Chinese Open Face Poker: Everything you need to know

Points are immediately transferred after each round. Open-Face Chinese Poker Let me know what you think about this game! Open Face Chinese Poker. It sounds so complicated for me and especially it sounds for me, like it takes a lot of time to determine the winning cards. At the end of each round, scores will be counted and shown at the left.

Open Face Chinese Poker

Simple Open-face Chinese Poker Strategy

On each street, each player is dealt three cards, opposed to one. Players must then decide where to place two of the cards, discarding the third. Drag two of the cards into any open position on the board, leaving the third at the bottom. Pressing submit will place your two cards, while discarding the third. While playing, if you happen to finish the round with QQ or better up top, without fouling, you will qualify for Fantasy Land.

In the next round, you will be dealt all 13 cards at once and can choose to set them in any order. In Pineapple, Fantasy Land deals 14 cards. To sort your cards, press the S button to sort by S uit, or the C button to sort by C ard strength. This will help you determine the best set for your Fantasy Land hand. Drag and drop cards into the desired order and press Submit. If playing Pineapple, there will be one discard left at the bottom. Hand strength rules still apply, so don't foul your hand!

All other players not in Fantasy Land will play their hand normally. At the end of the round, scoring is handled the same way. If you have any questions on Fantasy Land, it's explained in detail here. Click on them to post in our Open Face Chinese forum.

This will allow our members to give you feedback on how you played your hand. Did I set it right? Posts just the first 5 card set of the hand. Did I play it right? Posts the entire hand history, along with how you played each street. Help GlassJoe get better: This button only shows if you're playing against GlassJoe. It will post in the dedicated GlassJoe forum where we can examine his play and help improve his intelligence.

These buttons are only available to our forum users. Those who connect and play with Facebook must create a forum account to post in our forum. Our Open Face Poker client is still in its beta phase and is being improved every day with the help from our members feedback.

If you notice any bugs, or have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us or post in our OFC forum. Written by Carl Carlson. Find the latest UK online poker promo codes at promocodecoupons.

Going for a good straight or flush to earn your royalty in the back hand is the path to earning OFCP points. Open-face Chinese Poker is so much more than concentrating on just your own cards. You need to pay constant attention to the other players' hands too to work out your draws.

There's no point hoping for a club flush when Players 2, 3 and 4 have most of the other clubs too, so you will need to rework your thinking on your best hands. Having advocated a straight, it's worth looking at the points table. You will see that a straight is only worth two points in the back and may not be worth chasing. When looking at up-cards, you need to be working out your outs the cards remaining in the deck which can help you and calculating the best odds for improving each hand.

Essentially you are playing three poker hands at once, all of which are constantly drawing to better hands, PLUS you have to be careful not to negate them by fouling. Players sometimes neglect the front hand, dismissing it as just a 3-card pile of garbage. But to do that when you are looking for quick points is unwise. Remembering not to foul, placing a particularly strong front hand could be a good idea if you are confident if winning points from the other players.

And with a lot of points up for grabs for front hand royalties, this could be a great strategy. Finally, because of the swings involved in Open-Face Chinese Poker, keep stakes small to begin with.

Chinese Poker is a game of action and for sicko pros or at least, it evolved that way and should not be played if you are worried about getting heavily into the red to start with. If you are interested in trying out OFCP, check out some free play games online or invite friends over to try a few games for cents. Two players are in a hand of OFC. With a possible straight from their first five cards, Player 1 instead elects to keep their Front Hand weak and puts the A in for high card.

They spread their options by then putting the 4s into the Middle and the highest other card - the Jack - at the Back. Meanwhile, Player 2 opts for a big Front Hand with his pair of nines but has the stronger kings to fall back on in the Middle.

He is risking fouling by having such a big Middle hand and is yet to place anything in the Back Hand. With the following cards drawn alternately to complete both players' hands, the layout is looking like this:. In the end, Player 2 got lucky and completed a flush in his Back Hand. He also picked up another King to make three of a kind in the Middle. Player 1, meanwhile, didn't foul but made trips in the Back with two pair in the Middle. Here's how the scoring pans out.

Because neither player fouled, both are entitled to royalty points. Hands won against Player 1: Therefore, today we can find many fun variants on the internet, and one of these variants is, of course, the Chinese open face poker. This game similar to the original version of Chinese poker, in which players begin to participate with 5 cards. Then, as the game progresses, each participant has to purchase a set of thirteen hands. Then, with the 13 cards, three plays are made: On the other hand, note that a discovered Chinese poker hand begins the moment the dealer distributes five cards to each of the players in the game.

Then the player on the left side of the button is the first player to act. Is it fun, right? Starting from this player action on the left side of the button, you can no longer move them for the rest of the discovered poker hand.

Open Face Chinese Poker & Pineapple OFC

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