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He's famously known as 'no-home Jerome' as he used a fake ID with that name to get into Atlantic City casinos and slept under the boardwalk after going broke long before he made his millions. Originally Posted by StArDemonn. Who is the greatest poker player in history? July 28th, , 7: Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. March 20, by Paul Butcher. Players playing in PAD are chosen because of their place in the poker world.

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Leading all women is Vanessa Selbst. Since the beginning of the poker boom , many poker players have earned their education through the online poker ranks. There have been many contenders over the years but the best online poker players happen to also be among the top ranked poker pros in the live arena.

Phil Ivey is no longer 2 all-time in career earnings. Daniel Cates is presently 3 overall. We have divided the lists between Full Tilt , PokerStars and a finally a combined list ranking the greatest poker player by money earned online.

Some of you may notice that this last has changed dramatically since the last publishing. This is because the earnings of some players that had chosen to make their long-term earnings private are now available and no longer excluded from these lists. It's no secret in poker circles that many pros 'sell off' their action, basically letting investors buy part of their buy-in in exchange for a piece of potential winnings. These deals usually favor the pros, since they tend to get more money in their investment than they will pay out for wins.

It's hard to know the hard numbers of what the players actually took home after these staking arrangements and taxes, but usually there's some information to be gleaned from the rumor mill and secondhand accounts of pros' selling-off action.

Regardless, these are the top tournament winners of open and invitational events, local recurring tournaments excluded. That's no surprise, given the size of the payout in the past two decades. It seems likely that he sold off action given his very small amount of tournament cashes before this gargantuan win.

However, he has said that he had set aside a 'sizable chunk' of money for the WSOP ME buy-in, and he's sure glad he bet on himself, no doubt. He was also involved in one of the strangest scandals among Main Event winners, when his ex-girlfriend Bianca Rojas-Latraverse and a few men broke into Jonathan's home and mugged him, stealing a Rolex Submariner watch, his one-of-a-kind WSOP Main Event bracelet, and an indeterminate amount of cash.

In a stroke of stupidity, she reportedly texted him telling him she was going to rob him before it occurred. She later plead guilty to a number of charges including armed robbery and assault. Another Main Event winner, probably the most infamous of them for all the wrong reasons, Jamie Gold won the World Series Of Poker Main Event despite some extremely questionable let's face it, just plain bad play.

To his credit, his gamesmanship with his table chatter was actually somewhat effective in getting opponents off their game, but he is regarded as one of the worst poker players skill-wise ever to win. He too is embroiled in scandal of the more underhanded variety. He was sued by Crispin Leyser, a poker coach that agreed to coach him before the tournament in exchange for half of Jamie's winnings.

Jamie later reneged on the deal claiming they had never made any arrangement, but after it was clear he would lose to the evidence presented in court, he and Leyser settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Gold plays like an amateur, and he conducts himself like one off the table. Rumor mill has it that he lost much of his winnings and has been seen many times playing low-stakes cash games and small tourneys in Las Vegas. The sheer volume of his entries and cashes has lead to his large total winnings. Like him or not, you have to admire his commitment. Despite the numbers, the fact that he publicly stated he nearly declared bankruptcy in before winning the WSOP Poker Player's Championship says he's not doing so well.

Extravagant spending and unpaid taxes supposedly nearly made him bankrupt before winning the tournament in the nick of time. He likely sells off much of his action to investors, given the facts. Get a good accountant, Mike. Depending on how you look at it, one of the more inspiring or more boring players on this list is John Juanda. Only one of two non-North American players on this list, he came to United States in to attend the University of Oklahoma and has lived there since.

The quiet, well-mannered Indonesian will methodically take all your chips if you give him the chance. He has undoubtedly earned his place on this list. Originally Posted by horizon August 20th, , 9: Chill guys,they will be playing in the next 20 years if they will be healthy..

August 21st, , You've got to love Daniel Negreanu. He actually lost his first BR and then came back and look at him now, to see him reading other people's play is something I don't believe you could learn. I wondered why he wasn't in Hall of Fame before now, but, found out the other day you have to be 40 to get in to it. His play described in one quote "A K - that's not a hand". August 21st, , 4: August 21st, , 6: Originally Posted by OzExorcist. Yeah, there's a different list for that: August 21st, , 7: Originally Posted by StArDemonn.

I would like to be on the list even if it was at last. August 22nd, , 7: Im surprised about Sam Trickett. Page 1 of 3 Use the arrow to the right to read the next 2 page s. Join the Conversation at CardsChat. CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries.

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