Texas Holdem Poker 2

Many errors, worst ads and ridiculous play Dec 21, Changed in Governor of Poker update 2. Every city has lots of exciting cash games and big poker tournaments with even bigger Chip prizes, competition and bigger tournaments. More cities to conquer and tournaments to play! Mountain Truck Transport 33 x.


I also wish that when you win a horse, carriage, or car that you could actually see it. When you win the whole game by owning all the towns and defeating the governor nothing much happens. A little more celebration or story line sure would be nice after so many hours of play. If part of your motivation to win poker games is to see what happens next in the game you will be sorely let down at the end.

This game is very frustrating! I see many times hands that are losing hands win over hands that should take the entire pot. For example, I had a flush and my opponent had a pair of jacks, the pot was something like I clearly won the hand yet the pot is split and I end up with and my opponent gets even though they lost!

This is ridiculous and is not actual poker. Play by the rules and stop the unfairness just so people have to pay money for more chips or the better version of the game. Your supposed to win. When you take that away by making it unfair to make money off of your users shows that you just are in it for the money. Fix these problems and make this game fair and user friendly. This game could be fantastic if this are drastically changed for the user experience.

I routinely see pairs beating three of a kind and other similar unforgivable errors. This has happened in my favor also, but still. The ads are also ridiculous and half of them cover almost the entire screen. The rest cover up the controls but disappear when you try to select the reason for not wanting to see the ad so that you often hit a control that you did not want to.

Just a poorly thought out experience that puts the player last and makes the experience miserable with hopes of driving the player to the paid version. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Changed in Governor of Poker 2 update 3. Changed in Governor of Poker 2 update 2. Changed in Governor of Poker update 2. Mar 5, Version 3. Needs improvements Aug 14, Unfair game May 22, Many errors, worst ads and ridiculous play Dec 21, Game Center Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements.

Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Poker World - Offline Poker. Governor of Poker 3 - Online. Governor of Poker 2: Texas Holdem Offline Poker.

Millions of poker players have enjoyed Governor of Poker, without an internet connection. With an easy Texas Holdem Poker tutorial for players that don't know how to play Texas poker, but want to learn poker and good opponents for star poker players with real texas poker skills! The poker chips you win with player Texas Holdem are required to buy houses, win transportation, play against advanced poker AI cowboys, win Texas and beat the new Governor of Poker.

The best poker engine will challenge poker beginners and world poker champions alike. Refine your card tactics to match the countless holdm poker playing styles of your opponents and watch them go "Steamy" and Tilt after showing off your great card bluffs!

The offline Players will play better in each new city and poker tournament, no cheating allowed! Governor of Poker 2 starts where the first game ended. A new Dallas government decided to put a ban on all Texas Holdem poker games and now considers the game to be illegal in Texas.

Take matters in your own hands and prove them wrong! Poker isn't a game of luck, but requires poker skill. There is no live internet connection required to play a good game of Texas hold'em poker, you can just play Governor of Poker 2 offline anywhere you want! Don't wait for real world players in multiplayer poker games, that don't respond or leave the pokergame or go all in every poker hand.

Just play this singleplayer pokergame against realistic AI players! Prove you are a big shot by customizing your poker style to fit your reputation. Vvisit one of the many great cowboy hat shops across Texas and get yourself the poker deluxe hat of your dreams! The game includes HD Poker graphics for a great experience on all Android mobile devices:

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