Generally, they want you to color so they can determine exactly how much you won and how much is leaving the table. Dyepaintball12 , Sep 14, And those passport sized gold slabs they had in Casino Royal, has anyone here ever actually had something as high value as that? You have to take them to the cashier in the casino where the chips originated. If you look at page of the website I previously posted, you will see their reference note is says they are also imbedded with a microchip. Read the story of how the special casino chips for poker game developed; it is believed they had appeared in s first Speaking of movies, are the thousand dollar chips really bigger than normal?

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Casino Chips Colors

All the chips were of similar color. However, with the pass of the time arose the need of having different colors in order to easily identify the different denominations in the chips. For home games the chips are usually available in colors like blue , white and red and rarely in black and green.

However, in the recent years more colors have been introduced in home sets and are easily available today especially low cost plastic chips. The new sets include colors like grey, orange, yellow, purple and pink.

New designs have been introduced too like the tree-color chips where the chips go through a molding process and have a unique base color, a secondary color and detail color. Chips sets are generally tailor made so the values of each colored chip would be different for different manufacturer. The chips which are used in casinos have standard colors and sizes which are specified by Gaming Control Board in order to bring in some consistency.

However, these rules differ for every state. Illinois and New Jersey have uniform structure while in Nevada there are no regulations. Every casino also has a unique identification on their chips as per the state regulations. These chips are generally orange and yellow in color and are larger in size. In Atlantic City and Nevada casinos chips of , 10,, 25, and even higher denominations are used though the colors used for these chips are different for every casino.

In Europe the casinos follow a similar type of color scheme. Several European casinos clubvulcan Generally the values represented by the colors of the chips are as given below but they might vary according to the jurisdiction of the casino:.

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