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The shell retains its original non-reflective finish and the original owner has inscribed his name of the rim underside. Amazing handwork and quality materials. Questions that need answers My Posts. Likely manufactured in Germany, and possibly at the armour manufacturing centre of Augsburg, though some authorities speculate these could be from the Netherlands. Minor stain on back of right leg. Packages are well handled.

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However in the List of Changes in British War Materiel for the pattern is cancelled, 'no scabbards of this pattern having been made'. Skennerton suggests at least some samples or test runs must have been performed, as some very rare examples are recorded. The Australians did adopt the pattern during the inter-War years, this is a dated Lithgow-made example.

The bayonet is also of Australian manufacture at the Orange Arsenal. Austrian Model Bayonet A unit-marked example. Authentic antique Australian Aborigine Boomerang A fine, undamaged and rather long example. Authentic Kukri A rather pleasing high quality example in carved and rattan-bound wooden scabbard.

Authentic Kukri Rather an interesting example with a steel re-enforced scabbard. Going on to command of 9th Battalion Parachute, leading his Regiment during the Battle of the Bulge and later the crossing of the Rhine.

On such high value items as the deactivated Panzerschrek, armour or high end edged weapons this discount runs to hundreds of pounds. This example has a hand forged blade and variant scabbard with squared chape. Badges of the British Army Still the handiest single volume work in this field. This Volunteer variant has the seldom encountered first type stirrup hilt and retains its original brass-mounted leather scabbard. It bears no marks other than a numeric stamp to the blade near the cross guard.

Baker rifle bayonets are certainly somewhat scarce, their scabbards however are exceptionally rare and this example is extremely attractive, being complete and strong. Blade mm, overall mm. Battle damaged Italian M' Helmet A named and dated helmet from the recently dispersed Bennison collection. Belgian Albini Braendlin Service Rifle The stock has suffered worm, though the metalwork is very good.

This example has a strong lock action and good bore. Obsolete calibre so not subject to licensing requirments. Belgian Albini Braendlin Socket Bayonet. Belgian Model Bayonet In scabbard with matching serial. The first edition of this superb book. Running to some pages it remains an essential reference for the collector in this field. Bender Classic title on the Luftwaffe Curiuosly signed by a Laftwaffe aircrew veteran.

Bender title - Air Organizations of the Third Reich. What intrigues me is the presence of an Imperial Austrian officer's 25 year service cross, also named to our Beattie. Our Corporal may have been a fantasist. Black Watch Canada slip-on Shoulder Titles.

Black Watch Cap Badge An example with pin-back. Boer War Chocolate Tin An extremely fine example. Extremely well marked and dated. Boer War period Campaign Knife and Fork. Complete with a rare table model Holmes-Bates pattern stereoviewer. I have collected stereoviews for some time now and highly commend the field to you; seeing the Boer War in three dimensions is little short of time travel, you will not be disappointed.

Cards such as these are being traded individually elsewhere at between three and fifteen pounds each. It remains a most useful study. Book on great Naval Battles of the 20th Century. Book on Military Head Dress Rather a useful reference.

Book on Royal Signals Headdress and Badges. Book on Russian and Soviet Military Awards. Book on Volunteer Militaria The standard reference. Book on Winchester Arms An ex-Library copy. Border Regiment at Arnhem Alan Green's excellent account.

Together with annotated ephemera pertaining to the Salonika Front. Moved to Lewes and Seaford. Moved to billets in Eastbourne in November Moved to Seaford March and on to Aldershot May Border Regiment Cap Badge An unusually crisp stamping. In its original scabbard with matching serials and dates. Complete with its original P'08 webbing frog with tab. There is evidence of the original paper label and various issue marks. One brass belt hook is lacking though easily replaced.

A good clean example. Border Regiment slip-on Shoulder Title An interesting Wartime-worn example which was trimmed by its original owner. Bore Viewer An excellent and well marked example. Complete in their original book-form slip-case. I collect stereoviews and I commend the subject to you all, their study brings the First World War to vivid life.

Brass Button Stick A standard brass example as carried in the washing and shaving kit roll. Brass Button Stick A maker-marked example. Brass Button Stick An uncommonly large hand-made example bearing its original owner's service number. Brass Button Stick With patent date. Brayley and Ingram, Khaki Drill and Jungle Green, British Tropical Uniforms, An essential study from two of the most sophisticated and quite frankly gentlemanly collectors and scholars in this field.

Bren Gun Magazines I have a large quantity available. What makes this scarce is that fact that it contains 12 magazines each selected on the basis of having the early-War piled-rifles stamp of BSA. Bren Spare Barrel Carrier An un-marked used example. Published in and now rather difficult to come by. British Pattern Bayonet A very good dated example by Remington. British Armed Forces 3d Note A mint example. British Armed Forces 6d Note A mint example.

British Army Badges Book Wilkinson's classic guide remains a useful reference. British Army Clothing Buttons A have a large number of these priced at 50p each.

This title runs to some 24 pages and is published in a large format. One of a series well worth collecting. British Artillery Weapons and Ammunition Hogg's and Thurston's classic reference remains the best book on this subject.

Still a standard reference. British Cavalry Lance Penon A very seldom encountered item. Published by the Military Historical Society in and running to some 72 pages of detailed text supported by photographic illustrations.

British Cavalry Sword Book The most useful reference on the subject. They bear British Ordnance broad arrow marks indicating adoption by the British military. In excellent condition throughout. The British perspective on this classic arm. British Sniper issue Scout Regiment Telescope An excellent example of this much sought after instrument with excellent optics and just minor paint loss.

British Trooops in France printed Flash. British Troops in Northern Ireland Flash. Brooched Victorian General Service Button. Brown Bess Socket Bayonet An excellent example with rack number engraved on socket. Brown Enamel Bug A post-War example ideal for re-enactor use. The locking catch internal spring is lacking.

Buff Leather Cross Belt for Sword Of the pattern of the 18th and early 19th Centuries I suspect this is either a military pageant example or old reproduction. It is hand stitched to a high standard in good buff leather, the outside of which retains an original pipe-clay finish. There is evidence of it having been worn with an oval cross belt plate. There is a hand-written date inside though I take this to be spurious. The leather is strong and supple. A good example for display or re-enactment purposes.

The modification comprised the insertion of a patch of leather into the throat of the frog, forcing it to closely follow the contours of the scabbard chape, thus allowing the hooked quillon to clear the leather.

Bust of Winston Churchill Circa 's - 's, standing just a few inches high, sculpted to a high standard and manufactured in a black basalt like composition medium not unlike Vulcanite. Printed in , running to some 64 pages and illustrating buttons. This is an ex-library copy exhibiting the usual flaws though sound. Still an essential reference, and difficult to find.

Copies are scarce and much sought after. Cameron Highlanders Cap Badge retaining its original tartan cloth backing. Purchased from the estate of the Late Sir Hector Munro. Cameron Highlanders Slip-on Shoulder Title. Cameronians Scottish Rifles Cap Badge. Canada Shoulder Title Part of a collection I have recently acquired, assembled during the War by a veteran. Canadain Battledress Blouse Size 12 and dated. The collar has been faced for wear by an officer and the insignia has been removed.

In excellent condition with some marks, though at present un-cleaned. Canadian Pattern Water Bottle Carrier. Canadian Pattern Webbing Basic Pouches. Canadian General Service Lapel Badge As issued to Services personnel who 'honourably ceased to serve on active service', the equivalent of the Silver War badge. Like the latter they were individually numbered and can be researched. Canadian Military Headquarters Formation Patches. Canadian Military Headquarters Printed Flash.

Canadian No4 Bayonet A good Longbranch example with webbing frog. Card Payments While we continue to accept card payments via Paypal, we are now happy to accept credit and debit card payments by telephone. Simply place your order online and then call at your convenience to make payment. Have a happy New Year. Of subtly domed form and high quality. Catterick District printed Formation Sign. Charming 48th Division Christmas Card In original frame and mount.

Charming pre-War British Anti-Hitler Novelty A miniature chamber pot or bearing a comic caricature of Hitler to the inside with legend Hitler in Poland [a pun of Po potty Land] and to the outside the question Well, what would you do?

Cheshire Regiment Printed Shoulder Title. Cheshire Regiment Slip-on Shoulder Title. Chindit Flash An excellent example of this iconic badge. Christopher Hibbert, The Battle of Arnhem. Cine Camera as carried during WWII Recently acquired from a descendant of its original owner, an example with jungle green canvas outer cover as manufactured in the Far East when this camera was used by a British Army soldier.

Civil Defence 'Headquarters' Shoulder Title. Civil Defence Casualty Collection Brassard. Civil Defence Leaflet No. Civilian Respirator in Carrying Tin A large sized example. Classic Boer War History An excellent five volume set.

Classic book - Weapons of the British Soldier. Classic Book on Revolvers Sixguns by Keith. Fairbairn is remembered to this day as the co-designer of the FS Fighting Knife and Smatchet, both of which are illustrated in this book. His book on the subject remains the most sought after of it's kind.

Published in and well illustrated, a true classic. Classic History of the Regiments of London. Classic History of the Uniforms of the British Army.

Classic Study of English Pistols J N George's groundbreaking study remains perhaps a classic; extremely informative, and also a great narrative. Both shell and liner are dated, while the latter is also marked size 7.

The book was made into a motion picture shortly after publication. It remains a classic. It is said these were converted for drill use by Parker Hale, this example being from a batch discovered at the firms premises. Clip of inert Drill MkVI. Clip of inert Home Guard. Clip of inert post-WWII. Clip of inert WWII. Cloth Insignia of the SA Angolia's standard reference remains un-surpassed.

Still the best reference. Copies are difficult to find. Coldstream Guards Bullion Badge A superb badge. Collectors' Guide to Deactivated Weapons A seldom encountered volume. Colt Automatic Pistols The introduction to this scarce volume reads Here, for the first time, is a single volume devoted to the 'complete story' of the Colt Automatic Pistol from to the present.

Commando Shoulder Title A variant associated with 2 Commando. Commercial small leather map case Found with a WWI compass and trench map. An apparently unworn set as originally purchased and always together. I suspect this would be near impossible to replace. Cotton Bandolier A good cotton bandolier for 10 5-round clips of.

It bears an unidentified printed stamp Avondale. It is very pleasingly presented in an ebonised frame. Crudgington and Baker, The British Shotgun, volume 1, Cyprus District printed Formation Signs. D R Baxter, Blunderbusses One of the few studies of these fascinating firearms. On D-Day REME beach recovery sections were among the first ashore, tasked with removing damaged vehicles and keeping the exits clear, those REME attached to the specialist 79th Armoured Division were amongst the largest deployed.

D-Shaped Mess Tins Slightly smaller and more rounded than most encountered. Dated set of mint unissued Pattern Webbing. Daw's Gun Patents, A fascinating re-print. Manufactured at Enfield in , it is serial numbered L Since the photographs were taken, the bipod has been replaced with a MkI adjustable set.

Sorry, the butt strap and AA butt handle are not included in the sale. For sale within the UK only. Deactivated Martini Henry Artillery Carbine. Sorry for sale in the UK only. Sorry, for slae within the UK only. Deactivated Bren MK I An extremely fine example with matching serials to the main body and correct barrel. While the value of Brens has crept up, I suspect they will double in value over the next few years as the bulk supplies have been exhausted.

These examples will always be the most desirable, with homogeneous examples being those to seek out. Sorry, for sale in the UK only. Deactivated K98 Rifle An excellent example deactivated in Not a Soviet captured and refurbished example. Deactivated K98 Rifle Additional images. Certificate lacking, for sale in the UK only. Manufactured at Enfield in While the bolt is a later replacement, the gun retains it long range volley sights and a good degree of original blued finish.

Of particular note is the original patina on the stock, which is exceptional; most encountered have been stripped and re-oiled or waxed.

It can be stripped, cocked and 'dry fired'. This exceptional example is in near factory fresh condition, it has matching serial numbers throughout, unlike most encountered, which tend to be heterogeneous. These airborne Brens have always been much sought after and difficult to source, this investment grade example may be the best I shall ever handle. This excellent example has matching serial numbers to both top and bottom halves of the main body, and also the barrel locking lever, unlike most encountered, which tend to be heterogeneous.

Good examples such as this are seldom encountered. Deactivated German K98 by Mauser While it doesn't have matching serials, it does have a pleasing appearance overall and doesn't bear Russian marks or evidence of post-War re-finishing.

Deactivated German K98 by Mauser Additional images. Deactivated Home Guard Drill Purpose. This is an original untouched DP example, with matching serial numbers and stamps throughout, an entirely homogenous gun. The so-called 'Commission' rifle saw service in Germany's colonial Wars and the Boxer uprising.

It was a front line rifle during the First World War until when supplies of the G98 increased. The example offered here was manufactured at Danzig in , being officially converted to take the 'Spitzer' round in It cocks and 'dry' fires.

The rear volley site is I suspect a modern replacement. Swiss in origin, this is one of those modified to take the Caracano cartridge for use by Italian forces during the First World War. Included with the gun is a BAR ammunition belt. Deactivated to current EU spec.

In my opinion these will prove to be a sound investment. This example has a clear barrel, cocks and dry-fires. The pistol has matching serials and clear chambers. An extremely attractive example.

The magazine is a post-War example. Sadly for sale in the UK only. Deactivated SMLE A very good example with complete stock and a good original blued finish to the to the metal parts.

With matching serials, the stock has a very pleasing patina, and the butt disc bears the date Deactivated WWI Imperial German Hebel Flare Pistol The best example you are likely to encounter, with matching serials throughout and retaining most of its original finish. These are now extremely scarce.

With matching serial numbers throughout. Not an ex-Russian example, indeed it bear Nitro Proof stamps indicating it was a live firearm in the hands of a UK shooter prior to being deactivated. Complete with matching serial numbered bolt, sling and cleaning rod.

An extremely pleasing example. Sorry, for sale in the UK only, certificate lacking. The limited numbers of these guns made available to the wholesale market some years ago are now sold through, the market now being reliant on guns being freed from private collections.

Manufactured in and in lovely condition. The magazine is a post-War example and there is a welded repair to the lower hand guard.

Variously Waffenampt stamped and with matching serial numbers. Deactivated in , certificate lacking. Definitive book on inter-War British Tanks.

Delightful Georgian Scottish Snuff Mull A lovely example of these most charming of personal possessions of the Georgian officer or gentleman. Of traditional form and bearing the original owners name and date in cursive script.

Delightful Imperial German Pipe The porcelain bowl bearing an entitled portrait of Generafeldmarschel v. In excellent condion throughout. Delightful pair of German Trench Art Vases. Now reproduced, this is an original example. Aside from a small chip to the underside of the lid, not visible when on the pot, and the usual glaze cracks and crazing, the condition is most attractive.

Likely a gift for a sweetheart. Denis Adler, Guns of the American West. Devonshire Regiment Slip-on Shoulder Title. Dorsetshire Regiment Slip-on Shoulder Title. Dress Regulations for the Army An extremely rare original of the Dress Regulations covering the uniforms, insignia and accoutrements of officers of the British Army.

A primary reference source. Printed in large format it runs to some pages plus some superb trade advertisements from military tailors and outfitters of the time. There is a tape repair to the sine, else excellent. And essential source of reference for the collector in this field.

Dress Regulations for the Army, A primary source for students of the uniforms of this period. Duke of Wellington's Regiment printed Shoulder Title. Duke of Wellington's Slip-on Shoulder Title. Durham Home Guard Flash I have a number of these available. Durham Light Infantry Sweetheart Brooch. Durham Light Infantry white metal Shoulder Titles. Of munition quality and possibly German I have a near identical example in my personal collection which bears a Nuremburg Guild stamp.

Early 18th Century Socket Bayonet The blade having been reduced. Early 20th Century History of the Black Watch. Early Allmark title on Luftwaffe Uniforms. Early Buff Leather Frog Circa 's's. Early Energa Anti-Tank Grenade A very good practice example of this classic rifle-launched anti-tank grenade.

Air Ministry and size markings are clear. The crown lining bears the name of its original owner, one E Richardson , warranting further research. Richardson's uniforms are listed elsewhere on this site, use the search tool to locate it.

Early General Service Respirator An excellent example in an early variant haversack. Interestingly the haversack has plywood panels loosely inserted to give it a very smart appearance when slung. Early Military Kukri A rather interesting example. The knife itself conforms to later military patterns in having riveted wooden grips, steel pommel cap and bolster, the blade is subtly hollow ground. The scabbard, albeit bearing a later leather patch, is of interest in having a horizontal rib parallel to and just below the throat, this marrying with the two loops of the frog, the latter having an uncommonly narrow belt loop.

Early production Silk Escape Map The earliest type of silk map, being monochrome and single sided. With Air Ministry conttract references. Complete with original leather frog. Mould mark '2' to the grip, the cross-guard 'B2' stamped, and the blade an early hand-forged example in near mint condition.

Strong and supple throughout requiring just a polish. The microphone holders have perished, though these are now being reproduced so could be restored. Part of a small collection of German insignia recently aquired from the familiy of a Parachute Regiment veteran.

Early Soviet Budenovka With pre hammer-and-plow badge. Complete with early M8 scabbard. Early variant 1st Anti-Aircraft Division Flash. The movement works, though the winding pinion is worn and will require replacement in order to wind the movement and adjust the hands. The legs have been taken in slightly, though this is not immediately apparent. A good pair in a useful size showing little wear. An Illustrated History of the 6th Airborne Division". Aside from the losses to the lining, in excellent condition.

The original owner has tucked folded paper behind the sweat band to tighten the fit, these are removable though I've chosen to leave them in situ. The best of its kind I have seen. This example lacks its brow protection and shows its age, however it retains a rather rare example of the optional and removable leather harness intended to be worn when earphones for wired or wireless communications were in use. While such fibre helmets turn up on the rare occasion, I have seen just a very few of the leather communications harnesses in the past 25 years.

East Lancashire Regiment Cap Badge with original backing. Edged Weaponry of the Third Reich A damped copy. Edo Japanese Samurai Jingasa Japanese: Of a type with the straw, conical kasa once called a "coolie hat" in English, the jingasa is typically lacquered, making it especially lightweight and waterproof.

Edo Japanese Samurai Jingasa The jingasa lit. This example bears a gilt mon. This example has a distinctive textured lacquer finish and bears a gilt mon on a raised field.

Edo Japanese Samurai Kabuto A very fine and somewhat distinctive helmet having white yak hair covered hachi. Edo Japanese Wakizashi Additional images. Edo period Japanese Menpo Japanese Samurai or retainer armour for the lower face and neck, worn with the kabuto or jingasa.

Edwardian silver Pocket Pedometer A delightful little instrument which employs a pendulum to record one's paces, and as a consequence can be used to measure distance. Of a type which could be carried by Army officers. In excellent working condition. Embroidered Airborne Division Pegasus Flash. Enamelled silver Cheshire Regiment Sweetheart Brooch A delightful and uncommon example set with marcassite. Enamelled silver Merchant Navy Sweetheart Brooch. Encyclopedia of Military Insignia Guido Rosignolli's useful reference.

English Civil War Armoury Auction Catalogue The scarce catalogue for the auction of the Littlecote Armoury which was cancelled when the collection was saved for the nation.

This example has an unusually large facetted crown of two-pieces united by a lapped seam with flush rivets, I have no doubt it was intended to be proof against pistol shot.

It has a four-lame neck guard, original ear-pieces and typical peak with sliding nasal bar locking by means of a bolt with heart-shaped terminal. The peak bears what appears to be a crowned IR struck mark. The whole retains a period blackened finish and is in excellent condition. Quite simply one of the best zischagge I have seen. Dating to the second quarter of the 17th Century and termed a zischagge, such helmets were worn by cavalry troops from the Thirty Years War to the age of Marlborough and the demise of armour.

This example reatins its original cheak pieces, which are often lacking or modern restorations on surviving examples. It bears an armourer's or arsenal struck mark to the peak, and tooled marks to the upper termonal of the sliding nasal, scars to the skull evidence of the helmet's use on campaign.

English Civil War Helmet Secrete Dating to the midth Century, these items of armour were intended to be worn underneath the large felt hats worn by many soldiers and civilians. They were intended to serve as a disguised protective helmet. Examples are belived to have been worn by some of the judges at Charles I's trial, who believed that their safety was threatened, indeed the King himself is thought to have worn one on occasion.

The existence of a large number of secrete helmets stored together in the Tower of London suggests that they were also issued to troops. English Sporting Guns and Accessories A useful guide. Entrenching Tool Helve Bearing what I consider a spurious date, though likely of the period. From his highly popular and informative Small Arms Identification Series.

Published in and running to some 48 pages of detailed text supported by excellent illustrations. An essential reference and a series worth acquiring. Essential book on the Japanese Military Sword and Dirk Military Swords of Japan - by Fuller and Gregory remains one of the most important works in this field. All of Mr Walter's books are worth acquiring, this little gem is not the least of them. Copies are near impossible to find these days.

It comes with my highest recommendation. Still the essential work in this field. As with all his works, not only an essential reference but an excellent read. It is of shouldered form and compressed-lozenge cross-section. I should welcome further opinions on this fascinating item. Excellent 14th Army Formation Patch A lovely example. War Department marked and issue numbered, there are no Indian or Colonial marks of any kind.

A good example of a much sought after bayonet pattern. Typically profusely marked, both scabbard and hilt bear corresponding unit stamps of a West Lancashire Royal Artillery unit. The hilt and blade are superb, with no faults to mention, only the scabbard shows the usual service bruising and some occasional light pitting. Excellent Pattern bayonet. A dated example by Sanderson in excellent condition.

A handsome example, superior to most encountered these days. What makes this handsome helmet all the more interesting is the presence of what appears to be a town name stencilled onto the underside rim. A rare and most interesting helmet.

One small hole in the liner. Amazing leather, nice patina. Soles in great condition. Thin sole, insole wear. Some heel wear, some scuffs. Quality heel, welt, and sole. Bring your own insoles. Mix felt and leather. Clear window pocket thingie with zipper. Main zip is delicate - has been repaired. It's an olive green pull-up cross-tanned leather, built without the usual instep strap of the Confederate.

All armor, zip-out liner, panels that zip off for mesh venting. Subtle, could easily be converted for day-wear. Matches uniform and hat A couple wee scuffs, major insignias removed. Goes with hat , and Jacket Previously loved, but with life in them still! We see a resole in the very near future! Some sleeve zip troubles. Knee armor and kevlar reinforced seat.

Contrast stitch, gold 'Gorilla' logo on ankles, soles in good condition. Missing 2 middle buttons. Beige suede with embroidered flowers and lots of eyelet detailing. Left loop is broken. Made in Vanncouver, Canada. Real Welt, high quality sole, some heel wear. Goes with crop jacket Comes with additional straps. Heavy leather, large Indian Motorycle back patches. Lightweight and perfect for summer. Steel boning, heavy duty! Steel boning, extra Long!

Insulated, cute stud detailing. Gouge mark at left toe. Shoulders and elbow armor. Needs a resole, sold as is. Lovely leather from a vintage brand. Lovely leather, made in Vancouver! Comes with soft bag and hard shell case. UK Flag across top of hand. Great used condition w a few scuffs. Over jacket and mesh jacket combo. Leather lined, only a tiny bit of wear to the heel. Super fancy, designed specifically for touring in all of the worst weather conditions.

Two bluetooth boom mic headsets with chargers! Quilted detailing, belted waist, collectible brand. Lots of toebox wear but soles in solid condition. Steerhead stamped on uppers. Venting, white stripe detailing.

A slick, low profile lightweight jacket! A slick lil boot! Double top buckle, slight bit of wear on toeboxes. Have been well loved! Bit of wear at the knees. A badass stompy boot. Braid detail, thigh expansion, and 3 snaps at the bottom. Zip out liner too! Drink coffee, but biker-style. A perfect summer pant! Tate Combat Boot burgundy Leather 41 Glorious lace-up combat boots. Some toe scuff, minimumal sole wear. They've been worn around the block, some sole wear.

All armor, zip-out liner, hi-vis, waterproof, venting. Very minor scuffs and wear. Snap and zip pockets, elastic goring on thighs. Snap pockets and zip pockets, elastic gorring on thighs, raw ends. Comes with straps and additional duffel bag. Western horse tool pattern. Quilted lining, zip pockets.

Well loved but still in solid shape. Water resistant and durable. Tears in lining at shoulders and bottom. They're tagged a 9.

Contrast stitch, very slight scratching on left toe box. Goes over your leathers. Starting to fray at thighs and neck. Excellent leather; lil bit of discoloration on the snaps.

Lined and has zip out liner. Two front pockets, vintage styling. Missing zip in liner. Goes with rain jacket Main bag shows tons of sun bleaching and weathering. Smaller bag is in v. Side zips, no armor. Mesh panels for air flow. Spectacular quality, barely worn condition. Some signs of wear. Four zippered front pockets. Side lacing at hips and wrists, zip out liner, padded shoulders and kidney belt. Minor wear at hems. Hip and knee padding. Tall All armor, removable liner, reflective piping.

Collar repair; slight fraying at left shoulder. Stud detailing, boning, custom made. Women's fit, reflective piping. Perfect for those hot summer rides! Your toes will thank you.

Nice pull-up tone on the leather. All armor, removable liner. Some road wear but totally functional! Full armour, two removable liners, double inner zips, venting.

Hi-Vis has worn down but still functional. Staining and wear reflected in price. Slight scuff on counter. A vest to keep you toasty! Insulated, fantastically comfortable, good leather. Roller buckle, double tongue, holes along entire length of belt. Lens squeegee on finger, waterproof! Some degradation to interior, reflected in price; as-is. Quilted padding in elbows and shoulders. Fancy linting with script and pin up art.

Old, but very cool. Buckle front, hinged back. Side lacing, center OR asymmertial zip. As sold at Viberg. Buckle issue on one bag, reflected in price. Some condition flaws, no style flaws. Minor stain on right arm. Big outer pockets, one inner zip pocket. Front legs are one section. Small holes from the patch removal on the back and chest. Lots of wear, leg extensions, boot cut after-market changes.

A rarity these days. Have some miles on 'em but still have plenty left. Minor flaws in stitching at top of left boot zipper. HD logo on back. All armor, no liner, one missing snap at waist. CSA Approved, steel toe, slight nicks in the toes but otherwise excellent.

Single saddlebag, impeccable condition. Brass hardware, no zip-out liner. Small hole in left elbow and armpit seam. Tagged 11 but fit closer to Like a fanny pack, but much cooler. Some wear on back panel. Zip out vest liner for jacket. Boot structure is otherwise good. All function retained, as-is. Missing elbow armor and backpad, has pucks.

Keep your lap warm while scootering about in the cold. Heavy duty full belt, police-style. See also jacket Requires Gerbing set-up to addon. Lizard vamp and counter, leather shaft. Cartridge tests as correct weight. Small repair at right shoulderblade. General wear n tear. Main zipper pull is missing the puller, zip works fine otherwise. Reflective spots beginning to peel a bit.

Ranking military office winter pull-on parade boots. Steel heel and toe taps. So many possibilities with this one. Two large front pockets, button up. Be extra, extra tall. Red and white tongue with four buckles! Will require restitching in parts. Canadian made designer bucket bag. Lightweight heated jacket for under-wear.

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