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The colored areas are combination of air - brushing and handpainting on polyresin. Check to see if this promotion is still available. Last up to seven days. It is black all thru the night but you will wake up to daylight in the morning. Sightsee all over the ship and take it to the dining room or buffet with you? Check the Casinos At Sea page for details of the amenities you receive at various levels. This page was last edited on 28 June , at

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All photos must be emailed to us at PhotoPartyFavors aol. We no longer accept photos that are sent to us by regular mail. Minimum Order - 10 - from the same photo of the same design. Photo Invitations Announcements, Cards. Photo Kids Birthday Invitations New! Testimonials What people are saying about Photo Party Favors. On designs that are meant to contain more than one photo, there is no extra charge for the additional photo.

Please include your name, shipping address, phone number in case we have any questions , what you're ordering, how many, the last possible date you need it by, the personalization desired, and confirmation that you have mailed or will be mailing within the next hours your check made payable to Linda Kling. If you are emailing a photo taken by a digital camera, please do NOT do anything to edit, change, crop or resize the photo.

It should be sent just as it was when it came out of the camera. Digital photos must be at least x pixels or the equivalent of If you are scanning photos to email to us, please wipe the dust off your scanner and photo first.

Make sure your photos are scanned at a minimum of 4 x 6 inches at dpi and saved at the highest quality, lowest compression jpg. If someone scans a photo for you, please ask them to scan it at full size and at least dpi. If you don't know how to make sure your scanner is set to scan at dpi, then click on the help file in your scanner software for instructions. Do not scan the entire scanning bed, but just the photo. Please send your photo or photos as an email attachment , and not in the body of the email itself many email programs will resize photos to be smaller to fit inside the email.

Your email program will have a button that says "attach" or "attachments" or a paper clip in Outlook Express or something similar. Pic 4 Now use a sharp nail to push out the magnet remember the magnet in picture 2? Pic 6 shows what the magnet looks like.

It's very small and very flat, but it's enough to stop any coin with iron in it from passing into the machine. Put it all back together be careful lining up the yellow eject button before snapping back into place and be sure to re-connect all the wires when you are done.

Your Pachislo will now let coins with ferrous metals roll into the hopper and trigger credits properly. Or at least it worked on my machine. Your mileage may vary. Sorry that some pics are sideways, Amazon wouldn't let me modify them once uploaded. Arrived shiny and new. About the size of a quarter which was what I wanted. Metal coins that the magnet in my coin acceptor responded to just fine. I use them with a programmable coin acceptor that I also ordered on amazon.

In my experience these will work in the machines that people have BUT they may have fine tune their acceptor depending on how old it is.

These did not work. I own 4 pachislo machines, and these tokens only worked in one of them about half of the time. It clearly says that they are pachislo compatible, and they are not. I have returned these for a full refund.

I would not recommend these for use in any pachislo slot machine. These coins are exactly what the product description said they would be.

All 1, of them were shiny and new. The cherry stamp is subtle enough that they can fit almost any purpose. I teach magic to a lot of young kids and often have to give them quarters to use in their tricks.

With 35 kids per class, that can get pretty expensive over time. These coins have the look and feel of a real quarter, without the expense. These work in all of our 12 quarter machine using a little common sense. If you have a machine where they get stuck in the entry which is rare, just slightly file the opening of the coin entry a hair because the tokens are a hair wider.

We only had to do this on one of our 12 quarter machines. Tried in a Bally Game Maker video poker, work good They state these will fit the slot machine I have but they don't work. Now I have coins that don't work! Exactly as described and delivered quickly. Unfortunately, did not work in our slot machine despite not having a magnet. See all 70 reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews.

Published 10 days ago. Published 1 month ago. Published 3 months ago. You said you have taken a 12 pack of soda on board. What cruise line did you take? I thought it said on website the took it away. We are going on Royal Caribbean. Power strips are usually ok, as long as they do NOT have surge protectors on them. If you have a surge protected power strip, they will confiscate it — the plain ones are allowed. Take a power strip and an extension cord for your electronic gadgets.

Plugs are scarce in cabins! I never have plug space issuses. We use our phones to take pictures so we need them charged all the time. I even take my laptop and usb speaker. I make sure that I use suitcases that are not to tall when they are laid down. I put my empty suitcase in the closet…leave the top part unzipped and it is perfect for sticking dirty clothes in when I am done with them.

We always take a photocopy of our passports and put them in a different place than we keep the actual passports. If you happen to lose the originals or they somehow get stolen, you have all of the important information at hand, plus your picture ID on the photocopy.

Also, we take photocopies of credit card telephone contact numbers, travel insurance info, etc. Even better, take photos of your documents or scan them and email them to yourself. Not sure I would want that information on my phone in case my phone was lost or stolen.

Scanning is a great idea, though! Every cabin, I have been in on a Disney cruise has an alarm clock and wake up call service. I would add travel size laundry soap with your dryer sheets for Disney cruises because they have washers and dryers available. Throwing in a quick load of underwear and tee shirts helps us pack less and is worth doing laundry on board.

Carnival also has washer and dryers on every floor. So I carry about 3 Tide or Gain pods with a few dryer sheets in a Ziploc bag. No dirty clothes when we get home! I noticed that Princess ships also have self service laundry. I bring a few tide pods with me as well as a pack of quarters. In many ports, the agricultural laws of the country prohibit you from bringing food ashore. There are often signs at the gangplank reminding you of this.

I have seen ports where dogs were used to check the bags of passengers on the pier. In when entering Cozumel a police dog stopped me. I enjoy the banana bread on carnival Magic.

A small piece was in a napkin in my pocket. I had forgotten it was there. As an early riser, i save a piece to keep my blood sugar stable. I had to sit my over fifty self on the ground and dump everything while other passengers stared at me probably thrilled they were skipped while they took full lunches into port. The Mexicano police was jubilant that he caught a banana bread smuggler. There was some humor but I almost missed my excursion.

Cozumel uses dogs and they are serious. I bag it and squirrel it away in the cabin fridge so when I gcome in the cabin at 3am hungry I can have what I want and not have to settle for pizza or what ever they have for late night snacks.

I always bring clothespins so that you can let swimming suits dry on balcony. Also a small piece of bright colored duck tape to put on balcony railing, so that you can pick out cabin from the dock. Lorraina using a small piece of bright colored duck tape to put on balcony railing will not ruin anyones picture.

Besides, even a beginner can edit a picture and take the color tape out of a picture with a photo editing program. These can be found for free on the internet….. I have a plastic fold flat box for my makeup, I use in the bathroom.

Bring magnetic hooks Most cabin walls are metal. I use magnetic hooks to hang sunglasses, lanyards, attach a bulldog clips and hang the sunhats out of the way on a wall. That is a very good idea!!!!! I I will have to remember this and also pass it on to other cruisers!!! Magnetic towel bars are great too if you can find them. You can hang them on ceiling.

Gives you extra place to hang swimsuits or other items. ALL cabin walls are not magnetic nor are all doors , so the magnets will not work…. I use duct tape with funny designs on it and put it on the handles of luggage.

Makes it easier to find in the luggage purgatory. Having your passport also makes getting on and off the boat faster and easier than using a birthday certificate.

I always carried my passport when leaving the ship. If you get into some kind of trouble, it is proof positive that you are a US citizen. Actually the only thing that a copy of the passport will do is make getting a new passport to travel easier.

You would have to pay for a new passport but could do so more easily with the copy. Betsy, we do the same thing. That way we have a copy with us and the real one is accessible in our cabin.

If my purse were stolen, I would lose the copy and not the original. I always carry passport, but found out little known fact if you passport is damaged or altered in any way you can be refused entry. This includes mistakenly putting past port in laundry or when the Custom agent checks your paper work and mistakenly puts highlighter ink on passport.

Learned this at passport office. This is a great idea. Scan the first page of your passport if your printer has a scanner. Send an email to yourself and attach the scanned image.

Take a photo copy of your passport instead. If you loose your wallet or it is stolen you will be glad you did. We use our birth certificates and have never had any problem and get off just as fast as the next person. Hopefully you will never need to fly home from a port in an emergency.

Did you use an original. We had to get one it has the seal and everything and are hoping they work. Disney Cruise Line does not allow over-the-door shoe holders to organize items, and people who use them will be charged for repairs.

Take a photo of your luggage before handing it over. That way, when your bag is lost, you can show cruise staff exactly what your bag looks like. A big bow on the handle sure helps too. A shower puffy on suit case handle is an easy spot. There are only just a few colors that they make suitcases, red, blue, and ever popular black.

If you have purchased luggage in the past few years, they come in many different colors now. You can get a hard shell case with a variety of wild designs. My luggage is lime green with some black trim. I have no problem finding my bag. Before I purchased the lime ones, we had red. I had a large luggage tag made with the first letter of our last name.

It was very easy to spot when searching for luggage at the airport. Some people but a large bright elastic band around their luggage to help identify it. I keep a piece on my purse and anything that goes on the trip. Easy to spot in a group of luggage. Remember to tie it on top and side handles so no matter how the luggage sits you can see it.

Now, you wonder why I tie it on my purse………. We were gone almost a month. Delta lost all our luggage BOTH going and coming!!!!

My French is not too good and having the ribbon handy helped, lol. Well maybe not all that fast as it took 7 days to get our luggage to us in Paris and then 4 days to get once we got home. Just put the magnet hooks into the holes that the hanger usually goes into. The magnets are often on sale after the holidays, or you can usually find them anytime of year at home improvement stores like Home Depot.

Sometimes it is handier to hang it closer to the bed or balcony — no problem — the magnets hold to the walls! After the cruise, I just leave the magnets attached to the shoe holder, reload all of the cruise helpers and store it loaded and folded in a plastic garbage bag, ready to pack for the next cruise! No more searching for those rain ponchos, mini umbrellas, band aides, duct tape, etc.! I was able to use the over the door shoe hanger but just put wash clothes under each side. No problem and it is the best at keeping up with things in the room!

Chico this is not always true. Our waiter was very confused because he could not figure out just where the Wine had come from that was in our glass.

We had to show him the little bottle of concentrated Kool-Aid that we used in our water. He told us this was the first time he had seen this.

BTW, he was not a new hire but had been working with Royal Caribbean for several years….. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site contains affiliate links.

We may receive compensation when you purchase products from these links. Cruise Fever in Your Inbox. Hot cruise deals, tips, news and more. Unsubscribe any time you'd like. Check Your E-mail to Confirm. Lots of options for tea are also offered throughout the ship.

We memorized our cabin number! It was easy to find our cabin that way! Most take it to block out noise or the ones that use one at home to help them sleep. Power strips are no longer allowed on Royal Caribbean. Do they allow stiller on royal Caribbean and carnival. Try putting a glowstick in the bathroom sink at night for a subtle nightlight. I think the glow sticks are non reusable.

Bring a night light an put in the bathroom Also bring a flashlight. This is a great list!!! I love the picture idea!

Why bring water when the water distilled onboard is purer than the water in the plastic bottles? Thanks for the tip on using the TV to charge phones! Water bottles are no longer allowed to be brought about Carnival ships. Make sure the Listerine bottle is totally cleaned.

If not your vodka is going to taste funny. Most lines have a iron to use in the laundry area. Can not on Royal. Only can carry on 2 bottles wine per room o water or soda. I have always requested extra hangars and they have always been provided.

Ask your room steward and he or she will provide you with some hangers. Try going through my security team and you would have. This is very important to me! Making more room in a cabin is always nice!!! Ask them to remove items in the mini bar refrigerator and use that for your insulin.

Insulin can be stored at room temperature. Check with your doctor. I have never had mine taken in over 30 years of cruising on 6 different cruise lines. I told the man handling our room and he brought a extension cord right away. I take a small fan on every cruise. Never had there been an issue. NCL confiscated my fan once. RCCL and Carnival never have. Just womdering…is there a fee to use their washer and dryer?

Yes they do but we take power bars along with us never a problem. I take freezer bags and larger garbage bags for wet or dirty clothes to pack. Surely you can figure out what room is yours without ruining everyone elses pictures! There are magnetic curtain rods made for metal doors that you can use. Commando hooks work on every smooth surface , you can remove them easily and use them again. I would take a copy of my passport but leave the real one locked in my safe. I leave my passport book in the cabin safe and take my passport card into port.

If you lose your passport, you can pull the image up at any place that has internet access. There are many multicolored suitcases on amazon.. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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