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Electronic music festivals" using: Electronic music festivals by country. Indonesia Israel South Korea. In , the event keeps the tradition, with a beach festival plenty of trance music stars, and as they say: Shiraz and Persepolis , Iran. Significant Composers and Their Works". Colombia , Road to Ultra:

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National Jazz and Blues Festival. Mostly oriented around jazz and blues to start, this annual festival soon became a showcase for progressive rock as well, featuring groups such as the psychedelic rock group Cream. Reading and Leeds Festivals. The line-up settled into a pattern of progressive rock , blues and hard rock during the early and mid s [5] then became the first music festival to embrace punk rock and new wave in the late s, when The Jam , Sham 69 , The Stranglers and Penetration were among the headline acts.

Un disco per l'estate. It was organized and sponsored by the Italian record industry association, AFI, and by RAI, except for the editions between and , in which the festival was organized and broadcast by Mediaset. The Trips Festival on January 21—23, was the most attended and advertised of the early Acid Tests events, which were started in late Shiraz and Persepolis , Iran. An experimental international festival, a number of electroacoustic works were presented during its run, with artists such as Dave Tudor and John Cage performing in The Summer of Love from to was an important aspect of the counterculture movement of the s , which was closely tied with alternative music and free rock festivals featuring genres such as psychedelic rock.

The development of better electronic speaker equipment allowed for massive concerts to attract hundreds of thousands of attendees. By , similar festivals were appearing all over the world, bringing alternative music to increasingly mainstream audiences. Isle of Wight Festival. Seaclose Park , Isle of Wight , England. This historically and culturally notable festival as known to have served as a defining moment for baby boomers. Performers included Joe Cocker , Jimi Hendrix and Santana among many others, with genres such as acoustic music, progressive rock , and psychedelic rock.

August 15—18, audience of over , young people. Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music. Shepton Mallet , Somerset. A DJ played records for early arrivers from the Friday evening and continued to do so between many of the sets until the end. The festival featured a line-up of the top American west coast and British bands of the day, including Santana , The Flock , Led Zeppelin headlining act , Pink Floyd , etc.

The first World's Fair held in Japan, which featured a number of electronic music exhibits. The West German pavilion, designed by Fritz Bornemann , featured the world's first spherical concert hall. Since then, Japanese research in computer music has largely been carried out for commercial purposes in popular music , though some Japanese musicians used large computer systems such as the Fairlight company in the s. Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Festival. Composers submit works which are assessed by an international jury.

Windsor Great Park , England. The event was brutally suppressed by the police, which led to a public outcry about the tactics involved. The Chicago White Party. One of the first White Party parties was held August 8, , hosted by Chicago business owner Chuck Renslow to celebrate his birthday and thank his patrons.

It was then held for the next 36 years until The largest party was held in at Navy pier with participants.

International Computer Music Conference. The festival encompasses some 60 shows, with over artists on 13 stages within a week; these shows represent diverse genres, often experimental and electronic. First Philadelphia Computer Music Festival. The annual Ars Electronica festival is an annual gathering of artists, scientists and technologists, intended as "a setting for experimentation, evaluation and reinvention". The rock festival was noteworthy because of the importance of the headliner bands that played and the timing in the evolution of new wave music, and from the size of the crowd.

International Electroacoustic Music Festival. Varadero , Cuba , United States. Originally titled the "Varadero Spring Festival," [21] it was renamed in The festival closed in In , Berlin Atonal was at a massive abandoned powerplant in Berlin-Mitte. Miami Beach , Florida. Weeklong electronic music event, held every March in various clubs in Miami. It is aimed at professionals such as DJs, record label representatives and promoters.

The event is also considered a mecca for clubbers, and it features the International Dance Music Awards. Sponsored internationally by Technics and Ortofon , has grown over the years and the formats of its competitions have developed along with demand.

One of the first White Party 's held by the gay community as a circuit party , the first event promoted safe sex practices, and all attendees wore white. Sixteen hundred guests, asked to wear white, showed up that Sunday night, Dec. Now a weekl long event, most of the parties are geared to gay men from all over the globe, but there are several events for lesbians and mixed crowds as well. Annual festival is the largest gothic festival on this planet.

Every year hundreds of artists and band from various genres perform at different venues throughout the city over a span of four days. Sunrise were instrumental in organising the Freedom to Party demonstrations and the free parties that followed alongside Genesis '88 , Biology and Weekend World.

Genesis'88 was a party promotion crew founded during during the U. K's discovery of acid house and illegal acid house parties. Genesis enjoyed a succession of events that saw attendances rise from to 15, people. The Genesis organisers were kidnapped and extorted by gangsters for protection money, which happened to other promoters as well. The first event was held at a circus tent on 16 September at Jenkins Lane, Beckton in east London.

This was Britain's first legal all night rave. They were inspired by the early Acid Bungalow clubs such as "Codys" and "Lava", and the M25 motorway "Orbital" rave events such as the Sunrise. Helter Skelter's first event was an illegal outdoor rave in Was a popular festival and parade that originated in in Berlin, Germany, and spread throughout the world.

After a number of deaths at the concert, the annual rendition was cancelled. Black and Blue Festival. The various events attract up to 70, participants as at Fantazia is a dance organization that first held six large raves in Fantazia raves increasingly featured characteristics of theme parks and mainstream celebrations. Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend. The first unofficial Dinah Shore Weekend took place in when women began to flock to Palm Springs in conjunction with a golf tournament, and has since grown to include a White Party.

The longest running and the largest electronic music festival in the former Soviet Union. Originally held in a reactor building on the Crimea Peninsula, the weeklong event purports to be free music republic. It is one of the oldest rave parties in Germany.

From a small party with about people it is now one of the biggest rave parties in Europe. After several moves, was VuuV's place since in Putlitz. In they moved back to Antaro. The outdoor events were generally held in forest environments around Victoria, Australia, with some events held in Queensland and overseas in New Caledonia.

The most attended technoparade in Europe, attracting , in Inspired by the Berlin Love Parade , originally a demonstration of love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance with ravers dancing through Berlin behind two Lovemobiles. It is considered the largest indoor event of its nature in the country. In , around 14, people attended. Large EDM festival held in mid July, some 40, people to its electronic music performances annually. From to it operated Thunderdome as a festival. Weeklong free tekno informal concert organized by An estimated 20,, [36] people gathered on Castlemorton Common to hold a free party that lasted a full week, the biggest of its kind since the Stonehenge Free Festival in the mids.

A great deal of media interest surrounded the festival. One of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe. More than 1, performances take place each year. Seoul International Computer Music Festival.

Seoul , South Korea. Important computer music festival in Asia. Every Picture Tells A Story. The Melbourne Underground Development M. Being the first of its kind in the country when it was established, its organizers have billed the event as the oldest dance music festival in the Netherlands. An underground teknival held annually in July, the locations were usually announced a day before the event on Czech rave websites.

With little or no organization at all, the Festival attracted thousands of free tekno dancers from several European countries. It made an open invitation to all performers, soundsystems, and performers. Closed after a violent police response in Whitby , North Yorkshire.

The event, widely popular in the area, is a tribute to the disco era and features live performances by s-era musicians, along with dancers dressed in s attire. The current event began as an annual occurrence in , but it traces its history and name to a disco held in Buffalo in , featuring The Trammps and Gloria Gaynor. That disco is marked in Guinness World Records as the largest disco in the history, with 13, people in attendance.

A three-day-three-night annual music festival, described officially as a festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art. The Sonic Acts festival had its first edition in Over the years, it has established itself as a thematic festival with a strong focus on contemporary and historical developments at the intersections of art, technology, music and science taking place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Olympia Experimental Music Festival. Known first as The Olympia Festival of Experimental Musics, in addition to unusual, experimental, and noise music, many festival performers use film, multimedia, and spoken word. Connect Festival has grown into a large grassroots electronica and alternative culture festival. Annual dance music festival dubbed "The Woodstock of Dance" held in the summer, catering only to pure dance and particularly trance.

It has also featured artists in the Electro , Eurodance , Hardstyle and Experimental styles. It now features headliner DJs from all over the world and attracts over 15, attendees.

Bal en Blanc usually has two separate rooms, one catering to house music and the other to trance music. A large open-air techno festival, featuring DJs from Germany and the world, with the theme "open-air rave. Massive electronic music festival originally based on Alice in Wonderland. In its early years, Insomniac Events moved the event to different locations, with diverse musical genres. An international techno event.

It took place the first time in at the Vooruit in Ghent and attracted people, and has since grown to be held at the Flanders Expo in the same city. A one-night electronic music festival originally created as an after party for Lollapalooza , described as "an inter-planetary festival celebrating cosmic peace and sexuality.

Annual technoparade in Munich, attracting up to , attendees. It was organized as a demonstration against excessive police controls and the Munich curfew. Hamburg , Kiel , Germany. Annual technoparade in Hamburg, attracting tens of thousands of attendees.

Annual rave cruises of one or two weeks length aboard cruise ships which were organized by Munich's Partysan crew. Ghent, Belgium , Amsterdam. Started in , "10 Days Off" began as a day-long Belgian celebration of techno music which has since grown to be a yearly club event.

World Electronic Music Festival. Canada's longest running electronic music festival. Started and still run by Destiny Event Productions. Large annual technoparade and subsequent rave in Hanover, Germany.

Large annual electronic music festival, usually taking place in July or August. Taking place annually in over locations and 60 countries, every year, musicians, DJs, artists, and speakers convene at local Earthdance events to share inspiration and ideas to "build a world culture of peace. Columbarium walk-through at Chapel of the Chimes on the summer solstice.

Operated by Insomniac Events , several renditions in different locales are held throughout the year, attracting hundreds of thousands of people. A large technoparade which is organised every year. Every year there are up to 20 Lovemobiles.

One of the biggest open-air electronic music festivals in Germany. The festival takes place in Ferropolis open-air museum. It is hosted by the Berkeley-based event promoters Skills. A biennial transformational festival in Portugal. The festival features music performances and a broad variety of visual art exhibits.

An open-air festival featuring electronic dance music. The first festival was in with 2, people. The 15th festival in reached 35, A large electronic music, art and lifestyle festival, mainly known for Psychedelic trance and Minimal Techno music, but also features other genres of electronic music and non electronic music in the smaller stages.

Also art installations, workshops, etc. The festival sold out, attracting 18, revelers in all. With 10 large marquees featuring genres of dance music ranging from Drum and Bass , to Techno , to House Music , to Hardcore. A technoparade which stemmed in reaction to the music restriction and commercialization of Love Parade , first named Hateparade. A yearly electronic music rave held near Halloween and founded by Go Ventures, with many of the attendees dress in costume. Ko Pha Ngan , Thailand.

First held at a wooden disco not far from the beach early s though note electronic in focus, the parties much later gained fame through word of mouth, and the event now draws a crowd of about 5,—30, every full moon evening. Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards. Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards SAMA , was a music festival and award ceremony for electronic music held each year in Gothenburg between and Australia , New Zealand.

The event in Melbourne saw 23, tickets sellout for a hour event. With an estimated Distortion is a mobile festival. University of Bradford Union. An annual three day music festival n the August bank holiday weekend, featuring alternative electronic music acts from genres including industrial, EBM, futurepop, synthpop and power noise. Takes place across seven different stages, features top DJs, artists, and live acts. Focuses on all genres— electro , techno , trap , deep house , drum and bass , tech house , progressive house , dubstep , trance , etc.

Kristal Glam Club is a club in Bucharest , Romania. In , it is the 16 edition of electronic music festival Sunwaves. Community-based summer solstice festival that ran annually in southern Ontario. The festival, organized by Sumkidz now Suma , primarily featured electronic music as well as dance, workshops, art, and other forms of acoustic music.

Creamfields Dance Music Festival. The festival began in and is run by the Cream clubbing brand supporters. Boskovice , Czech Republic. Annual festival of electronic dance music that takes place in Boskovice , Czech Republic , that reinforces the region's importance as a major center for dance music.

An annual Northern Irish electronic music festival which was held since - with a skipped year in Bay Area , California. They feature artists who design their own musical instruments in a festival of workshops, music making, and performances. Founded in as a small person event, it has grown over time to large-scale rave which hosts major happy hardcore, gabber and hard trance DJ's. Mission is to forge connections between the composers, performers and lovers of avant garde classical music and the DJs, MCs, guitar-gods, troubadours and gourmets of experimental popular music — produces an annual international festival of electro-acoustic music.

A festival that was held on New Year's Eve as a collaboration between Go Ventures and Insomniac; the partners split in , with Go organizing one more event on its own before the edition was abruptly cancelled due to venue issues.

The largest and one of the longest running electronic music events in Canada, held in August at a acre 2. Since the beginning, it has been a family-run event and has never accepted corporate sponsorship.

An electronic and jam band music festival, hosted and centered around The Disco Biscuits at Montage Mountain in Scranton. The Disco Biscuits launched Camp Bisco in with the idea of combining sets by electronic DJs with improvisational rock bands. It was originally dedicated to the Marseille's hip hop scene, then has expanded progressively to international hip-hop scene, to electro, rock and, since , to African music for one night.

In , more than 35, people participated in the festival. Bats Day in the Fun Park. It has become an annual three-day event. An annual alternative music festival focusing on the subgenres of alternative electronic music such as Industrial, EBM, Synthpop and Futurepop.

A yearly, three-day underground music festival featuring industrial, power electronics, and other alternative electronic performers who include both independent and signed bands, held in a bunker. Now titled the CTM Festival, an annual music and visual arts event originally focused on electronic music, but has since evolved to cover a wide range of genres under the banner "festival for adventurous music and related visual arts.

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival. Mission is to provide a public forum for composers and sound artists working with electronic-based technologies in the Bay Area. Designed as an annual multi-day event consisting of concerts, installations and discussions. Aweekend-long international gathering of visual and musical art, it features a symbiosis of dance, open philosophies, performance art, human and spiritual experiences. Novi Sad , Serbia. Founded as a student movement fighting for democracy and freedom, it quickly grew into one of the largest mainstream annual music events in Europe.

One of Asia's biggest music dance festivals, it is organised by Zouk Singapore. Unyazi Electronic Music Festival. An international festival dedicated to electronic art as a multidisciplinary program of works, investigating and promoting contemporary audiovisual research. The first edition was in New art forms festival devoted to "experimental electronic music, audio-visual spectrum, digital creativity, and transmedial art.

A yearly event that focuses on independent electronic music and hip hop as part of the annual This Is Not Art Festival. It is usually composed of artist development workshops, etc.

Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Electronic dance music showcase held each Memorial Day weekend, which has featured performances by musicians and DJs, and emphasized the progressive qualities of the culture surrounding electronic music. The city's support for the festival has been seen by many as the first high-profile acknowledgement and celebration of the city as the birthplace of techno music. Since each edition has had its own anthem to symbolize the theme of the event.

Amsterdam Arena , International. Dutch indoor dance-even now been divided into two versions. Sensation Black concentrates more on darker music, such as Hardstyle and Hardcore, while Sensation Sensation White is typically a house and trance event. Attendees are required to wear all black or white, depending on the event. How Weird Street Faire. Annual electronic music festival to "connect the diverse electronic music communities and spread peace. In April , the first gathering was held at the Okefenokee Swamp.

Genres vary from old-style retro to up-scale, modern contemporary electronic music. Locations can be difficult to get to. All of the music created at each gathering is live, unrehearsed, spontaneous and recorded in one take. The Ricochet Dream music label publishes and records the music created at the event. Central Coast of California. A transformational festival presented by The Do LaB. A small, exclusive, annual ambient music festival held every September at a private retreat center in Willits, California.

It was started by the Cloud Factory community, and ticket distribution is largely based on participation. Kansas City , Kansas.

Overall it has as featured over new electro-acoustic compositions. There are 7 days of music and 8 days of camping. A part of This Is Not Art , involves various installations and hands-on workshops.

Creamfields BA was the first Creamfields festival to be organised outside of Cream's hometown of Liverpool, quickly growing larger than other Creamfields events in Latin America with almost 70, people attending its sixth edition.

The festival is held annually organized by the Godskitchen brand, held in locations such as the UK and Russia. Electroclash came to media attention in , when the Electroclash Festival was held in New York. Other notable artists who performed at the festivals and subsequent tours include: Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts.

An electronic music festival founded by Douglas Geers , a weekend of lectures, performances, master classes, and multimedia installations on the latest in electronic and electroacoustic music and art. Mostly free and open to the public. Annual technoparade in Bremen, attracting tens of thousands of attendees. New Interfaces for Musical Expression. Also known as NIME, is an international conference dedicated to scientific research on the development of new technologies for musical expression and artistic performance.

By the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association , annual event which takes place in various cities and institutions throughout Greece. During these event, some of the latest electroacoustic works from Greece and abroad are showcased.

Alongside the Numusic festival in Stavanger and Ekkofestival in Bergen, it is the largest festival for electronic music in Norway.

The tour covers 7 cities in 7 days. Founded by electronic musician Moby , who asserted that he was "in large part, inspired by the ethos of Lollapalooza", and wished to create a similarly "genuinely eclectic, interesting, alternative music festival".

One in , and the sequel tour Area2, in Annual multimedia festival for electronic music, sound, art and technology, first supported by the Arts Council England and other sponsors.

Invites sonic and digital artists to submit new pieces for commissioning. It usually occurs in May of each year during five days since The Hague , Netherlands. At the end of September each year, TodaysArts has a program at 20 venues in- and outdoor in the center of the city with over artists from more than 25 countries. The first edition had 5, visitors. Annual festival of dance music performed by the Building Records label, which has involved dance music artists of international radio stations in Brazil each year.

The festival deals with subjects on the area of multimedia, art, music and technology. It counts around 20, visitors. Acts perform in various clubs throughout the city of Utrecht. Buenos Aires , Argentina. United States , Europe. An electro, post-punk, synthpunk, and experimental multiple-day festival, and the largest DIY festival for "art-damaged" music. A music festival for two days in July. Originally, Lovebox was the name of a nightclub hosted by Groove Armada.

Was a one-day festival on London's Clapham Common until Annual music festival held in the Netherlands, Australia and Chile. Founded by Q-dance , it plays mostly hardstyle and related genres such as hardcore techno, hard house and hard trance. Annual festival held in Montreal, with artists such as Wolfgang Gartner headlining. Family festival of the electronic music scene, floors are presented by clubs, event organizers, record labels, booking agencies, radio stations, magazines, etc.

Annual festival which tours the world, was conceived and developed by the new music consortium Vox Novus. The festival mainly focus on presenting electronic music and contemporary art, with a multitude of genres. Known to be the largest and most popular Drum and Bass event in the world, takes place annually in Russia. Founded in Germany as an EDM event, with three main floors with different electronic music styles and an international line-up.

A regular electronic dance music event that takes place at various venues across the UK. Starting as a monthly club night in London, it has grown to include an annual three-day weekender at Camber Sands and Newquay, a boat party on the River Thames, etc. An electronic music festival. Featuring primarily aggrotech, electro-industrial and synthpop bands, it has also included other electronic dance music genres as well.

Electronic music festival held annually in the mountains. Acts include both techno and experimental. Today Amore Festival has become a three-day event that attracts over 20, people from Italy and Europe with its main event happening on 31 December at Fiera di Roma.

It is held every September. In it was 5 days long. It also includes a free, all-ages 3 day conference. Wild in the Country. First held in New York City, the annual two to five-day electronic music festival was moved to Asheville, where Robert Arthur "Bob" Moog , the inventor of the Moog synthesizer and founding father of electronic music, was based. Amsterdam , The Netherlands. Dutch tri-annual music festival which focuses on experimental, contemporary electroacoustic music related to the electric guitar.

Urban Art Forms Festival. One of Austria's largest electronic music festivals [56] held in July, [57] with a focus on visuals as well as music. Features dance music, as well as rock and pop. A yearly weekend underground music festival that features industrial, power electronics other alternative electronic musicians and DJs.

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