strong international reputation. Since the s the TIM School has been one of the eight leading centers worldwide to provide leadership to other educational institutions.

More recently it received the Tourism Education Quality Tourism is the world's largest industry. It is resilient and will rebound.

Higher education has an important role in that process. The UH should consider alternatives to a merger in favor of the global trend of establishing separate colleges in the field.

Honolulu Hawaii - Tuesday - January 12 Professor John Cox has been described as "a maverick teacher. He believes that TIM graduates must have the ability to write, speak, reason, and relate to others in a satisfactory manner to hold down a job. Cox refuses to dumb down his classes and he takes a personal responsibility to be sure his graduates are ready to embark on a successful career. Presentation by Professor Emeritus John Cox http: View all pictures on Facebook http: Saturday 19 December Time: Individual bill settlement please.

Please let Tony Chia tonysjchia yahoo. All Alumni are welcome including Malaysia and Hong Kong! Hong Kong SAR - 7: View Video online http: View "more" Pictures online http: This will allow HotelClub to continue its recent efforts in elevating its presence in this part of the world. HotelClub views Asia as a region of great opportunity as it offers indefinite potential and stability. Unlike other awards where winners are chosen by a panel of judges, the winners of HotelClub Awards Asia are chosen from their average score on an annual online survey conducted in July and past ratings on HotelClub.

A total of 52, votes were received, from citizens worldwide e. The eight award categories for HotelClub Awards Asia and its winners are: Consumers are also demanding to voice their opinions, through blogs and forums. Besides recognising the importance of allowing our customers to share their views, we also understand the power of the consumer — as they ensure the success or failure of a company.

Through HotelClub Awards, we hope to better understand the changing needs of consumers when they are looking for travel accommodation. HotelClub offers over 60, hotel accommodation choices in 6, cities and countries worldwide. Its 6 million consumer ratings and reviews also provide independent advice on each accommodation option. About HotelClub - HotelClub is a global accommodation specialist operating the following websites: HotelClub offers users the choice of over 60, hotels in over countries worldwide.

HotelClub is truly global offering its customers access through country specific websites and it is part of Orbitz Worldwide. Thank you for your leadership in the HK Chapter. Dear VP Palmer, Thank you for the surprise champage for a stylish lady in her fashionable pink hat! I don't mind to come to your hotel every day to get my champagne! I enjoyed your informative talk about The Langham Hotel and Resorts. Congratulations on all your successful accomplishments.

Thank you for all your wonderful arrangements. As CEO, he has brought the chain its healthiest balance sheet and its highest member satisfaction levels. Kong has also helped Best Western achieve a number of notable industry firsts. He distinguished himself in other areas of the company, leading strategic services, operations, marketing and global development departments.

His career includes experience with top hotel brands, including Hyatt Hotels, where he spent nearly 20 years in senior-level positions; Omni International; Regent International; and Hilton Hotels. In , Kong was appointed to the United States Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, a group of industry executives who advise the Secretary of Commerce on travel and tourism issues.

Using consumer feedback, the SBCA identifies companies that we believe have demonstrated what makes small businesses a vital part of the American economy.

The selection committee chooses the award winners from nominees based off information taken from monthly surveys administered by the SBCA, a review of consumer rankings, and other consumer reports. Award winners are a valuable asset to their community and exemplify what makes small businesses great. Joe has been in real estate and the travel industry for over 30 years working from the ground up. Straight out of college Joe started the "first dedicated condominium in the State of Hawaii" in Waikiki.

Maui Destination Marketing to focus on diversification and starting the posturing of a structure to expand his business beyond Papakea where he has maintained real estate and vacation rental clients for the past 20 years. Congratulations Joe on such a great honor! You are warmly welcome to join us for two days of TIM School events that will feature our wonderful alumni this year. This Legacy luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, October 29, , from You can be sure that it will be a grand time for TIM alumni to get together and celebrate our many successes during almost 50 years of the TIM School.

For more information or if you are interested in attending the Legacy event please go to our school website at www. Reservations are to be booked directly with the hotel, with an e-mail request sent directly to Dean at dean. For more information, you may visit their website www.

These events will be followed by the UH Homecoming packed with many activities in November. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tia at tikeno hawaii. Liu, PhD Interim Dean. This year, the tradition continues as we honor six more industry pioneers and induct them into the Hall of Fame.

Hinshaw believes that TIM will benefit from being part of Shidler because there are over faculty in the school and more business courses are available for the students. However, some TIM students do not agree with this idea.

Secondly, the GPA requirement to apply for the program will go up from 2. HST, Sep 10, In another e-mail yesterday, students and TIM school alumni began a petition drive to stop the merger with the business college. Gee, who as dean led the effort to make the TIM school independent, said he couldn't comment on the proposal to combine the schools because it may come up before the board.

But, Gee said, "at the time we separated, it was in the best interest of both the profession and the industry in the state. Taipei Taiwan Republic of China - August 17 - 26 TV Coverage and Interviews: A team of Taiwanese chefs has captured the gold in this years World Culinary Contest, after beating the mainland Chinese team in the final round of the competition, Bay Area chefs take bronze http: Cli ck on the small picture for FULL view.

The biggest annual event in Taiwan food industry, Taiwan Culinary Exhibition, has entered its 20th years. As the competition is getting more intense, the crowds will be more exciting about the result.

Moreover, the result of preliminaries will be announced at noon on August Welcome everyone come to visit Taiwan Culinary Exhibition and cheer for your favorite team! It is the first time since group-performance competitions began in that Taiwan has won the first prize.

The Northern Taiwan team, as this year's winning team is called, scored a total of 3, Luo Jin-han, the leader of the Northern Taiwan team, said that in order to ensure it would win the culinary competition, the team of chefs began preparing more than a year ago. Three months ago, the preparation work entered a more intense phase, as the chefs practiced with 60 different dishes and 50 different sauces.

He noted how every time the dishes were brought out, the team would tell a brief story on the origins of the dish and its ingredients, something which made a deep impression on the judges. This made the judges understand what a special treat it was to be able to savor the grouper dish. But a good story not backed up by good food would not have been sufficient to sway the judges. Gee emphasized that the flavor of the Taiwan dishes was outstanding; the arrangement of the dishes and the cutting skills also had a very high quality.

Craig Au-Yeung, another judge, said that the first and main dishes are extremely important. From the beginning to the end the Taiwan team maintained a high level of consistency, he said. At the same time Au-Yeung expressed some regret for the performance of the mainland Chinese team. It was too bad their performance flagged a little in the final round. Maybe they were not so familiar with the local ingredients.

Even when it came to deserts, which the mainland Chinese team has usually excelled in, Taiwan outperformed its cross-strait rivals. But even though Taiwan has won the contest, it still needs work in arranging its dishes, said Yang. September 4, Bay Area chefs take bronze in Taiwan By: The event draws industry professionals from all over the world.

The two finalists, from Fuzhou province on the mainland and from Northern Taiwan, competed in an iron chef cook-off, using surprise ingredients from a market basket. The Northern Taiwan team won. This year all proceeds from the Culinary Exhibition, a major trade show, were donated to victims of Typhoon Morakot.

Road, Lane , No. No day in Taiwan is complete without dumplings, specifically, juicy, pork-filled xiao long bao. They fulfill my eternal longing for savory pork and rich broth, which magically gushes out with the first nibble. Hundreds of street stalls make beef noodle soup, a Taiwan obsession, but Yang Kong Beef Noodle next to Yank Kong Park sloshes the most resonant star anise-scented beef broth over thick, al dente noodles and miraculously soft but flavorful hunks of boiled brisket — especially wonderful slurped outdoors on card tables.

Afterwards, walk to Ice Monster No. On hot Taipei nights, nothing could be better. Guide Ivy Chen inform. It was fun to discover Sonoma Valley. Two wineries visits had allowed more time for us to enjoy lunch at Sonoma Square. Sebastiani has beautiful wooden barrels wine bats on display, with murals carved in the barrels, showing off the artistry that has always been a part of this industry. Ledson was a fun winery for the group to experience - don't you think?

We had finished in time to have dinner with Dr. Photo taken by Dennis Burton http: View Video on YouTube http: An excellent dish that go well with wine and beer - it is ono! W, Lunch option 2: Basque Boulangerie, First St. E, Lunch option 3: Sonoma Cheese Factory, 2 W. Sign of the Bear, Summer Vine 1: Does not include meals.

Next demonstration scheduled for November - Thanksgiving Dinner, with the venue and date to be advised. Visiting Alumni are welcome to join us! Please contact Tony Chia at tonysjchia yahoo. View event photo on Facebook http: He lead project teams for Starwood North America and the Region that focuseson productivity, operations and service improvements. Paul Peralta on his recent move to the St. Prior to his move to the St. Paul was also recently appointed as a new board member of the Travel Industry Management International, Inc.

This award is only presented occasionally to recognize contributions to managed travel that are so important as to elevate an individual to the status of an industry icon. Kevin has been in the travel industry for over 20 years and has gained much experience throughout his career while working for big companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Walt Disney Company, Northwest Airlines, and now StarCite, Inc. Kevin is currently the Vice President, Enterprise Strategy for Starcite, where he "guides the overall strategy for engaging with buyers and suppliers.

Congratulations Kevin on receiving such a prestigious and nationally recognized award! View Video Online on Youtube. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia July 4 Hosted by Fred and Annie Chan.

San Francisco California June 23 June 19 Bangkok Thailand: Vasing Kittikul Transportation , Mr. Duangjai Amatyakul Media , Mr. Tony Blake Operations Management , Maj.

Waronchat Yoodhanawachapong Defence , back row - 1st from right: June 18 - Reporting from Calgary Alberta Canada: Tourism experts from China and abroad gathered together in Tianjin to offer ideas for Tianjin's tourism development. TTG signed agreements with over 40 travel agencies to attract , domestic and foreign tourists to Tianjin this year.

The speeches covered topics ranging from Tianjin tourism resources consolidation and product development, market promotion, market position to customer base segmentation. During the meeting, TTG signed cooperative agreements with over 40 travel agencies.

In , these travel companies will organize 20 tour charter flights, 20 charter train, 8 international cruise ships to bring , tourists to Tianjin. Dean Gee and Prof. Qiantianyong were invited by the Tianjin government to be its tourism advisors.

For information, please contact: The lights at this event are the students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the TIM School. The evening activities are complimentary and will include an awards ceremony that recognizes students in the TIM School who have shown excellence and leadership, and a mentorship program to provide a venue for students and professionals within the travel industry to network and interact. Your stories, guidance, and presence will be highly respected and valued by our future leaders.

TIM International will provide pupus for the night. It will be a great networking opportunity for all attendees. Thursday, April 23rd from 5: Please RSVP to timevent hawaii.

We would be grateful for your assistance in sharing this information with anyone interested in becoming a mentor and look forward to meeting you! Thank you for your support! Roberta Wong Leung directly at robertawongleung gmail. Monday April 27, 6: There is a chance that Nohelani Cypriano and her hula troupe might perform. The search advisory committee is please to announce three finalists for the position of dean, School of Travel Industry Management.

Each of the public presentations are scheduled from 4: Ronald Nykiel — Thursday, February 20 2. Marion Joppe — Monday, March 2 3. Richard Perdue — Wednesday, March 4. Honolulu Hawaii November 26 He told PBN on Friday he is now working on special projects in the office of the vice chancellor for academic affairs on the Manoa campus.

UH School of T. You did a lot of work to cobble together the viewpoints of alumni in drafting the Association's position paper on TIM Night. Congratulations on a job well done. As the person who originated the event under founding dean Barnet, here is my 2 cents worth: The value of TIM Night goes beyond its learning merit. It was until the only continuous activity to perpertuate the sense of a standing "tradition" in TIM since when the first event--"TIM goes Inter-Continental" was created.

It was common knowledge within the industry that these once-a-year events helped promote the mainland programs to their constituencies--not only the lodging and hospitality companies, but also the parents of students enrolled in HRTM majors.

Indeed, industry often had their first exposure to students through these banquet projects. One reason given by local industry in supporting TIM Night was to recruit talented students who assumed leadership positions in the project.

As you noted, there has been a great deal of change in TIM Night over the years. The event took on different dimensions to dilute its original purpose and ideals.

Too much of the activities that are true learning value got farmed out, while TIM students focused on the "show business" end of the event--something they were ill-equipped to do without proper professional assistance and oversight. The last few events--I've shared my observations with Dean Jamieson about this--were far less in quality than earlier events under John Cox and the students' industry mentors.

Strangely, the best TIM Nights were produced during the days when no academic credits were given--only the waiver of an internship requirement and this was done much later. In summary, I endorse the alumni's position, but with this caveat: The students have to really want and be willing to work it, the faculty and administration must back them, and the alumni and industry need to assist.

Absent support from any of these constitutencies, TIM Night cannot prevail nor recapture its earlier glory. Board of Directors Meetings: Followed by the successful launching of the first award campaign in , HotelClub worked with its partners and sponsors again on a global consumer survey for the Best Hotels and Resorts in Asia Awards The HotelClub Awards Asia falls into 13 different categories, with 3 new categories added this year.

Over , votes were received from the consumer survey, with more than 71, hotels and resorts nominated for the various awards. It is truly a great honor for the award winners as all the votes were cast directly by consumers worldwide, and not by the travel writers or leaders of the hospitality industry as commonly seen in most of the tourism and hotel award campaigns.

Wattay International Airport, in the capital of Vientiane, is set to complete a terminal expansion to accommodate more international links next year, but the biggest changes are foot in the UNESCO World Heritage—inscribed town of Luang Prabang , in central Laos. This serene riverside spot lures travelers to its golden Buddhist temples, French-colonial architecture, hiking trails, nearby elephant sanctuaries — and now, glamorous new digs.

The debut concept from Aman Resorts founder Adrian Zecha has airy, light wood interiors that nod to local culture in their use of batik textiles and Laotian artwork.

The upcoming Rosewood Luang Prabang aims to be a destination in itself. Opening in mid , this highly anticipated resort will feature pavilion-style villas, luxury tents, and a spa that seems to float above the jungle. The Big Easy turns the Big this year, and in this city where the good times roll, the parties will be epic — think citywide art shows, supersized Mardi Gras parades, and a festival of lights using landmark buildings as backdrops.

Thirteen years after Hurricane Katrina, there is much to celebrate: Another area coming to life is the three-mile riverfront, where a renovated Spanish Plaza will reopen this spring. More riverfront updates, including a new Four Seasons Hotel, will roll out in the next few years. Toast the tricentennial at the Sazerac House, a French Quarter museum dedicated to the official cocktail of New Orleans, opening later this year.

Meanwhile, Hotel 43 and The Grove both recently unveiled swank renovations. Getting there is easier than ever: The city has cemented its reputation as a must-visit destination with its most recent honor: Aesthetes have plenty of design-forward places to stay and eat, too. The new space is outfitted in natural materials — a fitting design for a restaurant that celebrates wood-fired cooking.

The multibillion-dollar initiative has already resulted in one major project, the Jean Nouvel-designed Louvre Abu Dhabi, which opened in November. Though its construction was controversial, the museum has quickly become the premier creative beacon in the Emirates. In the residential Minhang district, Cordis debuted in May, and Amanyangyun will open nearby after relocating Ming and Qing dynasty buildings, as well as 10, ancient camphor trees, from Jiangxi province. More luxury stays are still to come in , including the Middle House, the Bulgari , and the Edition.

Today, Copenhagen is teeming with inspiring places to eat and drink, in addition to a number of sleek new hotels — so much so that the New Nordic food, beverage, and design movement has now spread worldwide. Stylish new places to stay, such as Hotel Danmark and Sanders , as well as a revamp of the classic, Arne Jacobsen—designed Radisson Blu Royal Hotel , reinforce the reasons the Scandinavian aesthetic is so popular right now.

Visitors may want to return to the Belgian capital in to visit two cutting-edge museums. The edgy JAM Hotel , an industrial-chic property with exposed brickwork and concrete beams housed in a former art school, is the perfect place for culture-lovers to stay. Rolling vineyards in its interior give way to seaside villages and sandy shoreline. And with a new flurry of openings, the region has begun to attract global attention. Set on acres, it combines a tasting room, a seat fine-dining restaurant, and a sculpture park, with more than 50 works by Australian and international artists like George Rickey and Inge King.

When historic rainfall pummeled California last February, the damage to Big Sur was severe. Almost overnight, this odd-mile stretch of craggy coastline — long beloved for its sense of remoteness — became an island.

Nearly a year later, Big Sur is stirring back to life. The bridge has been replaced and a major slide has been cleared. After an elaborate renovation, the acre Ventana Big Sur has reopened as the first Alila property in the U.

In addition to the plush ocean-view suites, clad in weathered wood, there are now glamping tents nearby that marry rusticity and comfort, with amenities like luxury linens and fire pits. Tel Aviv has attracted a lot of attention for its nightlife and creative culinary scene in recent years. These days its center of gravity has shifted south, to the site of the ancient port town of Jaffa technically part of the city itself.

Try Beit Kandinof , a restaurant housed in a 17th-century building, where creative dishes like artichoke-and-pesto bruschetta are served alongside local art exhibits. The shiny new InterContinental Washington D. This is also set to be a banner year for culture: As Bali goes increasingly upmarket, it now offers visitors access to a buzzing food scene in Ubud, its cultural capital, as well as an island-wide luxury-hotel boom.

The Ubud Food Festival , which is in its fourth year, showcases the diverse flavors of the Indonesian archipelago in dozens of events, including cook-offs, demos, talks, food tours, and events in new restaurants. Heading up the wave of new high-end hotels is luxury Japanese chain Hoshino Resorts , which unveiled Hoshinoya Bali , 30 thatched-roof villas in the rain forest outside Ubud. Capella Ubud will launch 22 ultra-luxury tents, each with an outdoor saltwater Jacuzzi pool, in early And Jumeirah Bali plans to debut villas surrounded by tropical gardens in upscale Jimbaran in mid A two-year overhaul at Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay means its villas will now have bigger bedrooms and better ocean views, while at Four Seasons Sayan in the Ubud rain forest, guests are being offered a new activity: Though decades of civil war made parts of the island unsafe, tourism is on the rise in Sri Lanka, where international visitors exceeded 2 million for the first time in The momentum is particularly strong along the south coast, which has the highest concentration of hotels and resorts after Colombo.

Water also plays a central role at Alila Koggala , a new luxury eco-resort with 36 suites and private villas, opening 20 minutes outside of Galle in June. The property sits on the serene shores of Lake Koggala and will feature an ayurvedic spa where treatments can be taken on a platform floating on the lake. Further along the south coast, Mirissa Beach is attracting travelers in need of a full mind-body reset. Cruise ships and luxe lodges are familiar sights in western Greenland , but more recently, the untamed tundra of the east has begun opening up.

Natural Habitat Adventures is leading the push: Each of 15 Scandi-inspired cabins feature floor-to-ceiling windows and oceanfront terraces for whale-watching and iceberg-spotting. This part of Victoria has long been considered a great day-trip destination for its outdoor activities — waterskiing, rowing, and sailing — and renowned wineries.

Start your trip with a tasting on-site — Mitchelton is known for its Riesling — before venturing to other nearby wineries like Tahbilk , which has been producing quality vintages since , and Goulburn Terrace , which specializes in natural wines. As Canada's token middle child, Edmonton has long gotten short shrift amid its glitzier sisters we're looking at you, Toronto and Vancouver. After stints at Noma in Copenhagen and Manhattan's Daniel, chef Scott Downey returned to his hometown to open the Butternut Tree in September, with a focus on indigenous foods — grilled bannock with wild mushrooms and winged kelp; bison served with Saskatoon berry jus; maple-butter cake with black-currant jam.

We're waiting to make our dinner reservations until the new Royal Alberta Museum opens its doors. Designed by Dialog architects on the site of a former Canada Post distribution center, the ,square-foot space will include Ice Age horse fossils and a dig pit for children. Its themed Hi-Fi room walls are lined with vintage speakers, and hangover pills are at the ready in the mini-bar.

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