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Dodger Blues Fan Forum:: All of the outside doors would be similar: The only compound i made that had no such data that i can recall was tetrahydrogestrinone. I love to see their expressions and hear their comments. I guess it's a way of them letting people know what their names are when they're on the beach -- I don't know.

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You know, it's 'the life. Blogger Alexander Ovechkin has a blog now , I see. I met him when he first came to D. He used to come to the games front row and to practice too and watch me play because both of his parents play basketball. So I heard he had a little skill and he gave me his jersey. I like watching the Capitals games just to see people getting hit against the glass. That's my thing; watching people get hammered against the glass.

As far as his blog goes, anybody can have a blog -- monkeys can have blogs -- but if it's not good or funny than it's not good or funny. The problem with athletes getting blogs now is that they get blogs thinking they can hide away from the media, but, no, you still have to talk to the media. It's just something that's added to put fans in your everyday life, that's all.

You give yourself a little bit of a human side. It has to be. You can't have your own color of my shoe and put me in the back of the book! You have to put me on the cover, right? Other than that we have some other colors: Redskins Our Away Jersey ' You know, the black and gold. But it looks like the Saints colors, so when we play in New Orleans I might wear them. In my next blog post I should be ready with the schedule of what city is going to get what shoe so the fans in that city know what shoe they're getting.

So if you like the color that's coming out in L. I think adidas did a great job doing this. We came up with a great concept and it should be great, we're the first people to do it.

Floyd 'Pete' Nelson I just wanted to send my thoughts out to Jameer Nelson and his family after hearing that his dad died in a tragic accident. I'm really close with my dad, so I can only imagine how hard it is for Jameer. I am getting all of my sponsors together in one place ' adidas, EA Sports, Spalding, Vitamin Water, Fox Sports Net who are giving me my own video game show and another secret one you don't know about yet ' and I'm taking them all out to dinner.

Actually, if you think about it, they're all technically taking me out to dinner everyday, but let's pretend to ignore that. I want to do this every year to get everybody on the same page and give everybody a chance to collab together and see what we can come up with. The ball boys in every city are like, 'Hey Gil. So, how do you feel tonight?

Are we splitting it ? If we are then I'll go out and score 40! I just love Fantasy because it brings fun back into sports. That's what I'm talking about. My swagger got me No. It wasn't my actual basketball skills, it was my swag. Steve Nash's swag is not like mine. He may throw them dimes, but I throw the one-liner. That's a great list to have behind me. Those guys deserve to be back there. And I beat him. He went with the Blazers because he's from Portland and he said he'd give me a chance to score 50 on Nate.

I didn't score 50, I scored 27, but the best part about it was ' non-scripted ' guess who hit the game winner? The video game version of Gilbert Arenas.

Game winner from 15 feet. For all the people who are trying to get the backboards, rims and balls from my Spalding challenge on GilsArena. We have a team of readers standing by. Now to recap, you got to pay attention to my next three blog posts because they're going to be important. I'll give you a break down: The next blog will be about what shoes will be coming out in what city and after that I'm going to be giving a full preview of NBA LIVE 08 and I can't wait for my special post at the end of the month.

High schools kids and junior high kids will want to focus on that one because it really is going to be special. It will give kids the chance to become stars. New Contest If you go to GilsArena. They get the rim, the backboard, Spalding balls, and all the rest of the accessories. All you have to do is submit an essay on GilsArena.

I'll have the contest running now until October 1st. That gives you a month to submit your essay. We went to the Titans field. That was the first time I was actually on the field of an NFL football team. The shoot was for like five hours and we talked for four hours and 30 minutes of it. He's down to earth. He's in my Fab 5 now. Is that how you say it?

He's a cool guy. He gave me his video game. He gave me Madden '08 that's juiced up. He's juiced up in it so I get to go ahead and cheat online with it. The Gil 20's are Coming I need to tell you guys more about my new shoe.

I mentioned it before, but now that the details are being worked out, I'm even more excited about it. They're called the Gil 20's. That means that there are 20 different versions coming out in 20 cities. That means what whatever version you buy in D.

Or whatever comes out in L. So this is for all the shoeheads, I'm trying out a new something new. Every shoe is totally different. I'm hoping David Stern lets me wear all the different versions without giving me a fine.

So there will be 20 different shoes in 20 different cities with 20 different release dates and I should have the schedule for you guys the next time I blog so you'll know what color comes out in what city.

I can give you a couple ideas of what the shoes are called though: Coke Zero That you can only get through Coke Rewards. They're doing the whole Willy Wonka thing. Halo 3 That Microsoft worked on. You'll only be able to buy them in certain stores. Your big sporting good stores are going to sell them, but most of them will go to the specialty shoe stores and the underground sneaker shops.

It should cause a lot of hype because they are some good looking shoes. This isn't the big thing that I was talking about, that's happening in a couple more weeks. That's going to be huge. But I was telling him, 'You have to do that because seven out of 10 people don't know you enough to even remember what jersey number you wore in college.

Ten out of 10 people know what I wore, seven out of 10 don't know what he wore. So by him having that gym, that gives him some clout. He's still going to be behind me with the fans, but now he has his own gym with his own name on it to go work out. It's a selfish gym. It's a gym that is celebrating Richard Jefferson.

I'm donating to people. He's trying to be one of the elite Arizona players ever, which he's not right now. Unfortunately, I had to be the one to say that he's like the third favorite. But I think his stock is dropping. He's like fourth now. I don't know what happened to cause it, but he's fourth now. The R-Jeff market is in a recession. So we joked about that the whole time. Him and I had a lot of fun. I didn't realize that I was still a little rock star in Arizona. I'm a rock star bay-bay!

I didn't know I was still popular like that. I've been out of school for six years. The game was a lot of fun. The famous Steve Kerr had an airball. I don't know how that happened. But he still hit about four or five threes. I was playing around a little bit at the beginning and one of the assistants, Josh Pastner, said that I wasn't going to score 20 points in the second half or we'd have to count 20 push-ups in front of everybody.

And I had 20 points in the second half. And he got down and gave me 20, pushin' it up. Welcome to the Wizards, Dave Hopla Dave Hopla is good for me because he's the one who taught me to shoot when I was little. He's been working with me since I was 13 years old when I first entered camp. So having him there again everyday should just make me better.

He's been here working with the guys, my teammates' shots are getting better. You can see what he did for Toronto and their shooting last year. He does an amazing job, so that's a plus for us right now. Eddie Griffin I heard about Eddie Griffin. I didn't know him personally, but for a guy who was in my draft, you just have to hope he rests in peace and give condolences to his family. When I found out I was like, 'What?!

How'd he get hit by a train? Update I stopped my shots at 50, I'm not going for , anymore. I did 50, in 26 days. What happened was I sat out a couple days and that turned into a whole week because my arm was sore. I thought tendonitis might be starting to kick in so I had to shut the , down. Then I had to balance out by working out and doing drills and dribbling the ball because I wasn't dribbling before, I was just sitting there shooting. I was looking like Jud Buechler.

The way I was going, I was preparing just to be a spot-up shooter. I'll save that role for my after years, then I'll just be a spot-up. They told me it was just too much on my arms and I needed to work in some of my legs and footwork stuff so I stopped at 50 k and I still had like 45 days left to reach my goal.

But now I'm working on my overall balance and I'm back at percent healthy so that's good. I played pickup ball at Barry Farms the other day and had about 35 points and was dunking and stuff, so I'm feeling good. We chopped it up. He said when I come to L. I have to get him some front row tickets and then he'll give me some tickets for his comedy show.

I told him, 'Sound good. That's all I watch is comedy. I have to give him a shout out. You have to see it. I love that song. I want Tay to make me a theme song. I'm one of the happiest guys around now because my favorite player is coming back to play. I remember John Thompson had an interview with him and asked him, 'Do you think you're going to play in the NBA again?

My man, Penny Hardaway. That's my favorite player growing up. In my room I probably had pictures up on my wall and of 'em were all Penny. Then I had a few Shaq, young Kobe and Iverson ones too. The funny part is, you know, I collect jerseys and I just found an original Orlando Penny Hardaway jersey. There's nothing out there on him. So, I'm having all the other teams he played for -- Phoenix, New York, and now Miami ' send one of his jerseys to me. I think he still has something left.

Reggie has some stuff going on too. He just needs to get on that right team. With him, he's not as dominant as he used to be but, he can be that third or fourth option. Seeing all these guys come back has made me think about whether I'd ever do the same. I want to leave how Reggie Miller originally left, that's how I want to see every player leave. I want to say, 'This is my last year, so the fans can give their last hurrah. I hate how guys want to come back sometimes.

With Reggie, I really liked how he finished that year and walked away from the game. But I guess he's sitting there, analyzing all these games and he's tempted thinking, 'Man, I can go in there and hit a shot! The Landlord I'm letting Nick Young rent out one of my houses. It's not all about being nice to a rookie, he'll help me pay off what I owe! It was an empty house because my daughter lives with me now. She doesn't need a whole place to herself. The family is with me now.

So we're going to have fun. We're going to head up there with the young kids and teach them some old pointers. Man, I can't believe I'm saying stuff like that. I must be old. We're also having a hibachi cookout because you know the flame is on right now. Oh man, it's beyond on.

I wish the season started today. Jason Gardner's Wedding I missed a day of shooting over the weekend because I had to go to a wedding. It was my old college roommate's from Arizona, Jason Gardner's, wedding. He got married after 14 years together with his junior high girlfriend. He finally got married. Coach Olsen showed up as well as some of the assistant coaches like Jay John, who is at Oregon State now.

We had a good time. I couldn't decide on a gift. So, I kinda paid for the wedding. You don't know what to give for gifts so you give money. If they end up using the money for the wedding, you end up paying for the wedding. I didn't know what to give! What do you give a guy that's getting married? Jason leaves for Germany, I think, to continue playing basketball overseas as soon as he gets back from his honey moon in Mexico.

It really was a great time. Me and Richard, for some reason, always end up having a bragging session when we're around each other and try to out-do one another. For some reason, he thinks he's better than me. He can't fathom that he's only the third best player from Arizona, and I'm No. He just hates that I'm No.

He hates to see me on my own video game, he hates that I'm a three-time All-Star, he hates the fact that he only got a bronze medal ' all of that. He is bitter about it. Signings Congratulations, Awvee Storey! He's a really cool guy. He hustles, he plays hard, they're going to love him up there in Milwaukee. He was so happy. He called me and was like, 'Man, thank you for everything. You stood up for me and helped me get my first job,' and I was like, 'You did it.

He reminds me of me. He has talent and just got overlooked a little bit. Hopefully he has the same will power that I have to become the best, and if he does, you're going to see another star in the making. Prettier in Person For all the Beyonce' fans out there, I went to her concert. You know, you see her on TV and you think, 'Oh man, does she really look that pretty in person?

I never realized what makes her so different until I saw her live. I gladly spent money on a suite to see her. I invited a couple of my teammates too. DeShawn Stevenson came, Caron came ' I watched the first eight songs or so, then went down and worked out, and went back to the suite to watch the ending. I never go to concerts because I feel like, 'What's the point? You're singing the same little songs you sing on TV.

At the end, I got back stage. Come on, it was at the Verizon Center. The security guards know whose picture is on the building. I got all access. She gave me a hug and I had her autograph my Wizards No. There's no scandal behind the hug. Me and Jay-Z are good. That's going to be a new part of my jersey collection.

But Beyonce' is, and always will be, the originator. Another Hibachi Award Winner Usually I give out awards at the end of the year , but somebody won the 'Best Interview of the Century' award this summer. If you guys haven't seen it, you need to search 'Marbury interview' on YouTube. If you don't think this is the best interview in history, something is mentally wrong with you. It was so good, I watched it 12 times just to make sure that what I was watching was actually real and I wasn't imagining it.

He's like, 'I'm going to average 10 points, dimes, four assists '' And I'm like, 'What? Last time I checked, dimes and assists were the same thing. And at the end he just starts screaming, 'Do it with me now! Do it with me! Race to , Makes: Update I'm at 42, makes right now, which is 5, ahead of schedule, but I'm going to take two days off to rest my shoulder a bit.

Oh, and before I go, I got something new in the works. My dad is coming out of retirement to help me with my upcoming marketing deal. That's all I can say for now. And I can't leave without a little bragging. For all of you Madden fans out there that are camping out, waiting for the game to be released, I know what it's like.

I used to do that too. I already got a copy of Madden. You can meet me in the lobby, my tag is Agent Arenas. I used someone else's joke. What's the big deal? I thought it was funny, I blogged it, you all laughed. Listen, nobody even heard of Ian Edwards before me. He's no Chris Rock. I helped him become famous. Now everybody is going to YouTube and looking him up. Seventy-eight cents, Ian, you can put that in a royalties check made out to me.

Puffy and Ashanti made careers out of stealing other people's beats. This is America, the land of the reused. If you think about it, nothing is original.

Every joke has been retold at some point. What I did was recycle a new joke instead of waiting for it to get old. It was too funny not to. I mean, at least I picked a good joke, right? It's not like it was some lame, 'Yo momma' joke. Let's not forget, 'Hibachi' was stolen too. Brendan Haywood used to say it before me. But I recognize good stuff and make it popular. Now 'Hibachi' is patented by Agent Zero, son. I'm not a thief, I just reused it.

Know who is a thief? The guy that is trying to sell the domain name of GilbertArenas. I have to buy it back from him. Now that's stealing, borrowing, whatever you want to call it. I mean they were even talking about it on PTI.

Patrick McEnroe was saying I should quit making jokes about sharks and worry about rehabbing. Patrick, you're right, I should be focusing on my knee.

I guess taking 15 minutes to tell a joke doesn't leave 23 hours and 45 minutes the rest of the day to be working on my knee. Rome was killing me too, but Rome's my boy so I can't say anything bad about him.

Patty Mac, shouldn't you be 'focusing' on talking about real sports that are going on? I didn't realize that telling jokes can get me on PTI. I should do it more often. Did you hear the one about the monkey and the dog ' I would finish the joke, but I already spent too much time on this post and need to get back to the gym according to McEnroe.

Before I do though, I'm going to go play with my new pet. It's called a 'liger. I made it up. Man, I'm so original. Yes, I stole that from Napoleon Dynamite. Oh yeah, Bow Wow gave me a shout out on my jeans, Fly Jeans, in his new song with B-5 so I just wanted to give him a shout out too. One fifth, 13 days gone by, so I'm not only on track, I'm above track so I'm happy about that.

There are going to be some days where I have to travel so I'm going to have to do some making up, but hopefully not too much. That's why I'm trying to shoot 1, makes instead of 1, so I can stay above the pace.

I'm the only guy in the gym everyday. The motivation is I have a goal that I'm trying to reach and I think that's going to help my game next season. That's why I'm in the gym. Time for my Teaser I got a big project coming up. I don't want to release it, I don't want to get too happy about it, but it's a really, really good project coming up. I can just give a glimpse: I'm going to do a casting for voices.

I'll just say that. KG to Boston Whooo! It's going to be Boston's going to be a lot better. They're just one more team that jumps out from the bottom to the top now with him, Ray Allen and P2. You got to be weary about that when your team's in the East because the Celtics can easily jump to the top three teams in the conference now that they have him. The rest of us in the Eastern Conference got to get on our grind now.

We ain't gonna be afraid, but at the end of the day, they got some fire power on their team now. They're not like the Boston of the last couple years where we could look at the season series and go, 'OK this is going to be ' or they might sneak one win.

This is good for the franchise in Boston. You wanted them to get the No. It's good for the franchise and good for the league that Boston is going to be one of the key teams again in the Eastern Conference. Charity Catch I'm stuck in between a rock and a rock. I have this weekend coming up where I'm supposed to be attending Baron's and Paul's L.

Stars Weekend, but I also promised Larry Hughes that I was going to come visit him and his wife and do his little casino charity that his mother is throwing for her passed son.

So, I'm stuck in the middle. I might go off to L. Advice for the Young Guys This is for the guys in their first and second years in the league, or for people who are going to become NBA players in the future: When you're dealing with a wife, a girlfriend, a fianc'e, your biggest problems are going to be the simplest problems.

You're going to be on the road for six-seven days a week sometimes and you're eating room service, you're eating out every night while she's on the other hand staying home, eating home cooking.

So when you come into town, she's going to want to go out, go to the movies, go hang out, go eat dinner and you're going to want to stay home. That's where you guys will clash. It happens all the time. I guess the women don't realize our job demands a lot, from flying to getting in and out of buses and hotels and arenas. They don't realize when we get home we just want to be in the bed and the players don't realize if they have kids that the women want to get out of house and be relieved from the kids.

It's gets to be like, 'Come on, I've been on the road! We can talk about this in the off season! It's been hard because when I hurt my knee, my whole mentality was, 'I got to get back, get back, get back to the player I was,' so then you come home at two o'clock after practicing and your kids are running around and they want to go to the park and you're like, 'I'm tired.

Can't I just eat and go to sleep? There are these things called shark attacks, but there is no such thing as a shark attack. I have never seen a real shark attack. I know you're making a weird face as you're reading this. OK people, a shark attack is not what we see on TV and what people portray it as.

We live on land. Sharks live in water. So if you're swimming in the water and a shark bites you, that's called trespassing. That is called trespassing. That is not a shark attack. A shark attack is if you're chilling at home, sitting on your couch, and a shark comes in and bites you; now that's a shark attack. Now, if you're chilling in the water, that is called invasion of space. So I have never heard of a shark attack. When I see on the news where it's like, 'There have been 10 shark attacks,' I'm like, 'Hey, for real?!

They're just running around? Sharks are walking now, huh! We live on the land, we don't live underwater. It's a little mini-series I do. Right now I'm shooting A recent release of a video of an internal meeting at Google shows just how vulnerable we are and how easy it is for corporate opinions to be foisted on others. Go to Google and see how upset Google management was in When Trump won, their world had been turned upside down and they vowed to do something about that.

The scary part about this is that Google is far from being alone. There are lots of entities out there that comprise the digital universe who see nothing wrong with filtering the communications they control to achieve their own ends. The danger is that a small number of corporate managers in certain industries can point their fingers and make things happen that affect all of us right down to the guy plowing a field in Nebraska. This is scary stuff but what do we do about it?

This is way above my pay grade or my ability to theorize. But, the trend is well established. Who knows, maybe, when it gets bad enough, society will split, as it does in Demo Man, and part will go underground in an effort to live life in a way they think it should be lived.

See you next week. The social, cultural and technological changes that have occurred over the past two generations, call it 40 years at two decades per generation, are mind numbing. Many are the result of the way both TV and the app generation, born first, of the computer, and second, the smart phone and its bastard child, social media, have changed social constructs.

First, we have to put things in time brackets: By that time computers were a solid staple of life Apple started business in , cell phones were getting smarter and the Internet was already universal. The cultural differences of the different areas are slowly disappearing but are still obvious because there is so much interaction via social media and the immediacy of information transfer via every form of media. This kind of immediacy was unimaginable only a few years earlier. All of this has rendered most of the life experiences of folks in my generation and the one following it, almost totally irrelevant.

However, when you line a bunch of them up, they not only point out the differences but some are amusing. Bear in mind, these were in a small town in Nebraska. Shotguns in School Parking Lots. We did a lot of pheasant road hunting before and after school so shotguns were always around. Offered first gun at In this case, it was a single shot and I turned it down in favor of roller skates dad had a roller rink and the next year I paid for my own Marlin lever action. Still have most of it and the sub guns have been legalized.

Also had Roman Candle fights. Never said we were smart. Trying to see how fast I could get my new speedometer to go, hit almost 30 mph going down the hill past Hughes brothers plant. Hit the railroad tracks, the fork jumped off the axle and I went over the bars. Lost a lot of skin. Bike buried in snow: Had to dig it out days later. Just part of living in the Midwest.

They were common and we blew up everything we could find. Modified wooden clothes pins to light and throw wooden matches at least 20 feet. Eventually started a fire under the wooden Third Street bridge and had to call the fire department. Did I mention we were constantly in trouble? It Was All About Cars: Found the roadster body stopping field erosion in a gully at 15 years-old and started building a hotrod because no one told me I was too young to be attempting such things.

They just let us do what we thought we could do. It was a game to see how fast we could go through it. This was a savior program. You could buy all manner of paperback books for 25 cents apiece. Also, spent hours at the local library. Books were our window to the world. Read late at night. This was before You-Tube and Google, which have turned the world of information on its ear.

Nothing here of use to pass along to later generations, except maybe that reading is important. But, I doubt any would listen. It has been said that life, like gasoline in an airplane, disappears exponentially: These days I find myself periodically reverting to being my own personal ground man to keep the dizzying whirl of life rushing past from reaching in and tweaking my brain in an undesirable way.

At I sometimes find my thoughts going in unintended directions. Although, in some, it may increase that motivation.

Some are voyages of discovery. Some are hardware goodies. On the latter, just last week I saw this on the Bring a Trailer auction site http: The latest from him addressed the number one destination still topping my travel bucket list: Machu Picchu in the high mountains of Peru. Machu Picchu Which is an I-was-there video filmed in an amazing sort of way.

Then look at http: Through videos like these, we now know all the facts and have seen the entire area from a multitude of angles, so, what would we gain by being there? Since archeology, long-abandoned stuff and ancient man are some of my hot buttons, I only have to step over to the videos featured on the right-hand menu of virtually every You-Tube link I receive, to find tons of videos addressing all of those things I love. I see so much of that stuff, it would be easy to say that actually spending the time and money to be there might be overkill.

Anything I see or learn on-site would be redundant. Of course, virtual reality goggles are headed our way and those, linked into videos, may well give us that feeling. Then, some realities rained down on me re-enforcing the deadline. Then a friend took me aside, explained life to me and commonsense took over. The realities of not living forever begin to creep into our planning of everyday life.

This was all brought to the fore when, a few weeks ago, I suddenly realized that the old race car, which we call The Banger four banger, get it? One of the realities here is that my ability to continue living as we do is contingent on my ability to continue working as I do. So, I can ignore the inevitable deadline no longer. A sudden diagnosis of stage-four lung cancer that almost immediately lead to a hospice environment. Another case where major cancer surgery was needed to remove major organs in a young person.

A stroke that took a totally healthy man younger than I am and locked him in his own home with his world limited to a lounge chair and a TV set. The realities of life suddenly intruded on my usually bright, hard driving thoughts. So, in a fit of responsibility, even though I had the funds squirreled away to finish the car, I declared The Banger Car a dead project.

Given that having a car like this on the street has been a serious dream of mine since childhood, this was not an easy decision. In fact it was damn hard. This in spite of the fact that neither of those adjectives have ever swayed me before. Then a friend stopped by. He has a way of looking at any situation and coming up with a solution that is inevitably right. When do you expect to do that? The Banger will have a heart transplant. The more responsible among us start when they are in their twenties.

Of course, that kind of process is quite often disrupted by divorce, job loss, kids, etc. So, how many dreams do you give up because being responsible says you should. We all have friends who were determined to learn to fly as soon as they retired at I know several and neither made it past 67 and neither learned to fly, one of their eternal frustrations.

Being frustrated that is. Dying is obviously unhealthy. And my specialty is taking nothing and making something out of it. So, now I see it as my civic duty to bring the Banger back to life. Damn I feel good! One of the prouder moments of my life was when my mother pinned the silver Eagle Scout award on my chest in a small public ceremony.

I was just short of turning 15 years-old and felt as if I had really accomplished something. More important, each step along that path is salted with the seeds of morality and social consciousness. It would be easy to equate this to the way in which the military has had to soften its combat requirements for LGBT and females, which I think is wrong.

The role of the soldier is to support those around them regardless of the circumstances, which is almost always a physical challenge.

And the goal is basically to kill or be killed and blow things up. The Boy Scouts are different. Their goal is to guide and mold young men in such a way that they can realize their full potential. It could be argued by some that including LGBT in their ranks is pushing the limits, but in my mind, they deserve the same opportunities as anyone.

Besides, the number that would want to be Scouts has to border on zero but the requirements should still apply. Normal human cells have 46 chromosomes, those with 47 or an extra Chromosome 21 exhibit what we now call Down Syndrome named after the guy who diagnosed it in the s. In so doing he has done exactly what the Scouts stand for which, boiled down to the basics is: I say give the kid his Eagle. And now for a little warning about things to come.

He is a year-old senior at Marjory Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and is showing the rest of the world how powerful social media can be. He started out as an anti-gun activist but has spread his wings to be an activist in general.

What can he do? How much effect can he have? He and his peers are changing the world. He was turned down by four colleges including UCLA even though this grade point is 4. Clearly a smart kid. But top colleges are experiencing extremely low acceptance rates because the competition is so fierce. David Hogg rejected by four colleges to which he applied and whines about it.

Dinged by UCLA with a 4. The result is that so far 11 major advertisers have bailed because of media pressure. She apologized, but Hogg was unimpressed. Social media lets anyone with a grievance point such gigantic fingers at those they disagree with that it is awe inspiring.

Hogg has clearly demonstrated that the traditionally powerful are no longer as powerful as they think they are, nor as they once were. And they all sit at key boards. PS I hope Laura Ingraham comes back.

I like her show. Men Who Made America: So, you guessed it, this is me bragging again. And talking a little history. Or maybe a lot. As the title says, the series spotlights those explorers, guides and adventurers who opened the West at a time when anything on the other side of the Appalachian mountains was considered to be outer space.

In the first episode, which was built around Daniel Boone, the Revolutionary War and the development of Kentucky Territory, you quickly gain an appreciation for several facts: As was pointed out, anyone thinking of going into the Territory might as well have been going to the moon, because so little was known about it. The history of the area is terribly convoluted because by the s, when Daniel Boone became one of the few that had explored it in its entirety, there had been over 75 years of French and English explorers floating up and down the major rivers going through it and around it but never actually getting to know the territory.

Still, they all laid overlapping claims to the land. Eventually, in foreign wars with France, England prevailed and essentially said The Crown owned everything from the Atlantic to the Mississippi and forbad any from the 13 Colonies from going over the mountains to settle. All of this nationalistic bravado blithely ignored the fact that every piece of land on the other side of the mountains was fairly densely populated by various Indian tribes, all of which laid claim to their own areas but none of which claimed to actually own the land.

The concept of land ownership was foreign to Native American culture. It was simply their home. The Frontiersman Daniel Boone episode clearly points out, without beating us over the head with it, that every bit of frontier expansion existed in an aura of invasion. Even though the pioneers initially did their best to buy land from the Indians and sign treaties with them, it was a fact that, when Boone blazed a trail for settlers through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky, he was under the employ of a real estate speculator from NC, Richard Henderson.

Henderson had bought many tens of thousands of acres of Kentucky Territory land from the Cherokee. Native Americans had to protect their home against invasion and settlers had to protect themselves from attack.

As the episode pointed out, this was brought to a head, when the Revolutionary War British command on the western frontier allied with the Shawnee and charged them with destroying Boonesborough, the fortified settlement Boone and his party had built. Some of the other facts that were made clear, although unspoken, in the episode is the incredible hardships of traveling s of miles in totally uncharted, often mountainous, wilderness.

The individual determination and resourcefulness of all who pushed the frontiers is often forgotten. Life was as hard and as dangerous as it could get. The production value is super high. I am, and always have been, a history nut. My daughter, Jennifer, was dragged through hundreds of antique stores and museums as a kid, so some of that might have stuck to her.

However, she tells me Leo D. What is not heartening is to talk to the average millennial, or even those under forty, about history. And the clearly know little to nothing about it. I could be wrong, but in looking around, I get the feeling that American History is becoming a generational thing. People who sport a modicum of gray hair seem to have a pretty good handle on how America was built. This is, of course, is yet another hole in our education system.

Why is it important today? I learned a lot out of this one. And did you know bat guano was critical to making gunpowder back in the day? This morning, as I stumbled down the dark hall, barely awake, heading for the office, it struck me that something was missing. And I felt myself choke up. The relationship of man with his cats, dogs, horses, etc. Or any of the other responsibilities that are attached to our personal animals, from gerbils to horses.

There will be no family borne animosities from something that happened long ago. They respond to how you treat them. They love to be loved and, in one way or another, they love the one who loves them. Dogs, almost regardless of the breed, even though their personalities may vary, in general, they truly do become your best friend. Some are smart, some are dumb, but they almost all have an incredible ability to love us. And we want to be loved just as they do. So, the relationship is almost human in nature but without all of the human characteristics that so often sour a relationship.

With a dog, the relationship is pure. In that respect, cats are like people. Of our four most recent felines, two no longer with us, Corki, a big orange tabby, had so much dog in him, it was amazing. He had very little cat in him.

Abigail is a seven-year-old, coal-black, runt kitten who refuses to grow up and is an incredible hunter. She dismantles birds in our living room on a regular basis. Meezer Sia-meeser, get it? Now, however, after six years of being in a loving household he is a scratching whore and will be in your lap in a heartbeat seeking attention.

Cats vary as much as people, both good and bad. The one we lost yesterday, Smoki Jo, a magnificent, huge, dark gray was what you think of when imagining a reclusive cat.

He was sweet but would have nothing to do with anyone. Which I always did. I was his connection to the world. I was his social life. Smoki was brought to us by Corki as a tiny feral kitten. We have no idea where he found him as our backyard has block walls around it. When Corki died, it had a bad effect on Smoki, who then retreated into himself, only letting me in.

I showered him with love and felt a responsibility to give him what I thought was missing in his life. Then about six weeks ago, he started losing weight like crazy. Vet said all his vitals were normal, blood test included. But, he finally got down to 8 pounds from 15 and was barely getting around. The vet suspected rampant cancer. So, we cuddled him and loved him. Then we gave him up. Harder than I expected. The first dog went the way of a divorce and lived out her life somewhere else.

The second dog, died unexpectedly at 10 years and part of us died with her. The grief was almost unbearable. Only suddenly losing my brother at 42 hit me that hard. Still, we recognized that the good outweighs the bad and we got Shahn-deen four days later. She is like having a lovable, incredibly smart and obedient, fur-covered two-year-old in the house and at 11 years is still very much a puppy. So, we love her as much as we can, while we can, and she returns it many times over.

Dog owners know they give something that no human being can give yet not one dog owner can explain exactly what that is. And Smoki was part of ours. This time it was a crazy teenager. In Orlando and Santa Barbara, it was terrorists. And the bloody beat goes on. The killers had a specific motivation. What kind of animal does that kind of thing? How can anything or anyone do something like that?

And they live amongst us. And I totally understand that. If I could push a button and make every gun disappear, I would. Crazy people come up with imaginative ways to kill. A nut case planted dynamite under the school. Still, I can see how anti-gunners become anti-gunners. Especially the anti-AR crowd. Their thoughts make a certain amount of sense. Get rid of the ARs.

I feel as if they should be stamped Made by Mattel. Plus, confiscating them is impossible, just as bussing illegal immigrants out of the country is impossible.

The numbers are too big. The logistics too difficult. There are roughly million ARs in the country. That is one for every seven men between the ages of 20 and 70 in the US. How do you round all those up? And, if you try, you turn a bunch of otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals, when they don't obey.

Just as the reason that the drug trade is so lucrative and difficult to stop is because the US is such a huge drug market, the same is true of mass shootings. Stop drug use in the US and the drug trade will dry up. You need a lot of people in one place to make the concept work. Further, it is helpful if that mass is unarmed with easy access. Look back at all of the mass shootings. Schools, concerts, churches, etc. They were, and are, all soft targets and soft targets attract mass shooters.

We all know we have to identify and treat the mentally unstable. Or the drug market. There will always be the crazy amongst us. There will always be an increasing number of terrorist tracking our civilization. The threats are huge and you only need a small number of nut cases or terrorists to cause catastrophes.

Six or eight a year in a population of million is all you need to perpetrate the most horrific acts. Finding them all is impractical and impossible. It is, however worth a solid effort. In doing so, we might catch a few, like the one in Washington state this week that a grandmother turned in. Our children are our softest and our most valuable target. It should be a concentrated bi-partisan effort to come up with a method that makes the targets harder to penetrate.

Bad guys are like running water: Shooters are often crazy, but not always stupid. It is far past time that we stop foraging around in the wilderness trying to placate and treat the hostiles, when we can simply throw up defenses around our known targets.

This time of the year, I usually wear black T-shirts under an unbuttoned, untucked long-sleeve shirt, wearing it like a light jacket. This means I have to remember to trim my beard using electric clippers: I like it a really short, a salt and pepper shadow.

I must do it before I shower. Because, if I trim it after, the, tiny, cut gray hairs that are loose but still nesting in my beard, fall out on my black T-shirt and look like a torrent of dandruff.

Basically, all we did was talk and kitbitz our way from one meal to the next and the feeling of family was palpable. And then there is the big, gray cat, Smoki Jo.

He started losing weight about a month ago and, according to the vet yesterday, is down to 9 pounds from his usual The vet says all his vital signs are good, but he seems to have lost interest in eating. To everyone else in the world, he is a hermit that associates with no one. To me, however, he is my ever-present little office buddy who is or was constantly begging for head scratches and food. Not good at all. I know for a fact that multiple thought patterns are totally normal for everyone reading this.

All of them, regardless of flavor. For crying out loud! That flat ass sucks!!! Both are wrong and neither are doing what we sent them to Washington to do. You just have to look at virtually every one in DC.

That having been said, however, Artificial Intelligence in computing is becoming a VERY big deal and could well become the savior or the killer of our world.

The concept of computers, and, therefore machines, being able to think and reason for themselves has been the basis for a lot of science fiction movies iRobot, Terminator, etc. The lightning is definitely out of the bottle. There were two rather disturbing things about AI that have come up recently. First and mildly disturbing was the announcement by China that it is their national goal to become the world leaders in AI. Second, and definitely something to think about, was the report that just for the fun of it, two experimenters sent up an eBay sort of face-off where two computers were negotiating to buy something.

They were given basic parameters and the two computers started going at one another. In a matter of only a few minutes the computers started talking in a coded language no one involved recognized or could figure out. And continued talking with one another in their own language. It was scary enough that those involved unplugged them. They come completely covered and ready to be bolted together and the radios installed. The same thing is true of the sport aviation, experimental market.

The homebuilt kits have become so well designed and thought out that the concept of actually scratch building an airplane from nothing is alien to the majority of builders. Same thing within hotrodding. Rather than pulling a hulk out of a ditch as per my Roadster and scrounging or fabricating parts to make it into a car, you just go on the internet and buy whatever component you want, ready to go.

We call those hotrods. You can buy steel bodies for most of the Fords from Model T through skipping a few years. Very complex jigging and manufacturing involved! Practically all of society has adapted an ARF mentality. Whether it is trips abroad, clothes, food, whatever, increasingly people want everything to be plug and play. No one thinks about taking nothing and making something out of it.

Imagination and creativity appear to be dying before our very eyes. Traditional Hobbies are Dead or Dying A follow-on to the above, the traditional hobby market, model airplanes, cars, boats, trains, etc.

A few months ago the oldest, biggest hobby distributor in the country filed Chapter This because the entire market is aging out. The predominant color in the hobby world is gray. And, on that happy note, have a good week. Think of that concept: Do what you can to avoid getting it. Yesterday we both felt, and began to act human again. So, life is good. This whole sick-thing has been an education, if nothing else because, for the first time in my life, I had a hard time writing.

Not once in my life have I not been able to motivate myself to get my work done, even if it meant I had a roll of toilet paper on the desk and blew my nose or coughed and hacked between every sentence.

That part of my consciousness seemed to run on automatic pilot. One thing that did happen is we made up a list of provisions that we should always have in the house should this kind of thing happen again. Or in case we happen to get old. Another thing that happened is we discovered television. With all the cable channels and the ability to record, we rediscovered things like Walker: Texas Ranger and Gun Smoke.

I was surprised to find them as entertaining as we did back in the day. By recording on different channels at the same time, we managed to put together enough John Waynes to last for an entire day and a half. An afternoon of the Duke makes any sickness almost tolerable. Sure beats the hell out of being too sick to read and just laying around groaning. But, the national political stuff is hyper volatile with one side or the other constantly stoking the fire, so anything could happen there.

Which is a good thing. The ruins of the World Trade Center are still smoldering and an aerial armada of potential retaliation is streaming across to Air Force bases in the Far East. So much will have happened to change our world that it is frustrating to even guess at those changes.

However, when these words finally find their way into print, most of our concerns will be history. We will know much more, when I next read these paragraphs, than we do now. During my lifetime, the momentous happenings that call forth images of where we all were at that exact moment include only an assassination and a man in a bulbous suit making a giant leap for mankind.

We know our lives have been changed. Now, however, we just wish we could fast forward into the future and see exactly what lies there. Some of this came close to touching me personally. It turns out one of the terrorists was trained right next door to me and I undoubtidly flew the pattern with him. If I had known he was ahead of me in the pattern, would I have been willing to sacrifice my own life and take him out of the sky in an Arizona version of a Kamikaze attack?

Another of the terrorists took training at a school operated by old college flight school friends of mine. It sickens me to think that the brethren of flight instructors were duped into helping develop the essential tools for mass murder. Flight training, as defined by the FAA and the world in general, is simply teaching people to fly. What goes unnoticed is that for many of us, flight instructing is a way of life. Yes, there are thousands of instructors who are simply transiting through the seemingly obligatory CFI thing to pad their log books as they lunge towards the first rung of the airline ladder.

However, there are also thousands of instructors who for some unknown reason have decided that this is what they are going to do with their lives. Every kind of job pays more. Every job includes more recognition. Every job has less overall aggravation and responsibility. So, what keeps us coming back? Flight instruction, if it is done right, is the best combination of a calling and a challenge.

The attraction is similar to what makes school teachers what they are. A good instructor HAS to instruct. We are almost driven to teach. You handled yourself well, and played well. As a gesture of goodwill, and because I respect policeman and firefighters: View author archive email the author Get author RSS feed. Poker legend Phil Hellmuth drew the ire of other players at the World Series of Poker on Day 2C of the tournament after an obscene outburst mid-hand — before a player could decide his move.

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