Wayne man admits running gambling resorts in Parsippany, Pequannock

Retrieved September 18, The origin of organized crime in America: Retrieved June 4, Inmate Locator "Joseph Caridi " ". If it discovers a video gaming license holder is also running an illegal raffle, it typically issues a fine, board attorney Paul Prezioso said. But Morris Mayor Richard Kopczick, noting the popularity of charity raffles and widespread ignorance of the law, said it's possible that scores of other organizations around the state are also operating outside legal bounds without knowing it.

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Joseph "Joey" Giampa a former capo operating in the Bronx. Frank "Big Frank" Lastorino April 9, is a made man, a former capo and served as consigliere in the past in the Lucchese family.

Lastorino was formally inducted into the crime family in Daidone stuffed a dead canary into Facciola's mouth and left his body in the trunk of his Mercury sedan and abandoned the car on East Fifty-Fifth Street in Canarsie. In , Lubrano was wrongfully sent to prison for beating a black police officer in and was released two years later.

Mazzarella gave information to investigators and prosecutors about the Lubrano assault; he admitted participating in the assault with Alfred "Freddy Boy" Santorelli, the son of Anthony Santorelli , and asserted that Lubrano was not a Tanglewood member.

Vincent "Vinny Casablanca" Mancione is a soldier and former acting capo. Frank "Frankie Bones" Papagni born July 18, is a soldier. Perna born is a soldier and son of Ralph V. On April 13, , Perna was released from prison. On May 18, , Perna was released from prison. Perna received an eight-year state prison sentence for pleading guilty to running a multibillion-dollar gambling enterprise, and his brother Ralph M. Perna is a soldier in the New Jersey faction. Perna's father Joseph Perna was a mob bookmaker and shylock during the s operating from Newark, New Jersey.

Perna is also a member in the New Jersey faction. During the s, Perna was a member of Michael Taccetta 's inner circle and controlled operations from the Hole in the Wall, a luncheonette in Newark's Down Neck section. Ralph Vito Perna born is a capo and head of the New Jersey faction. Perna is a member of the New Jersey faction. Perna's three sons Joseph, John and Ralph M. Carlo Profeta is a soldier and former acting capo in Domenico Cutaia's crew.

He once served as a bodyguard to Gambino family mobster Roy DeMeo. Carlo Taccetta born is a soldier and son of Michael Taccetta a leader in the family's New Jersey faction. In , the New Jersey Commission of Investigation stated that Carlo Taccetta began to take over after his father was imprisoned but New York leaders did not recognize his role.

In September , Tangorra was indicted along with acting boss Steven Crea, capo Dominic Truscello and othes members of the Lucchese Construction Group on labor racketeering charges. Rocco Vitulli is a soldier. Ray Argentina is a soldier and older brother to Peter Argentina a made member in the family.

In late , Lucchese boss Vic Amuso ordered Daidone to murder Lucchese associate Thomas "Red" Gilmore after becoming suspicious of him being an informant. On February 5, , Daidone along with Patty Dellorusso and another associate waited for Gilmore near his apartment in Richmond Hills, Queens when they ambushed him and shot him three times in the head and neck.

In , after Steven Crea was indicted on corruption charges, Daidone was promoted to Acting boss of the family.

Joseph "Joey Bang Bang" Massaro is a soldier. He was a member of the "Harlem Crew" and reported to capo Anthony Baratta. Joseph Cutaia is an associate. His father Salvatore is a soldier and his grandfather Domenico is a capo in the Lucchese family. On December 24, , Cutaia and Nicholas Bernardo were charged with attempted robbery and stick up of a Bensonhurst, Brooklyn couple.

Perna born is an associate and son of Ralph V. On December 18, , Perna along with his father Ralph V. Abate , also known as "Joe", was a capo in the family's New Jersey faction.

Accardi emigrated to the U. In , Accardi was arrested on a federal narcotics charge in Newark, New Jersey. Perna and others on gambling, money laundering and racketeering charges.

Paul "Paulie Ham" Correale April 25, - died was a capo in the family. Correale controlled gambling and narcotics in East Harlem. His uncle, Salvatore Santoro , was a former underboss in the Lucchese family. After being released from prison, DiLapi was summoned to a meeting with Anthony Casso, and fled. Anthony "Tony" Loria Sr. In October , Loria was indicted along with the boss of the Lucchese Family Carmine Tramunti and 42 other mobsters on drug dealing charges.

The crew stole pounds of heroin and pounds of cocaine from to The case People v. Loria is still cited today in case law. He controlled gambling operation along with Aniello Migliore.

He died during the early s. Anthony "Buddy" Luongo was a former capo. In , Luongo tried to take over the Lucchese crime family after boss Anthony Corallo was imprisoned during the Commission case. Mariano "Mac" Macaluso was a former member. He served as consigliere during the s. On April 8, , Manzo was banned from New Jersey casinos due to his history of involvement with organized crime. Manzo was released from prison in On October 23, , Manzo died in his sleep.

Richard "Toupe" Pagliarulo November 30, — was a former capo. Pagliarulo took over as capo of Peter Chiodo 's old Bensonhurst crew. In , Pagliarulo served as a member of a panel that conducted a Lucchese crime family induction ceremony in Howard Beach, Queens. John's Cemetery in Queens. Bonaventura "Joseph" Pinzolo — September 5, , also known as "Fat Joe", was the boss of the family during In July , Pinzolo was arrested for trying to bomb East 11th Street in an effort to force owner Francisco Spinelli to pay Black Hand extortion demands.

Pinzolo may have been responsible for Reina's murder, though the most widely suspected culprit for that crime remains Vito Genovese. His father was Antonio Rao and his mother Liboria Gagliano. He was a cousin to gangster Joseph Rao. In , Rao was arrested with 60 other mobsters at the abortive Apalachin meeting in rural Apalachin, New York.

In , Rao was convicted on perjury charges and was sentenced to five years in prison. His chance to become the new boss never happened due to his trials. Patrick "Patty" Testa is a former soldier. In , he was indicted on fraud and theft charges along with members of the Gambino family's DeMeo crew. On December 2, , Testa was murdered, shot in the back of the head nine times. Guido "the Bull" Penosi a former associate. Joseph "Little Joe" D'Arco is a former soldier who is currently in witness protection along with his father former acting boss Alphonse D'Arco.

Georgia , James and Donald Once there, Hoffa was shot and killed by Coonan and Frankos using suppressed. It has been asserted that he sealed the body in an oil drum and buried it underneath Giants Stadium , however no evidence has ever been found to substantiate this claim.

Eugenio Giannini a former soldier who became an informant to the Bureau of Narcotics. The Mafia in New York discovered that Giannini was an informer and ordered his murder. Frank "Spaghetti Man" Gioia Jr. In , Gioia Jr. Since , Capri and his company have been accused in multiple lawsuits from failing to pay rent, to stiffing contractors and walking off with money meant to pay for construction.

Burton Kaplan was an associate and government informant. Dominick "The Gap" Petrilli was a former member. He got the nickname "The Gap" after losing two front teeth in a childhood fight. Thomas "Tommy Boy" Ricciardi is a former soldier who is currently in witness protection. Both Thomas and his brother Daniel were associated with the Lucchese family's New Jersey faction before becoming government informants.

Vincent "Vinny Baldy" Salanardi is a former soldier who became a government informant. Frank "Goo Goo" Suppa is a former soldier who is currently in witness protection. Suppa was soldier in the Lucchese family's New Jersey faction operating in Florida as Anthony Accetturo right-hand man. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New York Daily News. Retrieved November 19, Luchese capo's son caught on tape in hit attempt, before he's shot dead by cops".

A Connection Is Reordered". The New York Times. Inmate Locator "Carmine Avellino " ". Retrieved May 18, Retrieved 4 November The New York Daily News. Retrieved January 21, Retrieved May 20, Inmate locator "Anthony Baratta " ".

Retrieved September 20, Retrieved January 7, Inmate Locator "John Baudanza " ". Retrieved August 7, Retrieved September 24, Retrieved May 13, Retrieved April 14, Retrieved January 28, Inmate Locator "John Capra " ". You talkin' to us? Jailed bosses have harsh words for organized-crime report". State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation.

Inmate Locator "Joseph Caridi " ". City looks into moonlighting owner's brothers, suspicious fire". Retrieved October 4, Inmate Locator "Eugene Castelle " ". Retrieved October 16, Retrieved 14 January Retrieved May 26, Inmate Locator "John Castellucci " ".

Retrieved June 4, Investigators are discovering a number of links between beach developers Albert and Dominick Miniaci and Broward underworld figures". Broward Palm Beach New Times. Retrieved October 8, Inmate Locator "John Cerrella " ". Inmate Locator "Salavatore Cutaia " ". Retrieved October 7, Victim's widow targets NYPD". Retrieved January 19, Inmate Locator "George Conte " ".

Retrieved April 6, Retrieved September 19, Inmate Locator "Michael Carcione " ". Retrieved September 18, Inmate Locator "Joseph Cosentino " ". Retrieved October 23, Raids on SI bet ring bear fruit". Retrieved October 24, Inmate Locator "Joseph Datello " ". Inmate Locator "Andrew DiSimone " ". Archived from the original on January 9, Retrieved October 12, Inmate Locator "James Galione " ". Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau, who had been openly critical of fellow commissioner Michael O'Donnell during public meetings, reacts to the news that O'Donnell has been indicted in federal court on bank and wire fraud charges.

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett confirmed that under state law, an elected official who is indicted is not required to resign. In a statement summarizing the law, Bennett said, "if an elected official is convicted of a crime or committed misconduct while in office, the District Attorney or Attorney General can initiate ouster proceedings against the elected official If the elected official is removed from office or voluntarily resigns, the political party to which the elected official belongs then chooses the successor to serve the balance of the unfinished term.

The first indication of a federal investigation involving O'Donnell came in February of last year. Several members of the Wichita Eagle staff received letters from the Justice Department informing them that their phone conversations with O'Donnell had been intercepted by investigators.

Those letters came simultaneously with notifications that the federal government had also tapped the cellphones of several Wichita businessmen said to be in connection with an investigation into gambling.

According to a news release by the U. The indictment alleges that after C. After receiving the check, J. O'Donnell has been a rising star in Kansas Republican politics, but has had his share of trouble along the way. His career as an officeholder began in , when, at age 26, he won a City Council seat representing southwest Wichita. The following year, he was on the state ballot, part of an effort by Republican conservatives to purge the party of moderate legislators who clashed with Gov.

Sam Brownback on taxes and education. O'Donnell defeated three-term incumbent Jean Schodorf, then the chairwoman of the Education Committee and a moderate, in a Republican primary for a state Senate seat in west Wichita.

In the general election, O'Donnell faced Democrat Tim Snow, whose campaign was crippled by revelations that he'd been prosecuted in Morris County on charges of writing bad checks and driving under the influence, and repeatedly sued over unpaid debts and taxes. O'Donnell didn't wait to finish his first Senate term before running for a seat on the Sedgwick County Commission. The job is perceived as a step up from the Legislature because it's full-time, pays better and it's easier to get things done as one of five commissioners instead of one of 40 senators.

He took on longtime incumbent and former Haysville Mayor Tim Norton, the only Democrat on the commission and won in a narrow victory. Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau accused commissioner Michael O'Donnell of lying to the public while discussing whether to restore a job for a community health surveyor. Since the wiretaps became public, Ranzau has been critical of O'Donnell. With the indictment, Ranzau issued this statement: O'Donnell's time in elective office has been over shadowed by investigations and questionable judgment.

I have been deeply troubled by Mr.

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