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She and Anna flies down to LA only to find out Emmett made a script about personal things in their relationship. In the beginning of season four Emmett decides to go to film school in LA after much persuasion by Bay which leads them to have a long distance relationship. In the midst of their argument at the car wash, the two share a kiss before Emmett declares his loyalty to Bay, leaving Daphne feeling more alone than ever. Angelo meets Daphne for the first time since he left when she was three and while she's angry, she also demands answers. Toby and his friend Wilke's band are excited to perform at the benefit, but they're in need of a drummer - can Daphne's deaf friend Emmett really play the drums? Later, during the legal meeting John and Kathryn are shown evidence that Regina knew about the switch for years.

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Daphne ends up breaking things off with Liam because of Bay and other outside pressure, and Regina hits it off with Denise's ex-husband Bruce. John catches Bay sneaking in after a night out with Ty and invites him to chili night, when Ty reveals that he has enlisted in the army and is leaving in three days. Daphne and Emmett play poker with Toby against Toby's friends, but Toby explodes on Daphne when she makes a wrong move. Regina and Bruce bond, and Bay tells Ty goodbye.

Daphne joins an advanced cooking class at Buckner Hall, but soon comes across some difficulties because she is Deaf. This leads to Daphne becoming more self-conscious and insecure. Bay and Emmett bond while working together to find Bay's biological father, and they discover that his name is Angelo Sorrento. Elsewhere, Toby and Wilke draw up and enact a plan to steal a chemistry test in order to pay off their poker-playing debts. Bay believes she's uncovered her birth father's identity.

She asks Daphne and Emmett to accompany her when she goes to meet him. Meanwhile, John and Kathryn suspect Regina is to blame for the hospital's recent action regarding their lawsuit. Bay finds out that the man she thought was her father isn't actually him. Regina talks to Toby about his addiction to poker, and he ends up taking responsibility for his actions.

Daphne asks Emmett if something is going on with him and Bay, but he replies that nothing is. However, Emmett later tells a surprised Bay that he likes her and then proceeds to kiss her. Daphne unlocks and opens the guitar case that supposedly belonged to Bay's father after figuring out that the code is BAY.

The contents reveal that Regina knew about the switch and has been keeping track of Bay for most of her life. Regina admits to Daphne that she knew about the switch since Daphne was three years old.

Daphne turns to Wilke to escape this new turn of events. However, the two encounter some problems due to their communication barrier and the fact that Bay feels like Emmett puts Daphne before her. Daphne tells Emmett that Regina knew about the switch. Elsewhere, Regina tries to contact her private investigator to find out who he told about the switch. Later, during the legal meeting John and Kathryn are shown evidence that Regina knew about the switch for years.

Regina reveals to the Kennish family and Daphne that she found out about the switch when Angelo had a DNA test done before deciding to leave her and Daphne. Everyone is in shock. Bay is in just as much pain, believing that her biological mom didn't want her.

Bay turns to Emmett for comfort, and Regina leaves the Kennish house. After revealing her secret, Regina tries to make amends with Daphne and Bay.

Daphne decides to move in with her "real family". Meanwhile, Bay tells Emmett that for her birthday, she wants to see her art on a billboard and enlists his help.

However, before they get the chance to put her art up, the pair are caught by the police and injured while climbing a barbed wire fence to get away. Bay also meets Emmett's mother Melody, who doesn't approve of their relationship. Melody's dislike of Bay is heightened when she discovers that Emmett has been injured while spending time with Bay, as well as that he wants to take speech therapy in order to better communicate with her.

The girls celebrate their sixteenth birthdays with the Kennishes, the Vasquezes, and the Bledsoes. Regina shows up and is accepted into the party by Bay. Emmett gives Bay a scarf, which he later reveals to be a blindfold. He blindfolds Bay and takes her back to the billboard where he has put up her artwork. The two decide that it would be better if Bay told Daphne about them. However, when Bay approaches Daphne to tell her about the relationship, Daphne reveals that she has realized she has feelings for Emmett, leaving Bay in silent horror.

At a student art show at Buckner Hall, Bay finally meets Angelo Gilles Marini , after he reveals that he found out about the switch through the newspaper. Daphne finds out that Bay is dating Emmett and that prompts her to tell him how she really feels. In the midst of their argument at the car wash, the two share a kiss before Emmett declares his loyalty to Bay, leaving Daphne feeling more alone than ever. Regina decides to open up her own salon, but soon hits a roadblock when she finds out that because of her past credit scores and other issues, she can't get a loan without a co-signer.

Things take a turn for the worse when Bay brings Angelo home to meet the Kennishes, resulting in a heated dispute between him and John. Angelo meets Daphne for the first time since he left when she was three and while she's angry, she also demands answers. Angelo also tries to reconnect with Regina, who is still not over the fact that he left their family and didn't trust her when she told him that she didn't have an affair that resulted in Daphne. After his argument with Daphne, Emmett reveals his frustrations regarding deaf-hearing relationships to Bay.

They later make up after Toby speaks to Emmett and Emmett uses his voice for the first time in years and says his first words to Bay. In the end, Toby and Wilke finally persuade Emmett to play the drums for Guitar Face once again for an upcoming music festival. And before leaving, Emmett kisses Bay silently angering Daphne.

In the car, Wilke admits to Toby, that he likes Daphne before they leave. When Bay asked Daphne if everything worked out, Daphne tells her that since Bay wasn't okay with her dating Liam, she will never be okay with her dating Emmett, stating that she won't give up on him like she has given up on many other things in her life putting Bay in an awkward state.

Angelo shows up that night to tell Regina that he is not going back to Chicago and that he wants to start a new life with her, Bay and Daphne as Kathryn looks on through a nearby window. Daphne follows Emmett to a music festival, hoping to get some private time with him; Bay crashes the festival because she hears that Daphne is there. Daphne opens up and lets out some much needed steam. Emmett doesn't want a girlfriend who uses deafness as a shield to protect him or one who does things for him because she does not think he can.

Elsewhere, John requests that Regina be present when Bay sees Angelo again; and Kathryn secretly talks to a nurse who could assist in the lawsuit against the hospital.

Regina and Bay meet up with Angelo and it does not go as planned. Bay tries to score points with Melody, but doesn't have much luck. Regina tries to help Bay with Melody at a game night, but it's not as easy as she expected which leads to Regina defending Bay and confront Melody about her mistreatment of Bay. Meanwhile, Daphne tries to fit in with her new friend Simone. Simone dares Daphne to go over and kiss a guy; the guy is up for it, but his girlfriend is not as excited about this.

Daphne decides to join Buckner's basketball team, in spite of John's disapproval. Kathryn considers writing a novel about her experiences. Emmett and Melody have a heart-to-heart talk and Emmett insists Bay is not changing him and he is evolving as a person and wishes she treat Bay better since "she's [his] girlfriend and is here to stay," and Melody agrees to be more supportive of the two.

At the end a shocking twist occurs; Emmett ends up getting arrested late in the night as the cops slam him into the ground when he fails to respond to their verbal commands. Melody attributes Emmett's troublemaking behavior to Bay when it turns out he was arrested for putting Bay's art piece on the billboard from "Paradise Lost," for her birthday present. Elsewhere, Regina becomes Angelo's business partner; Daphne's displeased with her basketball coach because she finds out they only put her on the team for a grant they give schools when they try to involve kids with disabilities in sports and on top of that, never allow her to play during a game; and Kathryn and John face a possible setback in their lawsuit because of their lawyer.

Daphne and Bay unite to help Emmett save his beloved motorcycle when Melody insists that he sell it to pay off his fine. Elsewhere, Kathryn and John attempt to find a new lawyer for their case against the hospital. Angelo finds out that Regina had known about the switch for thirteen years and is outraged at the fact that she never came to him when she had first found out.

After Bay and Daphne fail to save Emmett's motorcycle, he offers one of the girls one last ride. Daphne, as a gesture of her acceptance of Emmett and Bay's relationship, tells Bay to take the offer and watches with a saddened expression as the couple drive off. She later reconciles with Wilke.

Regina and Angelo seem to rekindle their relationship. Bay meets Emmett's father Cameron and his girlfriend Olivia and sees that they have a very different style of parenting than Melody.

Daphne finally goes on a date with Wilke, but when she finds out he has taken other girls out on the same date, she questions whether she really means anything to him. Kathryn runs into Angelo at a farmer's market and decides to invite him over for a big family dinner. As Daphne is working in the car wash, she notices that John has a meeting in the cafe with an old friend named Sara Lazar. During dinner, Kathryn receives a phone call, finding out that Angelo is a fugitive.

Bay and Emmett have an argument about Angelo. She later goes to see Angelo at his apartment and discovers that he's gone. She confronts John and Kathryn, suspecting that they have reported him to the police, but Adrianna admits that she reported him, leaving everyone in shock. Kathryn's mother Bonnie Meredith Baxter visits the family and bonds with Daphne though mainly over how she is one of the family by her blood and in result practically ignores Bay now "seeing her differently," since she isn't her biological grandchild and begins to treat her very differently now somewhat coldly.

This forms a wedge between her and Bay as well as Kathryn, with Bonnie stating how Daphne is her "real" daughter and not Bay due to how she carried Daphne and the similarities between her and Daphne that she doesn't have with Bay.

But Kathryn still feels that Bay will always be her daughter no matter what a blood test says. Meanwhile, Daphne meets up with Monica, a teenage Latina from her old neighborhood, who now also sees and treats her differently since she's moved out of their town, but Daphne still feels a strong connection with where she was raised.

During all this, Bay and Regina look into Angelo's disappearance; and Toby realizes he can only please Simone if he changes. Regina arranges for Bay to meet an art dealer, only to discover that he is much more interested in her art than Bay's and maybe interested in more than that itself , much to Bay's dismay, who wants to be discovered as an artist.

Meanwhile, Kathryn mentions to Emmett that Bay was heartbroken after Ty's departure and how she suddenly got happy again after he came along, sparking some hidden jealousy in Emmett and causing a strain on his and Bay's relationship.

Elsewhere, Daphne hopes to be a starter on her basketball team by winning the spot in a competition only to find out that Simone isn't the person she thought she was when a truth comes out about her missing watch, and Bay tells Daphne her story with Simone: That they once video-taped a girl talking about her secret crush and against Bay's wishes, Simone posts it all over town, forcing the girl to leave. Daphne is forced to make a hard decision determining where she will stand with her friend.

During all this, John attempts to become closer to Toby, but isn't happy with his goals. In the end, Emmett and Bay share a heartfelt and big moment in their relationship which ends with them officially declaring they are in love. Regina's artwork is entered in a gallery where she soon discovers the real reason why her art was chosen. Daphne finds herself the target of Simone's tactics.

Emmett is having trouble with speech therapy and, under some advice by his father's girlfriend Olivia, begins to drink to ease his nerves.

Emmett's troubles soon spiral further when Emmett soon reveals to Bay that he plans to drop out of school, and later on just settle for a GED, to become a photographer causing Bay to confide in Melody about her concerns for Emmett which has repercussions she wasn't suspecting.

Kathryn meanwhile goes against John's wishes when she hands over money to a nurse who is in deep financial trouble; threatening their case. At Regina's art gallery, Emmett brings over his father and Olivia, where Melody is at also having tagged along with Bay and Regina. Things explode when Melody smells alcohol on Emmett's breath and she demands to know what's going on in her ex-husband's house hold, resulting in a huge fight breaking out in the gallery.

Melody lets it slip about Emmett's intention to drop out of school, thereby accidentally revealing how Bay confided in her about the detail to Emmett angering him. In the end, Daphne's longing for her old school leads her to re-join Carlton discovering how the girls' basketball team was going to get cut due to a low budget and Bay and Emmett's relationship is greatly strained due to Bay's confiding in Melody and with Emmett, overall, being furious with Bay. Kathryn meets with Angelo's lawyer, who claims that Angelo has secret resources that have information on the hospital.

Bay's worrying about Ty in Afghanistan brings out Emmett's jealous side, which causes another rift in their relationship. Daphne helps a new high school friend, Travis, get a job at the Kennish car wash after unintentionally getting him fired from his job at Carlton, but he soon causes some problems.

She also tries to get Wilke to start signing. Meanwhile, Toby is torn between playing a gig with Guitar Face or going solo to play at a show Simone scored for him, but when Guitar Face's gig is suddenly canceled, he suspects that Simone had something to do with it. After hearing that the last team Carlton played against is disqualified, Daphne is excited to hear that they will now participate in the Springfield Tournament. However, there is a catch; their first opponent is Buckner.

Bay is caught in Emmett's custody battle when Melody asks her to testify. Although she wants Emmett to make the right choice, after finding out about Olivia's stash of weed and Cameron's attitude towards the custody battle, she begins to really think through about her choice.

In the end, Carlton wins the competition but despite this great win, the team is going to get cut due to financial reasons. When Bay confesses to Cameron about Olivia's weed and saying how Emmett's best choice should be important, he tells Emmett he is going to give Melody full custody since "Bay made sense. In his hotel room he confronts Bay about what she did in a phone call and Bay insists she only did what she did to protect him, but the phone call gets disconnected; making Emmett bang his wrist against the wall bruising it.

Emmett goes to the ice vending machine to ice his bruise and in comes Simone. Upon seeing his bruised wrist, she offers to bandage it for him. After the call, Bay has a chat with Toby about how she thinks Emmett will never talk to her again because of what she did, and Toby assures her that Emmett will forgive her, telling her, "You guys are perfect together," while, in Simone's hotel room, Emmett sleeps with Simone.

Kathryn is upset at John for sharing personal family information to Sarah Lazar, who she suspects had an affair with her husband. Emmett and Simone feel guilty about what they did together.

Wilke finds out about what had happened between them and Emmett tells his mom that he had made a mistake with another girl. Melody asks him to decide if it is worth telling Bay. Daphne is also upset at the fact that she had missed out on so many Kennish family memories and blames Regina for not telling her about the switch earlier. They later reconcile during a late night swim. Regina finally agrees to help Kathryn write her book on the switch after they have a conversation about living in denial.

Wilke tells Daphne that he can't go because he has to finish writing a paper. She ends up inviting Travis to come with her as a friend. Craig and Kathryn go to interview a former hospital worker, who turns out to be crazy. Their car breaks down on the way back, and the two almost share a kiss before Kathryn pulls away. Meanwhile, Regina struggles with her feelings for Angelo after he suddenly calls from prison. He needs a lawyer to help him stay in the country. As she is already in a relationship with Patrick, she tells him that while the girls are allowed to make up their own minds about him, she isn't going to take him back.

Daphne finds out from Wilke's father that he will be heading off to boarding school soon and is angry and hurt that he didn't tell her. Wilke surprises Daphne on prom night with a limo and Travis ends up joining them.

At prom, Wilke is finally honest about his leaving, and Daphne storms off. She decides to make amends with him, however, after Bay convinces her to make the best of the night, and Wilke ends up telling her that Emmett had slept with Simone. She confronts Emmett, who denies it, but she can tell that he is lying. She struggles with whether to tell Bay or not, but decides to wait until after the prom.

Emmett, on the other hand, decides to tell Bay about his mistake with Simone before she hears it from someone else. Bay gets upset that Emmett cheated on her. Angry and heartbroken, break up with Emmett and she leaves the prom, while Daphne and Wilke end their relationship on a high note. After meeting with Craig about Angelo, John informs Regina that the best way to keep Angelo in the country is for him to marry a U.

The show resumes at the beginning of the school year and Bay returns from her trip with a new boyfriend, Alex. Kathryn finally releases her book on the switch, which causes some problems in the Kennish household.

Daphne lands a job at a restaurant with the help of Kathryn, but things do not go smoothly, as the head chef thinks that having a deaf person in the kitchen could raise hazards. After she is demoted to dish-washing, Kathryn tries to intervene. Bay is not completely over Emmett, especially after seeing a mural that he had painted of their relationship, and this leads to her breaking it off with Alex.

Later, Bay and Emmett meet up and while he is deeply sorry about what had happened between him and Simone, Bay doesn't think that they could ever be the same. Meanwhile, Regina and the Kennishes have been trying to help Angelo stay in the country, but after he is ordered by a judge to be deported back to Italy, Regina steps in and decides to marry him the exact same day.

But the folks disagree on how to handle this. Johnathon wants to order Bay to never see him. What kind of life she might have had. If her parents like Ty, then Bay will no longer think Ty is cool! Like the day when Bay was 13 and thought she was the first person in her house to discover Janis Joplin. Bay is taken aback by the invitation, and says that her mom and dad never asked to meet Liam when she started dating him.

At the guesthouse, Daphne is sad over breaking up with Liam in the previous episode. Regina met a man at the party. His name is Bruce and he sent her flowers. Then, to further her point, she does the thing where she repeatedly slides her index finger through a hole made by the index finger and thumb of her other hand. Kathryn asks her why she is seeing him. Kathryn does not want Regina to have sex in guesthouse.

Regina is appalled that Kathryn thinks she can order her around. Kathryn does know because WASPs do not have bases. Regina stakes her territory by saying that the only reason she will not bring him over is because she shares this space with her mother and daughter.

Not that that would have mattered a century ago. You ever see Little House on the Prairie? There was no privacy among that family. It was a little house. When Ma and Pa were making Laura, Mary was in the loft right above them trying to get to sleep. Later, Bay talks to Daphne and grants her permission to date Liam, her ex, which upset Bay in the [[previous episode]]. A reporter was at the party and now the story of the switch has made front page of the paper.

Kathryn tries to ask Regina about Ty, since they were neighbors. She asks whether it is all right to leave Ty and Bay alone together. Regina tells Kathryn about Ty. I thought only white people pulled that dumb Cherokee heritage card. Toby wants to use Daphne and Emmett to cheat at a poker game, because deaf people are supposed to be good at reading people. They go along with it because they can make money.

Bay warns Daphne that Toby has a gambling problem, and she had to use all of her birthday money to bail him out last time. Daphne and I still have no idea how much money that could be, so she still wants to help him gamble. But Daphne should hope it was a lot because then she could win big. Kathryn tries to give Bay a sex talk.

Bay, of course, really does not want to hear it. No, no you do not. Kathryn has never said anything useful about anything. The other people at the poker table are Wilkie, Haruku and Cheese. A totally diverse group of rich kids. Just like in real life. Haruku says she is glad that two deaf people add to the diversity of the group, which previously was just her.

Cheese reminds her that he is black. What, the Asians are making jokes about blacks now? Those people are never funny. The poker game is underway. Daphne notices that Wilkie shakes his leg when he does not have good cards. The three are still out at the poker game when Ty arrives for dinner. Ty brought flowers to win over Kathryn.

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