Iran Rapidly Building Cyber Warfare Capabilities

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Of all targets, why Adelson's company? The businessman is a major donor to Republican politicians. He's staunchly pro-Israel, the ultimate foe of the current Iranian regime. And in the past, Adelson has casually suggested that the U.

If Clapper's assertion is true, this is the latest example of a frightening trend: Chinese hacker spies have stolen business plans from U.

Russian hackers have broken into American and European oil and gas companies. Computer security experts widely agree that companies aren't prepared to handle this threat. The Las Vegas casino attack was confirmed by James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, during congressional testimony in February. Clapper stated that Iran regards cyber attacks as one of many tools for conducting asymmetric, proportional retaliation against its enemies.

The Iranians were behind the cyber attacks against U. Mike Rogers, commander of the U. Cyber Command, told a Senate hearing in March that the government of Iran, along with those of China and Russia, have been using semi-official hackers in cyber attacks. Rogers said one future trend could be that nation states begin using techniques to "try to confuse our attribution ability by creating different relationships.

The report identified four trends in Iranian cyber activities: Retaliation, coordination between cyber and political strategy, increased technical sophistication, and a focus on attacking critical infrastructure.

The two entities were blamed for an Iranian cyber attack on the control network used by the Bowman Dam near Rye, N. The attack failed because the dam's network had been taken down for maintenance.

A top-secret National Security Agency document from said "Iran continues to conduct distributed denial of service attacks against numerous U. The report also said Iran was behind the cyber attack on the Saudi national oil company Aramco in August that destroyed tens of thousands of computers.

The FBI recommended educating personnel on hackers' methods and tools and avoiding clicks on malicious links. Network administrators were urged to create a dedicated information technology email account to report suspicious emails.

Current analysis indicates Iran may intend to use its growing cyber force to attack global critical infrastructure. Targets have included U. An Iranian activity known as Operation Cleaver in targeted global infrastructures in multiple industries.

Cyber attacks on banks, casino highlight growing threat

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