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An energetic and invigorating corner of Arizona with an unsurprisingly hefty hint of Mexico spilling over the border to it, Tucson is cupped amongst craggy desert mountains and has a slight wild-west feel. Home to the University of Arizona, the city also has a great student atmosphere, and is home to the kind of character-drenched, laid-back downtown that hosts plenty of cheap bars and tasty Hispanic-themed restaurants.

Chicago is one of those great American cities that almost defies any sort of description you try to attach to it. Detroit is located in south east Michigan, is the states largest city, and is accessible by car, plane, train and boat. Detroit is known for being the birthplace of the modern, mass produced automobile The Model T was produced here and for being home to The Detroit Three — General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

Detroit is also famous for its music including Motown and modern rock, rap and electronica artists. Family vacations include indoor waterparks, arcades, riverboat cruises, and zip-line adventures.

You will also find year round festivals for all to enjoy. Welcome to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here you will find a town that was settled by dutch immigrants. Join in the local scene. Head to the Grand River and enjoy the rushing water mixed with city lights.

Go to the museums downtown and enjoy the city that Gerald R. Ford once called home. Head to Gaslight Village or Eastown for some great food and one of a kind boutiques and shops. Enjoy the friendly and welcoming disposition of the Grand Rapids natives. Situated on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan and long known as one of the brewing capitals of the United States , Milwaukee has spent a significant amount of money in the past decade to include major additions to the city in hopes of diversifying its reputation and proving it has more to offer than just beer.

Milwaukee zoo is another great attraction, with all different types of animals. Projects like the Milwaukee Riverwalk, which is a continuous pedestrian walkway that follows the Milwaukee River through downtown Milwaukee, or the Milwaukee Art Museum have shown that the city takes great pride in the natural beauty of its environment as well as protecting the cultural aspects of the city for future generations.

An arty city hemmed in by pretty lakes and home to a vivacious art scene, Minneapolis is all flashy skyscrapers and good time nights out. Louis is now most noted for that iconic archway, an ultra-modern metallic curve next to the Mississippi River that stretches to ft. You can even ride to the top and stare out over the city and across the Mississippi River into Illinois from the hair-raising tramway, before sampling the Museum of Westward Expansion at the base and taking in a quick film about it all.

The town bearing the name Wisconsin Dells takes advantage of this natural beauty, and adds some major family-friendly tourist destinations to go with it. You can take a tour on the Wisconsin Ducks, to see both the land and water scenery of the area. Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and is located in the southeast portion of the state along the Mississippi River.

It owes its location and historical importance to its site upon Istrouma Bluff, the first bluff upriver from the Mississippi delta.

In addition to the natural protection, the city has a levee system stretching from the bluff southward to protect the riverfront and the southern agricultural areas. When people think of the state of Mississippi, their first thought is not of the water so Biloxi is a surprise for many people. Biloxi is right on the Gulf Coast and its way of life revolves to a large extent around the water. In the last few years Biloxi has had to overcome some significant obstacles such as Hurricane Katrina and the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, but it has bounced back and is still open for business.

El Paso is a city in Texas with a population of more than half a million. It is one of the most important border cities in the world due to the Ciudad Juarez-El Paso crossing everyday. It forms a huge metropolitan area with Ciudad Juarez, and the Rio Grande is their separation point.

If two cities were ever more opposite it would be Fort Worth and Dallas, however together they provide the perfect combination of style and arts to please everyone. Here you will almost always find live music downtown in Sundance Square, and artists from all over the south come to set up a stand and sell their creations. The laid back culture and fairly small downtown area allows you to walk from bar to bar and sometimes you will see more people standing around outside the bars listening to the music in the streets.

The city of Galveston on Galveston island, is only about an hour drive south of Houston and is a great place for a quick getaway. Houston, we have a problem… overpopulation, namely, which is forcing the city out of its boundaries and across the surrounding countryside at an ever increasing rate. That does make for multiple interesting districts, though, as well as a true, full-on big city vibe and absolutely no shortage of things to do, from watching the impressive local soccer team to exploring the ample galleries.

Known as the Horse Capital of the World, Lexington has traditionally been dominated by the horse industry and is also heavily influenced by the University of Kentucky, the flagship state university and largest employer in the city. The university sits immediately south of downtown Lexington.

The horse industry has given Lexington an international reputation, a scenic countryside, and Keeneland Racecourse. UK has given it a college town atmosphere with a richer and more diverse culture than some might expect from its size and location. Little Rock is the right size town with its share of entertainment and activities.

Little Rock has the River Market downtown and plenty of parks surrounding. Little Rock is the Capital of the state for which you can visit the capital building. Louisville is situated in north-central Kentucky on the Kentucky-Indiana border at the only natural obstacle in the Ohio River, the Falls of the Ohio.

Because it includes counties in Southern Indiana, the Louisville metropolitan area is regularly referred to as Kentuckiana. A resident of Louisville is referred to as a Louisvillian. Although situated in a Southern state, Louisville is influenced by both Midwestern and Southern culture, and is commonly referred to as either the northernmost Southern city or the southernmost Northern city in the United States.

It can easily become a city of sin, lively and liberal with plenty in the way of off-the-wall, raucous parties and gaudy, cocktail-infused, fast-paced lifestyles. After all, few cities revel in the good times quite as much as New Orleans. Pick your poison, as the saying goes. You can visit the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and explore the cultural side of things, or you can head over to the seven stories of botanical wonders at the Myriad Gardens.

There is also the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, not to mention a Six Flags amusement park if the local color starts to wear a little thin. In addition, Oklahoma City is one of those places where steakhouses exist nearly within spitting distance of each other, and it could be said that there is no place in U.

The city of San Antonio, Texas, is so heavily Hispanic that you could almost have drifted across the Mexican border already. In fact, had you come here a few hundred years ago, you would have been the other side of the border, and with this hefty heritage comes plenty to see, and ample, endless streams of tourists. Here you can rodeo, fiesta and explore the enchanting old Mexican buildings, all without ever leaving American soil.

FDi Magazine in ranked the city no. The Palace Theatre and The Egg provide mid-sized forums for music, theater and spoken word performances. Maryland is one of the most diverse states in the U. The state is broken down into five regions that are distinctly different from one another, and depending on the Maryland you want to experience, depends on where you head for your vacation or exploration trip.

Having found itself at the heart of a number of cultural revolutions over the years, and a centre of anything from religious freedom to philosophy, Boston is nevertheless an averaged sized and unassuming city. While in Buffalo, enjoy the cities vast displays of art galleries, theaters, and street festivals.

Sample the cuisine that puts Buffalo on the map more then just a rust belt city and enjoy the splendid summer weather in one of its many parks. Buffalo is also home to two national sporting teams the Sabres and Bills of hockey and football respectively. One of the most well-known cities in the United States, long considered to be the first American boomtown in the heart of the country, Cincinnati has a history as one of the first major inland cities in the country.

Many individuals consider this to be the first true American city, due to the fact that it lacked the European influences of the East Coast with its continual influx of immigrants. These days it is home to several major sports teams, with a rich American history that has been colored over the years by a large number of events. Cleveland is located in the northeast corner of Ohio on the banks of Lake Erie.

This is one of the largest cities in the state. Sports fans have much to cheer with three major league teams: Educational opportunities abound at a magnificent art museum, a science museum on the lakeshore, and a large zoological park.

Columbus is a melding of several unique aspects of American cultural and geographical convergences, and could be considered a literal fusion of ideas. The Plains, the Appalachia, the Bible Belt, and the Rust Belt all meet here, centered on a city that sits on the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers, and everything combined gives Columbus a unique approach on life that has it designated as one of the major centers for the surrounding area, with a focus on a wide variety of economies ranging from education, retail, technology, energy, logistics, and more.

If there is one city in the world that could be described as the pinnacle of achievement, showcasing the highs and lows of one of the greatest nations on Earth while at the same time epitomizing the American way of life, it is perhaps New York City. We are all familiar with their names from various movies, media, and popular culture: Niagara Falls is the collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and the United States; more specifically, between the province of Ontario and the state of New York.

It is has a two mile long boardwalk to enjoy the various shops and food eateries. Assateague Island is nearby as well as all of the Delmarva Peninsula.

Very popular May to September. Franklin even lends his name to the Science Institute in the city too, which is looked over by a 30ft statue of the great man, and is home to its own huge planetarium. The bizarre layout of Pittsburgh — divided by the confluence of two rivers to form the Ohio River and split into a selection of neighborhoods that squash in between the water — makes for an interesting and diverse playground, with more distinct districts than you might expect to find in a typical city.

It is difficult to conceive that Portland is the biggest city in Maine with its meager population of perhaps 65, Worse yet, its number one population status does not even merit it being the state capital that would be Augusta. However, Portland is truly the economic and cultural capital of this beautiful state and it is way too easy to fall in love with this special place, replete with old buildings and history and a continuing reliance upon the sea for much of its productivity.

After its industries left for the South in the s, it sprang back as a cultural center with a thriving arts community. Brown University anchors the East Side, and the commercial streets nearby are peppered with restaurants and shops that cater to the college crowd. Richmond was the capitol of the American Confederate States, but since that time has been a remarkable place in the history of America as a Union of States.

That history is worth exploring all over Virginia. From the days of early settlements to the Civil War to the formation of a Union, Virginia has been at the center of things. Richmond remains a place to experience that history. Modern, with North and South ways, and an avenue of monuments from Robert E. Sandusky, Ohio is probably best known for the amusement park Cedar Point, which boasts 17 roller coasters, the most of any one amusement park in the world.

While Cedar Point is probably the biggest draw to Sandusky, this town has much more to offer as well! An independent city nestled in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area of Virginia along the Atlantic Ocean near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach is the most populated city in Virginia, and is considered one of the most classic beach destinations in the United States, with a reputation for being one of the few family-friendly ocean-front destinations catering specifically to the family.

With a mild climate year-round, a resort theme, and surrounding countryside full of state parks, national wildlife refuges, and plenty of outdoor adventures to experience if the beach proves to be something you only want to spend half your time enjoying, Virginia Beach is easily one of the best places to choose when it comes to enjoying a mild and relaxing coastal holiday.

Washington—more commonly known as Washington DC or the District of Columbia—is a city of possibilities. Williamsburg, Virginia USA is a major tourist destination because of the historical significance of the area.

Also, is offers state-of-the-art theme parks, outdoor fun, spas and golf. The town itself is filled with culture. As you walk from gallery to gallery, you will pass amazing specialty shops and eateries each with their own style and feel.

Lets not forget to mention the great coffee shops and music venues for locals as well as national artists; something for everyone. Augusta is the second largest city in the state of Georgia. Birmingham is home to numerous cultural festivals showcasing music, films, and regional heritage. Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival brings filmmakers from all over the world to Birmingham to have their films viewed and judged.

This festival usually is scheduled in late August at eight venues around downtown. Screenings are concentrated at the Alabama Theatre. Boasting a historic downtown district sitting on a peninsula formed by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers as they flow on down to the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston is home to some of the oldest buildings in the United States, and lacks almost any skyscrapers dominating the skyline due to the height restrictions in place.

Downtown Charlotte, affectionately called Uptown by the locals, is the home of many bars, restaurants, and attractions, and is one of the cleanest and prettiest major city downtowns you will ever find. As you move out of the Uptown area, there are all sorts of museums, outdoor attractions, and little corners of the city to discover. From the giant old houses in Myers Park to the artsy folks in the NoDA, there is something in town for everyone.

Chattanooga is located in Southeast Tennessee near the border of Georgia at the junction of four interstates. At a population of about , and a total area of The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Clearwater, is the beach!

The sparkling white sand and the crystal clear water makes this one of the most visited beaches in the area. To add to the attraction, the Pier comes alive every evening with street artists and vendors displaying their wares.

As such it is centrally located to the rest of the state. The area is often cited for its high quality of life offerings, with its many cultural amenities, parks, and recreational features. Columbia is also home to the University of South Carolina.

Daytona Beach is so much more! With warm temperatures, 23 miles of beaches there is something for everyone. Because Daytona Beach is such a popular venue for many large events throughout the year make sure to plan ahead as lodging can be hard to find at times. Fayetteville has won All-America City awards; the sixth-largest city in North Carolina also has numerous historic sites, seven museums, three colleges and universities, multiple entertainment venues, a historic downtown and award-winning golf courses.

When people hear the name Florida they think of several things. And the best part about Florida is that every single one of these things is true. The state is literally jam-packed with things to do all year round, from some of the best beaches on the planet to some of the most amazing fruits and climate.

Fort Myers, population 48, plus as of , is the county seat of Lee County, Florida. Established in , it is the gateway to the Southwest Florida region, which is a major tourist destination in Florida. There are many things to do in Gatlinburg including everything from shopping to snowskiing.

There is not enough room to include everything there is to do in Gatlinburg. It is second to Vegas for wedding chapels. Jacksonville has a wealth of beaches, excellent shopping, great restaurants, and is rich in history.

Knoxville is located in a beautiful part of the country, at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and on the banks of the Tennessee River. With its beautiful weather and more beautiful women, low crime rate and lower unemployment rate, Knoxville is a wonderful place to live. Beale Street is genuinely unmissable, a spot where you can watch an army of blues musicians strut their stuff in performances that vary from the untraditional but entertaining to the straight up blues that started out all those years ago.

The car finally went into a sideway skid for 50 feet or so, made one complete flip, and landed on its top. None of the occupants was thrown out. Schmidt said it appeared Long died of a head injury. Justice of the Peace Lloyd Goehring pronounced him dead at the scene. Emilia Wanjura was killed on the last day of March this year when her car missed a bridge. Funeral services for Long were held Tuesday afternoon, Aug. Burial was in the parish cemetery.

Darrell Dean Long was born Nov. He and his family moved to Route 3, Weimar, in He was freshman class president, a member of the National Honor Society, and junior class president. Surviving him are his mother, Mrs. Sonja Ann Mica of Houston and Mrs. His father preceded him in death in Funeral services were held Sunday, Nov. He had been ill about nine months and was in Youens Memorial Hospital for about a month. He had gone home and had been there just a day at the time of his death.

Charles Carolan officiated in the services. Burial was in St. Long had lived in Houston the past 25 years, moving to Weimar when he had retired in June He also was superintendent of a construction firm there. He married the former Josephine Raabe of Weimar in Houston in Surviving in addition to his wife are two daughters, Mrs.

Ella Long of Baytown; four sisters, Mrs. Jetta McConnell of Baytown, Mrs. Genevieve DeMoney of Marshall, Mrs. Laveda Cornwell of Groves, and Mrs. Lareda Well of Houston; and a brother, Huey P. His given name at birth was Hester Green Long. He did not like his name and later changed it, whether done legally or not is unknown. Richard Janak of Hallettsville, and paternal grandparents, Mr.

She was born on Sept. She married George Mason Longmire on Oct. The couple lived in Ft. Worth until , then moved to the Bonus community in Wharton County. Longmire was a very active member in the Bonus Baptist Church. Funeral services were conducted Jan. Ken Temple of Katy officiating. Interment followed at Lakeside Cemetery in Eagle Lake. Funeral services were held Wednesday, February 4th at 4: Longmire were feeding cattle and he was driving a tractor when the fatal heart attack struck.

He stopped the tractor and then collapsed and died soon afterward. Wayne Banes, pastor of the Bonus Baptist Church officiating. Interment was in the Lakeside Cemetery with the following serving as pallbearers: Surviving are his wife, Mrs.

Elma Harris Longmire; one daughter, Mrs. Heyne Dromgoole, attending Texas A. College; his mother, Mrs. Maude Longmire of Columbus; and two sisters, Mrs. Wright of Fort Worth and Mrs. Barten of Columbus, and two brothers, W. Longmire was loved and respected by all who knew him and he leaves a host of friends who join in extending sympathy to the family in the loss of their loved one.

Funeral mass was held at Thursday, February 6, at St. Interment followed in St. In this place on the 28th inst, at the residence of W. Loomis, aged three years, two months and six days.

The flower is not withered—its fragrance hath not perished. God has transplanted it, and its fruitage is in Heaven. Death is not death, but life. The grave is an illumined temple of apotheosis—a shrine of immortality—into which the loved one has gone to put on the vestments of Heaven.

Saved by virtue of the atonement, the beautiful has been taken from the evil to come, earth's sorrows, and introduced to an eternity of progressive glory. May the mourning father and the grief-stricken mother, and the sorrowing friends and kindred, meet with the loved, the beautiful, the departed, up there in the starry sky, where the angels are. Adan Lopez, 68, of Eagle Lake passed away at A former resident of Brenham, he had been a resident of the Eagle Lake and Pecan Valley area most of his life.

Lopez led a career as a heavy equipment operator and a commercial truck driver, retiring from Eagle Lake Concrete. Lopez served honorably with the U. Air Force during and after the Korean War as a specialist in weapons, fire fighting and aircraft rescue and was a member of American Legion Post of Eagle Lake. A vigil Service was held at 6 p. A Rosary followed led by Rev.

James Janish of St. Funeral Mass followed at 2 p. Cremation followed with private committal services to be held at a later date.. Cirilda Soto Lopez, 72, of Bryan, passed away Aug. Joseph's Hospital in Bryan following an extended illness. She was baptized on Oct. Funeral services are scheduled for 10 a. She was a food service cook for Prince Food Service and a member of St. Methodius Catholic Church in Damon. She is survived by her husband; mother; daughter, Jennifer I. Funeral services were June 20 at St.

Interment followed at St. Anthony Catholic Cemetery in Columbus. Tony Angelo Lostracco, Jr. Tal is survived by: Also surviving Tal is paternal grandfather, Angelo P. Lostracco of Nacogdoches and may aunts, uncles, cousins, loving friends, colleagues and his beloved and faithful dog, Gilly. Tal graduated from Katy High School in , where his love for theater was nurtured under the direction of Bo Williamson.

He taught theater and speech at the junior high, high school and collegiate levels for 20 years. At the time of his death, he was head of the theater department at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens.

Tal was best known across the state of Texas for sharing his love of acting and theater with thousands of students and teachers while conducting numerous workshops and clinics in preparation for the UIL One-Act Play contest in which he had participated since his freshman year of high school. His expertise was highly sought after for judging at all levels of the One-Act Play contest, culminating with his judging the Conference A state meet contest in A memorial service celebrating the life of Tal was held on Friday, July 14 at 1: A native of Polk County, he was born in Bering on Dec.

Lott had been a resident of Eagle Lake since and retired from the city in Lott served honorably as an aviation machinist's mate airman with the U. Navy during the Korean War. He is survived by his wife; children, Denise and Gilbert Arellano of Ft. Worth, Jim and Joyce Lott of Longview; and seven grandchildren. Larry "Sylvia" Contreras was a soloist. Entombment followed at Lakeside Mausoleum in Eagle Lake.

Christopher and Bradley Kulow. Box , Eagle Lake, TX Loughridge, 75, of Houston, passed away Monday, February 23, in a local hospital after a long illness.

He retired from Shell Oil Refinery in after 36 years of service. He was a member of the Lutheran Church and the Sons of Hermann. Interment Forest park Lawndale Cemetery. The family will receive friends p.

Tuesday at the Funeral Home. Loughridge, 85, passed away Sunday, May 8, in Columbus, Texas. Houston resident for many years. Member of the Methodist Church. Interment Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery. Member of the Riverside Methodist Church. Manager of Dick's Hickory Pit. Lois Loughridge; son, Dick Loughridge; daughter, Mrs.

Billie Pringle; brother, Albert Loughridge; mother, Mrs. Loughridge, all of Houston; six grandsons; several nieces and nephews. Funeral services 1 p. Interment in the Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery.

Earthman Funerals, Gulf Freeway, exit 6, Lois Agnes Loughridge, 68, died May 31, Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery. On September 10, , a daughter was born to Willis Sr. They named her Annie Mae McGrew. Eleven children were born to this union. The family resided in Altair where Annie Mae was a housewife.

She was preceded in death by her husband; both parents; three brothers, Willis McGrew Jr. Funeral services were held Saturday, February 7, at 1 p. Ben Vineyard Lowe, 59, negro rice farmer of Garwood, was killed instantly about midnight Monday when his car left the highway and collided with a concrete culvert abutment.

The driver, alone in the car, was thrown through the windshield by the impact, according to Highway Patrolman W. The officer said there was no indication of what had caused the car to leave the pavement and hit the culvert.

Lowe, 42, of Sheridan, died Thursday, Dec. A truck driver, Mr. Lowe had resided in Sheridan since Graveside services were held Dec. Lowe is survived by his wife and his mother, Mrs. A member of the Houston Fire Department, Mr. Lowe retired in after nearly 20 years of service. He was preceded in death by his parents and wife, Frances Lowe. Funeral services for Frank W. Lowe died Saturday in San Antonio.

He was born June 13, in Davis County, Iowa. He has been in the employ of the Houston Electric Co. Survivors are his wife, four daughters and two sons. Arrangements were made by Columbus Funeral Home. He was born in Columbus, Jan. He was a retired yellow cab operator and member of Shady Acres Baptist church in Houston. He was preceded in death by his parents; sister, Therese Smith; and brothers, Paul K. Lowe and William F. He is survived by his wife, Ana Lowe; daughters, Wilma F.

Lowe and Sandra A. Lowe of Houston; son, John A. Lowe and Gabrilla S. Her son, Clyde Lowe and family of Houston and a daughter, Mrs. Kenneth Rttick and son of Beaumont were joined by a number of friends from Houston to attend the services here in charge of the Rev. Jordan Mann, pastor of the Methodist Church of Columbus. Tuesday, with the pastor of the Weimar Catholic Church conducting the service. She was born December 7, , in Big Rapids, Michigan, and had made her home with the family in Rock Island for the past several years.

She is survived by her husband, Paul Lowe, six children, and her father, Eli V. Falardeau of San Antonio. Tommie Fanelle and Mr. Nelson of San Antonio were here Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Interment followed at Myrtle Cemetery in Rock Island. It is sad, that we announce the death of John R. Lowery, a pupil of Prof. We regret to chronicle the death of Johnny Lowery, son of our esteemed friend Mr. John was 17 years old. He died of pneumonia at the residence of Mr. Little, near Oakland, last Friday at 12 M.

We offer our deepest sympathies to the bereaved parent and others of the family. A notice of the death of Johnny Lowry[sic], son of J. Lowery, of this place was written last week but there was a quantity of local matter written that there there was not room for in the paper, and this notice was unintentionally left out with other items.

Johnny died of pneumonia six miles south of Weimar on the 4th inst, after a painful illness of several days, and was buried the next day in the masonic graveyard at Weimar.

We extend sympathy to the bereaved family. Eagle Lake and Columbus papers of the past week recorded the death of two former citizens of this city and section -- Mr. Robert Dunlavy at Eagle Lake, and Mr. Steve Lowrey at Columbus. Robert Dunlavy, near relative of the Holloway families and W.

Shaver of this city died at Eagle Lake Saturday morning of last week. He had been in ill health for some time past, we understand. Dunlavy in previous years had often visited Weimar, and was well and favorably known to many of our people. He was 59 years of age at time of death. He was born and raised at Fayetteville. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his bereaved ones.

The other death referred to was Mr. Steve Lowrey, whose death occurred at the family home in Columbus Wednesday of last week. Lowrey had been in feeble health for some time past, but was able to be up and down town the Saturday preceding his death.

He was taken seriously ill on Sunday, we understand, and the decline came so quickly he was unable to be present at the funeral of his brother, Mr.

Lowery, his own death following that of his brother John by two days. The remains were buried at Eagle Lake. Lowrey was born in Webster county, Georgia in His family came to Texas in He lived in Weimar for many years, and it was here while engaged in carpenter work in one of the brick buildings now occupied by the Boettcher Company that he sustained a fall which crippled him for life.

He was on a scaffold engaged in work on the ceiling when he lost his balance and fell to the floor beneath, sustaining an awful break of one of his legs, the bones being splintered and protruding through the flesh. Lowrey later moved to Columbus, and had resided there some twenty-three years prior to his death. He was a good man, true as steel to his friends, honest, upright, a devoted husband and father, and his death is sincerely deplored.

Thomas of Ramsey, to whom the heartfelt sympathy of many old time citizens and neighbors is extended. The death of Mr. Lowrey occurred at his home in the city yesterday afternoon at 3: Lowrey walked down town last Saturday and had been confined to his bed since Sunday.

Funeral services will be held at the residence this Thursday afternoon at 2: Lowrey was born in Webster County, Georgia, March 23rd, He came to Texas with his parents in and to Columbus some twenty three years ago. During the past years he has conducted a boarding house here. He was a prominent and loyal citizen, entering into local matters and always doing his duty to his community and country.

His death followed that of his older brother John A. Funeral services for Mrs. Lowrey, a niece of the late Dr. Cook, lived in Weimar many years ago. She had lived in Houston the past 17 years and was a frequent visitor in the home of Mrs.

Lowrey was a member of the Methodist Church. Survivors include on e son, E. Gerhardt, of Houston; and one granddaughter. Jennie Lowrey, wife of Mr. James Lowrey, a well known and respected citizen of this place, died last Sunday morning at the family residence, after a lingering illness of many months duration of consumption. Lowrey was an exemplary christian lady, a fond and devoted wife and mother, and possessing many friends. She was a daughter of the late Col. Skates[sic], a well-known citizen of Osage in the early days of this county.

She leaves an almost heart-broken husband and one son. Her remains were laid to rest last Sunday afternoon at the Masonic cemetery , the burial service being touchingly performed by Rev. Our deepest sympathy is extended the bereft ones in this sad affliction. Seymour of Waco and Rev. Hubert Smith of Waxahachie officiating. Lowrey, the former Miss Emmie Elizabeth Rabel of here, was one of nine injured in a head-on collision of two cars, which also took the life of a National Guard sergeant in the other car.

Lowrey, their son, Newell and daughter, Madlyn, and Mr. All the others in the Lowrey party were badly injured with the exception of Newell Lowrey, who received slight bruises and cuts and was later released from the hospital.

The others are in Waco hospitals recovering from numerous broken bones, cuts, bruises and shock. A profusion of beautiful flowers banked the altar and choir loft of the church where a large cross of white gladioli, carnations and lilies formed the background.

Burial was made in Ridge Park Cemetery at Hillsboro. She was married to Mr. Lowrey June 7, , at Weimar, where they lived for four years while he was postmaster here. In about they moved to Dallas, where Mr. Henry Seifert of Weimar, Mrs. Walter Oncken, both of San Antonio. Attending the funeral from here were Fred Rabel, Mr. Rabel and Vernon Frank attended from Columbus. Lowrey, an old and honored citizen of this place, died Monday morning at the residence of his son, W.

Lowrey, after a long illness, aged 72 years, and the remains were interred in the Masonic Cemetery Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock, Rev. Stack, pastor of the Baptist Church, performing a touching burial service. Lowrey had been in ill health for a number of years prior to his death, but bore his sufferings uncomplainingly and with christian resignation He was an honorable, good citizen, a kind neighbor, true friend, ever ready to do a good turn for any and everyone, highly esteemed by all and his death is sincerely deplored.

Surviving him are a son, W. Thomas, at Eagle Lake, to whom our heartfelt condolence is extended. Funeral services were held in St. Charles Lowrey, 66, who died in Hermann hospital at Houston shortly after midnight Saturday. Watt officiated and burial was in Odd Fellows Rest cemetery. Untermeyer Funeral home was in charge. Lowrey, who had been in Columbus hospital since Dec. Born in Columbus Oct. Lowrey were married Oct. Lowrey is survived by her husband and another son, Jack, of Brenham, and 2 grandsons, David and Russell Lowrey.

Frank Untermeyer, Thomas W. Allen Reyer of Columbus. Among relatives from out of town at the funeral were Mr. Bill Lowrey and family of Lake Jackson, Mrs. Nettie Lowrey, and Mr. Dick Lowrey and daughter Judy of Houston. John Lowrey, former Weimar citizen died in Columbus Monday and the remains were brought to this city for interment in the family lot here [Weimar Masonic Cemetery] Tuesday afternoon. Lowrey in years gone by lived here and was regarded as one of our leading, best citizens.

He was an old Confederate soldier, and in the Civil War served his beloved Southland faithfully and well. For a number of years he has made his home in Columbus with his daughter, Mrs.

One brother, Joe R. Lowrey, lives in Alabama, and another Steve Lowrey, lives in Columbus. Lowrey of this city is a nephew of the deceased. Lowrey was a splendid man, a typical old time Southerner, and his death even at his advanced age has caused a feeling of sadness to pervade the hearts of his many friends thuout sic this section.

Death came to one of our oldest citizens Monday, bringing sadness and sorrow to the entire community. Lowrey, 87, laid down the burdens of this life at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Sallie Cone, after a fight of several weeks for survival. He had been in feeble health for nearly a year, but had been up and around until a few weeks ago.

The grim reaper triumphed at about four o' clock Monday evening. During his last illness he was always cheerful, joking about little things and seldom if ever uttering a complaint. One of the saddest features of the case was the sorrow of his twin brother in Alabama at his inability to be by the beside of his pal. Funeral services were held at the residence of his grand daughter, Mrs.

Ned Burford, at 2: Guyon of the local Methodist Church officiating. Pall bearers were L. The death of that estimable, christian lady, Mrs. Mollie Lowrey, wife of John Lowrey of Rosenberg, which occurred last Tuesday morning in this city at the residence of Mr. Armstrong, was indeed deeply regretted by the people of our community. Lowrey was visiting in our city, and her death, caused from some heart trouble, was both sudden and unexpected. Her remains were laid to rest in the Masonic cemetery Wednesday morning.

Lowrey, former Weimar resident who had been living in Kinkard Nursing Home at Hillsboro for some time, died there at 1: Wednesday, July 10, at the age of Howard MacAllister, pastor of First Methodist Church here, of which she was still a member, officiated assisted by Rev. Her parents moved to Weimar during her early childhood, and spent most of her life here. She was married to W. Surviving are three sons, Wiley H. Lowrey of Hillsboro, Walter B. Lowrey, both of Houston; five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren; one sister, Mrs.

Netta Smith of Houston. Funeral services were held at 3 p. The services were in St. James Hudson officiating and burial was in Odd Fellows Rest. Lowrey underwent an operation in Galveston in May for a brain tumor. He became well enough several months following the operation to resume his duties as assistant cashier at Columbus State Bank, but several weeks ago he became ill again and later sank into a coma from which he never rallied. Born in Columbus May 6, , he was a son of Mr. His mother was the former Janie Glithero.

He graduated from Columbus High school in and worked for the Everett Bros. He served 4 years, 16 months of which were spent in Rheime, France.

After his discharge from the army, Russell attended the University of Texas, receiving his B. Upon his return home he joined the bank here.

He was a former junior warden in St. Besides his parents, he is survived by a brother, Jack Lowrey, and a nephew, David Lowrey, of Navasota. Others from out of town attending the funeral were Mr. Donald Glithero, San Antonio; Mr. Woodrow Semmier, Ganado; Mr. Frank Schmidt, Kingsbury; Mrs. Buster Blumber, Seguin; Mr.

After a lingering illness that lasted for many months, the poor, tired spirit of our good friend and fellow-townsman, Mr. He led a good, clean life always, was never known to speak ill of his fellow-man, always anxious to do all the good he could in this life, an exemplary husband and father, law abiding citizen, Christian gentleman, none knew him but to admire and praise his upright character and sturdy manhood.

He will indeed be missed by his large circle of friends throughout this section. The funeral took place at 5: Willmann, his late pastor. It was largely attended and there were many beautiful floral offerings, attesting the high esteem in which he was held by his fellow-men. If we are not mistaken, he was born and raised in this section or community.

The writer knew him from the time he was quite a young boy, and he filled various positions of trust during his life-time. For many years he was carrier of mail on old Rural Route No. A few years ago he was retired by the postoffice department, and since that time he had no regular occupation. However, ill health beset him soon after his retirement, so he was really unable to do much in the way of work. Walter Lowrey was one of the cleanest, steadiest, best men we ever knew.

He was strictly honest, a quiet, lawabiding citizen, a devoted husband and father He is survived by his widow, three sons, Wiley of Hillsboro, Walter B. Visitation will be held from 4: Mass services will be held on Monday, June 18, , Burial will take place in the St. Michael Catholic Cemetery in Weimar. B, Rosenberg, TX Online condolences may be shared with the family at www. Luck, 62, who died at her home after a long illness. Luck, daughter of an old pioneer Columbus family, was an enthusiastic worker in the Episcopal church.

She was married to T. Luck of Columbus, who operated the Luck Bottling Works until his death. Luck is survived by one sister, Mrs. Services will be from the Columbus Funeral home with Rev.

Alrey of Houston officiating. Burial will be in Odd Fellows Rest cemetery. Melton, the 23 months old baby boy of Mr. Luckett of Glidden died last Saturday, following an illness of about ten days with measles.

Wyatt, pastor of the First Baptist Church officiated. Ernest Walter Lucko, 70, of Weimar died June 29 at his home. Interment followed in t he Masonic Cemetery in Weimar.

Lucko was born Aug. He attended Oak Grove School. He served in the National Guard in Columbus. Lucko worked in construction, cattle ranching and BBQ cooking.

He lived in this area all his life. Lenard Lucko, 8-year-old son of Mr. Walter Lucko of the Borden-Oak Grove community, died last Saturday, Jan 29, from wounds received when a shotgun was accidently discharged, the load of No. The boy was first brought to Weimar for treatment and later taken to Columbus to a hospital, where he died shortly afterwards from loss of blood and shock. As reported to the Mercury, young Lenard and his brother, Ernest, 12, had been out hunting rabbits.

Upon returning from the hunt Ernest was unloading the gauge shotgun when it was discharged, the full force of the load striking the younger boy in his right leg. Lenard Lucko was born at the family home near Borden, and was a student of the Oak Grove school. Survivors include his parents, three sister, Gladys, Pauline and Augusta; two brothers, Ernest and Owen.

Owen Lucko, year-old son of Mr. Walter Lucko of Borden, was instantly killed Monday evening when a hay rake he was disengaging from a tractor pinned him against the tractor, breaking his neck. His parents tried frantically, but unsucessfully[sic], to free him, and both were injured in the attempt. Lucko, trying to lift the heavy machine, strained his back, and Mrs. Lucko wrenched a knee so that it had to be put in a cast. Had they been able to free him immediately, it would not have helped.

He was pronounced dead on arrival at Youens Hospital here. Lucko was about yards away from Owen when the tragic accident occurred, and Mrs. Lucko was at the house, about a quarter of a mile away. The father and son had been raking and baling hay and Owen was detaching the rake to attach a trailer.

The tractor-drawn rake is equipped with a jack, which Owen had put down, but apparently had set on an uneven piece of ground. He was leaning down from the tractor, attempting to complete the job, when the jack fell allowing a part of the rake to fall against the tractor, pinning him between. It was the second time in little more than a decade that death had struck cruelly in the Lucko family.

In January of they lost an 8-year-old son, Leonard, in a gunshot accident. In addition to his parents he is survived by one brother, Ernest, of Borden; three sisters, Mrs. Edwin Pauline Whisenhunt of Burras, La. Paul Lucko of Fort Worth. Pastor Robert Cordes officiated. He had been hospitalized for six days.

He was a member of Herman Sons. Serving as pallbearers were Joseph Pesak Jr. Last rites for Mrs. Anthony's Catholic church, Revs. Joseph Deane and Thomas Collins officiating.

Rosary was recited Friday evening in the funeral home. Ludwig, who had been in failing health for some time, died Thursday in Youens hospital at Weimar, where she had been a patient for 2 weeks. Born in Vox Populi Aug. She had lived in Columbus since and before that, she resided in Garwood. Survivors are a daughter, Mrs. Worth; 3 great-grandchildren, and 6 stepchildren, Edwin Ludwig, Industry, Mrs.

Grady Fisher, Bellville; Mrs. Walter Vankald, Bellville; Mrs. Willie Schubert, Sealy, and Mrs. Edwin Freis and Mrs. A rosary was held at 7 p. Funeral services were held Wednesday, May 14 at 10 a. Henneke Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

Pallbearers were Tim Luedecke, Jr. A Constable for 14 years in Austin County, he was the owner of the New Ulm Tavern for 25 years and a farmer and rancher. He married the former Delbertha Suchadoll on June 28, at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Frelsburg. He was a lifetime resident of the area. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Visitation was held Sunday, May 20 from 6 p. Funeral service was held Monday, May 21 at 2 p.

Burial followed at Lakeside Cemetery in Eagle Lake. Final arrangements were under the direction of Eagle Lake Funeral Home. Luna, Domingo Coronado, Jr.

Greg Lundgren, 46 of Columbus, sustained a fatal injury on Thursday, Jan. Other survivors include numerous relatives and treasured friends. He was born in Elgin, on Oct. He graduated from Elgin High School in where he participated in numerous sporting activities.

He attended Southwest Texas State University where he was a member of the soccer team and graduated in May During the 23 years that Greg taught at CISD, he touched the lives of many students with his unique teaching style. Over the years, he has taught social studies, health, and P. His coaching duties included football, basketball, track, tennis and golf.

Greg has been quoted in saying about his coaching position, "I have a job that when I walk out on the football field on Friday night and hear the 'National Anthem' being played, I realize how lucky I am after 23 years to be able to do what I do. Greg's many activities included fishing, golfing, running, skiing and numerous pranks played on friends and colleagues.

Greg's passion for fishing took him on many trips to Port O'Connor with numerous friends, an annual fishing trip to Canada with his father and relatives and he was the organizer of the annual summer fishing trips to many different locations. When not fishing, Greg could be found on a golf course somewhere, but his true passion took him across the United States where he participated in numerous running events. One of his most treasured running accomplishments was qualifying and finishing the Boston Marathon in April where family and friends cheered him on.

He was a veteran Houston Marathon runner and recently completed his 11th marathon to again qualify him for Boston. Another one of his great accomplishments was completing the Big Sur Marathon twice in California. Greg touched many lives and there will be a celebration of his life at 6 p. A visitation will precede the celebration of life at Henneke Funeral Home from p. Funeral services and burial will take place in Elgin, his hometown, at 2 p. Allie Mae Lundquist, mother of Mrs.

Elmer Schindler and sister of Mrs. Grace Towell, suffered a heart attack and passed away at her daughter's h om e here. Saturday, May 29 at 4 o'clock in the morning. She had been in failing health since breaking a hip four months ago. Interment was in the Cheetham Cemetery in Sheridan. Peter Ostrom officiated at the services. Bob McSweeney and Mike Mahalo. Recorded hymns were played prior to the service. Lundquist was born December She lived most all of her life in Colorado County involved in the rice farming and ranching Industries until retirement.

Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Evelyn Schindler of this city and Mrs. Yvonne Veselka of Bandera; one son. Lundquist of Bandera; onesister. Towell; and one brother. Fred Sevier of Houston; eight grandchildren and six great grandchil ren. Funeral services were scheduled Wednesday at 3p. Burial will be in the Cheetham Cemetery in Sheridan. He was born on September 16,, near El Campo. He lived in Eagle Lake and Garwood during his lifetime, and was a retired rice farmer.

Lundquist was preceeded in death by his wife, Allie May Lundquist who died on May Lundquist who died March 22, Survivors include two daughters.

Lundquist, 35, of Richards, died on February 29 at the Methodist Hospital in Houston following a lengthy illness. They have lived in Richards for the past five years. As an attorney, he was working for the Texas Department of Corrections in Huntsville as staff council for the inmates.

Stanislaus Catholic Church of Huntsville. Rosary was recited at 7: Wednesday, March 2 from St. Funeral services will be held at 10 a. Thursday, March 3 from St. Burial will follow at St. Olga Lundquist of Rock Island; his grandmother, Mrs. Frank Felcman of Wallis; numerous aunts, uncles and other relatives, and a host of loved ones.

Honorary pallbearers were David Felcman and Kirk Jurecka. He was born in Garwood and spent most of his life in that area. He is survived by his wife, the former Olga Burda, and 2 sons, Craig Steven, age 6, and Keith Edward, age 4; his father and mother, Mr. Dave Lundquist of Garwood; 3 brothers, 5 sisters and other relatives. Funeral services were held Oct. She is survived by her son, Gene Arthur Lundquist, of Garwood.

Among those attending the funeral from out of town were Mr. Lundy and family and Mr. Lundy and family, El Campo; Mr.

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